Watercolor Tattoo Ideas – The Best Kind Of Tattoos Right Now

Forearm Watercolor Tattoo

Humans are always concerned about expressing their character and preferences to their fellow creatures. Achieving it through words did not make them fully satisfied as it kept the creativity doors of their highly intellectual brains shut. They started to express themselves through inscriptions and depictions on stones, trees, and rocks and after a while, they began to inscribe on themselves which is now known as tattooing.

The art may be familiar and easily accessible nowadays, but its inception dates back to as early as 3250 BCE. The reasons for tattooing have evolved through the ages, and right now it has become a trend that we can find at least one inked skin in every ten people we meet. The art itself has evolved through the years, and there are a wide variety of tattoos one can host on their bodies ranging from traditional, tribal, and blackwork to watercolor tattoos.

Among the other types of tattoos, watercolor tattoos are on high demand presently as they seem very much similar to watercolor paintings on a paper or canvas. These types of tattoos have attracted the current generation greatly, and most people at a tattoo studio nowadays opt for watercolor tattoos. If you are one among them and want to know about the most familiar ideas and designs that suit watercolor tattoos, just keep scrolling down as we list you some of the famous watercolor tattoo designs in trend right now.

{ 1 } Small Watercolor Tattoo

Small Watercolor Tattoo
As the name suggests, a small watercolor tattoo is a tiny piece of artwork on your preferred part of your body which is not more than 5 inches in length and breadth. If you are the one who loves to keep things short and sweet go with this type of design selecting a miniature from the listings below.

{ 2 } Flower Watercolor Tattoo

Flower Watercolor Tattoo
People who have a love for flowers and nature may go with the tattoo of your favorite flower. Rose, lotus, sunflower, and lavender are the most used flower designs, and it is a perfect design for women. Flower tattoos can be made both small as well as large depending on your design and preferred body part.

{ 3 } Jellyfish Watercolor Tattoo

Jellyfish Watercolor Tattoo
Jellyfishes are one of the most mysterious and beautiful marine creatures which will look staggering when tattooed using watercolor. The design will appeal visually magnificent when tattooed with bright colors and it is unisexual. It is opted mostly by people who wish to tattoo from their shoulders to arms.

{ 4 } Geometric Watercolor Tattoo

Geometric Watercolor Tattoo
If you are a lover of geometric shapes and you want to incorporate it in watercolor tattoos, you can confidently give a go at it as there are numerous geometric designs available on the Internet that will look appealing when merged with colors. Geometric shapes can be tattooed by both men and women in large as well as small sizes.

{ 5 } Watercolor Tattoo on Sleeve

Watercolor Tattoo on Sleeve
A tattoo on the sleeve of a person will look more appealing than a tattoo on any part of his body. Imagine your whole arm covered by a tattoo of your favorite design with bright colors.It is the best thing a tattoo lover can have, and it will equally suit both men and women.

{ 6 } Floral Watercolor Tattoo

Floral Watercolor Tattoo
This is also a design that incorporates flowers into it but this time not a single flower but a group or bunch of flowers. This design is mostly opted by women and rarely by men unless and until they have a specific reason for their tattoo.

{ 7 } Watercolor Tree Tattoo

Watercolor Tree Tattoo
A tree design is one of the coolest yet powerful designs that suits for nature lovers and people who feel as a part of nature rather than those who think they are above nature. This design will look more appealing on forearm, neck, and calf muscle area.

{ 8 } Mountain Watercolor Tattoo

Mountain Watercolor Tattoo
If you are looking for a scenic tattoo on the back of your shoulders, you can blindly opt for a mountain design as it would look beautiful when done using watercolor. Select your favorite range of mountains between the Himalayas and Alpine and get into your nearest tattoo studio.

{ 9 } Phoenix Watercolor Tattoo

Phoenix Watercolor Tattoo
The mythological bird phoenix has always been an inspirational creature for humans as it has the capacity of rising back to life even when burnt into ashes in its goal to reach the sun.People who are looking for an inspirational and artistic tattoo can select the phoenix bird as it is an eye-catching design.

