Common Packing Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Vacation

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Stay Organized

Create a list of necessary items, omitting wants and focusing on needs. Always start with prescription medications, important documents, etc. Your passport needs to be tucked inside your hand luggage or carry-on bag, and the same rule applies to your travel tickets. As you pack essentials, check the items off your list. Consider evaluating whether or not you have overpacked your essentials, too, because it happens all the time.

Pack Light

Airlines have different rules and regulations regarding baggage limits, and some of them are extremely strict. Knowing your limitations is key, and you also need to know if you need to check your bags. Less is more when you are traveling by air. 

Nowadays, hard-shell compact suitcases are becoming more and more popular, as they offer a great deal of storage space despite their small size. This is ideal for travelers who need to pack a lot of items into a carry-on bag, as they can make full use of the available space without having to worry about the luggage becoming too bulky or overweight. In addition, hard-shell compact suitcases are much more durable than their soft-sided counterparts, meaning that they are less likely to be damaged during transit. As such, they are an excellent choice for those who frequently travel by plane or train.

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Any liquid bottles in your carry-on bag must be under 100 ml. You must also use resealable plastic bags of certain dimensions to store liquid containers. The same goes for any checked bags. It’s best not to bring any liquid bottles with you. If it is a drink you need, buy one after passing through security. After all, liquid bottles may leak, and you do not want your clothes covered in God knows what when you show up at the hotel.  

Do Not Bring Valuables

Leave valuables at home, and that especially includes jewelry. If you lose any valuables while on vacation, you are going to be really upset. You run a greater risk of losing them while moving around so much in a new place. Furthermore, quite a few insurance companies would not cover those valuables, so it is best to leave them at home. 

Packing For Kids

Kids get dirty, and they are likely to soil extra clothes. Use some of the extra space for packing an extra set of clothes and undergarments. Start packing early, too, as this ensures you have all their essentials covered. Consider your own comforts, too, that might pertain to attending to your children. For example, do you have an infant? You might want to pack that reading light so you can multitask.

You also want to pack items for your child’s entertainment. While you might want him or her to enjoy the family vacation without distractions, you need a few comfort items on the road with you just in case. It only takes one meltdown, and you are going to wish you had brought that tablet, even if you keep it hidden until you need it badly. 

Scarves & Wraps

Scarves and wraps are multipurpose tools on vacation. They can provide warmth, and they can provide protection from UV rays. Moreover, they do not take up hardly any space when packing. Put them in your carry-on bag, or even keep one or two of them tied to your body. 

Use Your Pockets

Place smaller, but heavier items in your pockets if possible. This saves some room when packing. If it is cool enough, wear an extra layer of clothes. Remember the essentials that need to be with your carry-on bag, too. Always split supplies between bags belonging to other family members as well. This helps ensure you still have certain supplies if someone’s luggage goes missing.  

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Copies Of Passport

You never want to be caught traveling without your passport. Unfortunately, people do lose their passports on occasion. You need two pictures of your passport if possible. You would have to print them out to keep one in your carry-on bag and one in your luggage bag. You can also keep a picture of your passport on your phone. 

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There are certain packing techniques that help provide for extra space. Folding items properly is certainly key. Bundling and rolling items are two other strategies to keep in mind. To avoid wrinkles, rolling clothes is the best solution. Also, place a dryer sheet in your bag to keep everything smelling fresh and clean.  

Attach a separate luggage label inside the bag just in case the one on the outside of the bag falls off. It does happen, and it is better to be safe than sorry. It is also best to alter your case in a way where it is easily identifiable. For example, you could tie a colored ribbon to the handle. 

All things considered, you want to travel smart and stay organized. The more prepared you are, the less risk you have of running into any of the problems mentioned.

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