{ 10 } Wolf Watercolor Tattoo

Wolf Watercolor Tattoo
Wolf is an animal that has a special recognition among the humans as they are considered to be intelligent and instinct driven. If you are a person who loves to be alone and want to lead an independent life, opt for a wolf as it represents loyalty, spiritual, and instinct-driven.

{ 11 } Lotus Watercolor Tattoo

Lotus Watercolor Tattoo
The Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth which is known for its layered structure. The flower represents love, purity, and peace which can be tattooed by both men and women. The plant grows in a muddy water condition whereas its flowers look so beautiful and divine.

{ 12 } Dragonfly Watercolor Tattoo

Dragonfly Watercolor Tattoo
A Dragonfly is a cool but rare design that is opted for tattooing. It can be tattooed both in a large and small design either on one’s back or their arms and neck. The insect represents self- realization and transformation.

{ 13 } Rose Watercolor Tattoo

Rose Watercolor Tattoo
Roses are always the symbol of love and beauty. Roses exist in different colors, and one may select their favorite color of rose which will look fabulous when watercolored. This design will suit any part of the body and is mostly hosted by women.

{ 14 } Music Watercolor Tattoo

Music Watercolor Tattoo
Many of us would have seen People with Musical Notes as Tattoos. But a musical design in watercolor tattoos is quite rare yet beautiful. If you are a musician or you have a special love for music kindly go for this design as it looks classy and cool.

{ 15 } Cherry Blossom Watercolor Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Watercolor Tattoo
Cherry blossom flowers are one of the most beautiful and attractive flowers on the planet whose design has been employed for decorative purposes. One can blindly select this design to be tattooed on them as it will look pleasant and beautiful.

{ 16 } Feather Watercolor Tattoo

Feather Watercolor Tattoo
Feathers are often used as a symbolic representation of wisdom and spiritual communication. If you are a person with these attributes and in search of a much simpler tattoo design you can inscribe a feather. This is a unisex design.

{ 17 } Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo

Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo
A butterfly represents freedom, and it is considered as one of the beautiful and colorful creatures in the planet. This design is selected mostly by women and rarely by men. There are a wide variety of butterfly designs available, and the color combination you select will make your tattoo unique.

{ 18 } Compass Watercolor Tattoo

Compass Watercolor Tattoo
A compass is truly a unique and beautiful design that will make you appear more distinct in a group of inked bodies. This design is preferred mostly by people who love traveling, and both men and women can wear it.

{ 19 } Cat Watercolor Tattoo

Cat Watercolor Tattoo
Women mostly ink cat tattoos as they find them cute and adorable. There are a wide variety of cat designs in different color combinations. You can either tattoo its features separately or can have its whole figure tattooed.

{ 20 } Bird Watercolor Tattoo

Bird Watercolor Tattoo
People who feel that they are independent and those who believe in freedom can opt for a bird tattoo. This design will also suit travelers, and it is a unisex design. There are a lot of bird tattoo designs in different color combinations. Choose the right one that will look appealing for your skin type.

{ 21 } Elephant Watercolor Tattoo

Elephant Watercolor Tattoo
The Elephant represents strength, good luck, dignity, and strength and it is also considered as a friendly and cute animal. Baby elephant designs look more cute and suitable for women whereas images of African elephants with large tusks would suit strong and bold men and women.

{ 22 } Mandala Watercolor Tattoo

Mandala Watercolor Tattoo
A mandala is a diagrammatic representation of the universe in the form of a symbol in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. If you are a religious minded person and have interests in cosmos and universe give a go at this unisex design.

{ 23 } Lion Watercolor Tattoo

Lion Watercolor Tattoo
As we all know the King of the Jungle is known for its dominance, power, and majesty which is why it is considered the King. Lion tattoos will appear fascinating when done using watercolors and choosing the best design will garner you huge accolades among your circle.

{ 24 } Hummingbird Watercolor Tattoo

Hummingbird Watercolor Tattoo
A hummingbird represents lightness, charm, love, and peace. These are cute looking birds and are preferred by women largely. The design of a hummingbird sucking nectar from a flower is a most familiar. The design will look beautiful when tattooed on the right or left side at the back of your shoulder.

{ 25 } Lily Watercolor Tattoo

Lily Watercolor Tattoo
Lily flower represents purity, transience, and love. This design will obviously suit females than males and can be incorporated within any part of your body. A design that has more than one lily flower will look more appealing and beautiful.

{ 26 } Peony Watercolor Tattoo

Peony Watercolor Tattoo
Peony is a flower that represents romance, honor, and wealth. This design is opted by people who are in love with nature and is preferred mostly by women. When tattooed at the right place in the right design and color combination, this tattoo will definitely catch the eyes of your circle.

{ 27 } Wings Watercolor Tattoo

Wings Watercolor Tattoo
When it comes to wings, there are two main varieties of it namely a bird’s wings and an angel’s wings. Both will look fabulous when tattooed and the best place to get a wings tattoo is at the back of both sides of your shoulders from where the wings actually originate.

{ 28 } Tiny Watercolor Tattoo

Tiny Watercolor Tattoo
Tiny tattoos are mostly preferred by people who need a tattoo but are fearful of the pain the process induces. All types of designs listed in this article can be tattooed in a minimalist version which can be easily inscribed on a small space.

{ 29 } Anchor Watercolor Tattoo

Anchor Watercolor Tattoo
An anchor tattoo would always remind us of our favorite sailor Popeye. This design is worn mostly by men who love travel and who are associated with the ocean. An anchor represents strength, power, and endurance and would look appealing on the forearm.

{ 30 } Wave Watercolor Tattoo

Wave Watercolor Tattoo
The Wave here does not represent any wave related to science such as sound waves or light waves but waves of the ocean. This is also a unisex design which is mostly worn by surfers and people who live adventures. A wave also gives a refreshing feeling, and when tattooed by a fine artist it will look even more refreshing.

{ 31 } Fish Watercolor Tattoo

Fish Watercolor Tattoo
A fish tattoo can be hosted by both men and women, and it is one of the most used unisex designs. There are thousands of fish designs available and before you select a particular design kindly evaluate the color combination and the size of the tattoo in correspondence with the place you are about to tattoo it.

{ 32 } Mermaid Watercolor Tattoo

Mermaid Watercolor Tattoo
One of the most beautiful mythical creatures by humans is the mermaid. Mermaids have always represented beauty, seduction, mystery, and danger and the design is preferred by people who find themselves mysterious. This tattoo is worn mostly by females and rarely by males.

{ 33 } Poppy Watercolor Tattoo

Poppy Watercolor Tattoo
In Roman culture, the poppy flower represents a sign of relief from pain and suffering. It also represents eternal happiness and freedom and if you are the one who believes in them kindly get this design tattooed on you as it also a beautiful bright red flower.

{ 34 } Harry Potter Watercolor Tattoos

Harry Potter Watercolor Tattoos
These designs are strictly for the fans of the Harry Potter franchise. You can either get the tattoo of the name and face of your favorite tattoo or the famous spells used in it. The image of the Hogwarts School in the series is also one of the famous designs related to the franchise.

{ 35 } Abstract Watercolor Tattoo

Abstract Watercolor Tattoo
If you are a person who is into creativity and have a love for arts, you can go for an abstract watercolor tattoo design which will make your tattoo stand out from the rest of the people. Choose any theme that is close to your heart and thinks out of the box when executing it.

{ 36 } Horse Watercolor Tattoo

Horse Watercolor Tattoo
The Horse is an animal which represents beauty, elegance, and speed. People who love the animal personally and people who think that they have the attributes of a horse can select a horse design. There are many varieties of horse designs available, and the image of a running horse is the most famous one among them.

{ 37 } Daisy Watercolor Tattoo

Daisy Watercolor Tattoo
Daisy flowers represent innocence, beauty, and simplicity. They are often used to indicate new beginnings and women who are about to become mothers prefer daisy tattoos. Opt for a simple design rather than a complicated one if you decide to have a daisy tattoo.

{ 38 } Watercolor Tattoo on Hip

Watercolor Tattoo on Hip
Women usually prefer tattoos on hips as they find it more attractive when they wear specific costumes to reveal them. There are a bunch of tattoo designs available for the hip region and one of the most used designs are the design of various flowers.

{ 39 } Orchids Watercolor Tattoo

Orchids Watercolor Tattoo
Orchids generally represent charm, joy, and new beginnings. The flower naturally exists in many colors and the most used color when it comes to tattooing is blue or purple. If you are a girl who is looking for a design to tattoo on your hip, you can consider an orchid.

{ 40 } Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo
A tattoo of the galaxy would look amazing with the combination of watercolors when a skilled artist does it. This design is usually preferred by explorers and people who ponder about existence. The design is unisex and needs an extremely skillful tattooist.

{ 41 } Owl Watercolor Tattoo

Owl Watercolor Tattoo
In Greek mythology, Owl represents wisdom as it was the symbol of the god of wisdom Athena. The design is preferred by people who consider themselves unique and brilliant and is mostly selected by females.

{ 42 } Ocean Watercolor Tattoo

Ocean Watercolor Tattoo
The Ocean is the representation of nature and the source of life. It is also the representation of water, one of the five basic elements of life. A small circle with a rising wave enclosed in it is usually the design of the ocean when it comes to tattoos which will look simple and beautiful.

{ 43 } Moon Watercolor Tattoo

Moon Watercolor Tattoo
Moon is a symbol of beauty, loneliness, night, and mystery. Moon can be tattooed in various forms ranging from its different phases. It can be combined with the clouds and starts and also with mountains which will project you as a nature loving and artistic person.

{ 44 } Words Watercolor Tattoo

Words Watercolor Tattoo
If you are a person, who is looking simply for a phrase or a name or a word to be tattooed you can simply give a go at it as it will look more simple and elegant when done in watercolors. Just get some backgrounds drawn around the words to make it look more decorative.

{ 45 } Disney Watercolor Tattoo

Disney Watercolor Tattoo
People who are in love with the characters of Disney and those who still find them to be playful and fun-loving can opt for a Disney character tattoo. The famous Disney castle is also one of the most familiar designs associated with the franchise.

{ 46 } Animal Watercolor Tattoo

Animal Watercolor Tattoo
Animal lovers and people who have a special attraction towards a certain animal can get a tattoo of the animal made in watercolors which will make their tattoo stand out from the traditional animal tattoos.

{ 47 } Fox Watercolor Tattoo

Fox Watercolor Tattoo
Foxes are often considered to be a cunning animal that tricks fellow animals to get what they want. But some find foxes to be intelligent and curious. If you are one among them and are searching for an animal tattoo design, you can opt for the petite yet powerful fox.

{ 48 } Arrow Watercolor Tattoo

Arrow Watercolor Tattoo
An arrow symbol represents conviction and confidence. It also symbolizes agility and speed and can be the best design to get tattooed on your forearm. There are different types of arrow designs in different color combinations and can be worn by both men and women.

{ 49 } Cross Watercolor Tattoo

Cross Watercolor Tattoo
Cross, the symbol of Christianity is mostly preferred by people who are religious and believe in god. People who are looking for a tattoo design for their wrist, forearm, or back neck can opt for a cross which is also available in many creative designs.

{ 50 } Skull Watercolor Tattoo

Skull Watercolor Tattoo
The symbol of the skull represents either danger or mortality. People who want to say the world that nothing is permanent in this life or those who want to get a dynamic tattoo can go for a skull design which will look unique and sometimes terrifying when done in watercolor.

{ 51 } Sunflower Watercolor Tattoo

Sunflower Watercolor Tattoo
A sunflower represents joy, loyalty, and brightness. As it is quite a large flower in bright yellow color, it will attract others easily. If you are a woman who is in search of a design for a tattoo on your back, you can choose a sunflower.

{ 52 } Dog Watercolor Tattoo

Dog Watercolor Tattoo
Dogs are animals that are human-friendly, and they represent loyalty and love. People who boast themselves to be dog lovers can go for the tattoo of their favorite dog breed or simple the tattoo of a dog’s paw.

{ 53 } Heart Watercolor Tattoo

Heart Watercolor Tattoo
Either you are looking for a simple and tiny tattoo design on your hand or a large design on your chest you can opt for a heart design as it will look extremely attractive in bright red color. The design will look even more beautiful when it carries the name of your loved ones.

{ 54 } Star Watercolor Tattoo

Star Watercolor Tattoo
A star once again represents nature and it is often considered as a guide for the sailors. A star can be tattooed in a big solitary style or else as a geometric figure. It can also be tattooed along with the sky which will look more appealing.

{ 55 } Tiger Watercolor Tattoo

Tiger Watercolor Tattoo
Tiger is an animal which represents strength, conviction, beauty, and independence. It is one of the most beautiful cats on the earth and is known for its majesty. A tiger watercolor tattoo will be the best one if you wish to cover your whole back with a tattoo. A tiger’s face can be used to tattoo on your calf or forearms.

{ 56 } Arm Watercolor Tattoo

Arm Watercolor Tattoo
If you are about to get your whole arm tattooed, you can blindly opt for a watercolor tattoo as it would look more eye-catching and appealing than the traditional tattoo. There are numerous designs available for covering your whole arm among which many of them are listed in this article itself.

{ 57 } Dreamcatcher Watercolor Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Watercolor Tattoo
The Dreamcatcher design is one of the most famous and most used tattoo designs around the world. It can be concealed within any part of your body and can be worn by both men and women.

{ 58 } Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo

Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo
A Dandelion tattoo is one of the coolest and beautiful tattoos that are mostly preferred by women on the back of their shoulders. The design gives more space for the creativity of the artist and can be worn on any part of the body.

{ 59 } Watercolor Wrist Tattoo

Watercolor Wrist Tattoo
Watercolor tattoos will look more appealing and eye-catching when worn on the wrist and there are a lot of designs available over the Internet.

{ 60 } Watercolor Tattoo on Back

Watercolor Tattoo on Back
Like any other type of tattoos, watercolor tattoos can also be worn on the back. Tattoos done with watercolors will look more attractive than other types of tattoos and will make your back look colorful.

{ 61 } Quote Watercolor Tattoo

Quote Watercolor Tattoo
If you are the one who is not interested in getting any image tattooed, you can get your favorite quote tattooed on your forearm or neck in watercolor. A small touch of an artistic background behind the quote will enhance its appearance.

{ 62 } Coverup Watercolor Tattoo

Coverup Watercolor Tattoo
People who already have a tattoo but not satisfied with it and wants to cover up with a better design can surely try watercolor tattoos as a cover-up as its predominant colours will erase the traces of your previous tattoo.

{ 63 } Deer Watercolor Tattoo

Deer Watercolor Tattoo
A deer symbol represents intuition, gentleness, and agility. These are cute-looking beautiful creatures which will appear majestic when drawn with huge horns. If you are a female looking for a tattoo on your hip you can opt for a Deer Tattoo which can also be concealed within the forearm.

{ 64 } Thigh Watercolor Tattoo

Thigh Watercolor Tattoo
Women who are looking for a decorative tattoo on their thighs can blindly go for watercolor tattoos as they will look more appealing when they wear shorts.

{ 65 } Family Watercolor Tattoo

Family Watercolor Tattoo
Family tattoos are preferred by both men and women nowadays and the design will be very much apt for watercolor tattoos. The design can be drawn using various colors which will make it more attractive.

{ 66 } Watercolor Tattoo on Foot

Watercolor Tattoo on Foot
Most women nowadays are interested in getting their feet tattooed. Watercolor tattoos are very well-suited for this body part and selecting a perfect design that suits both the feet will make the tattoo even more beautiful.

{ 67 } Paw Print Water Color Tattoo

Paw Print Water Color Tattoo
Getting tattoos of animal’s paw is becoming a trend right now and if you are one among them who opt for this design do it in watercolor as it will make the design more colourful and appealing.

{ 68 } Watercolor Tattoo on Leg

Watercolor Tattoo on Leg
Men and women who are thinking about getting their legs covered with large attractive tattoos can surely opt for watercolor tattoos as the colors used will exaggerate its minute detailing.

{ 69 } Turtle Watercolor Tattoo

Turtle Watercolor Tattoo
The Turtle represents endurance, patience, protection, and perseverance. A turtle design will suit both men and women and can be incorporated within any part of the body.

{ 70 } Forearm Watercolor Tattoo

Forearm Watercolor Tattoo
The forearm is the most used and as well as the best part to get tattooed for both men and women. If you are looking to get tattooed but confused about the body part, kindly get a watercolor tattoo on your forearm in any one of the above-mentioned designs as it will look both attractive and appealing.

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