Home Project: Warm Modern Condo With Tones of Black and White

Warm Modern Condo With Tones of Black and White

A home is a place where you want to feel comfortable, where you love to come and relax after a long hectic day. Have you thought this year to make your home a lovely place to be? Then, the first step is to have a proper interior design. There are various types of interior designs that may suit your home such as home horoscope where you can design your home as per your birth sign. Different types of affordable, fun and easy home transformation ideas are available. You can ask your designer to have a proper design for your home. In this warm modern condo with tones of black and white, All interior design, finishes & fixtures in this project did by Avenue Design inc in 2017 and total projects cost USD 2,00,001 – USD 5,00,000. This beautiful home is based in Canada.

From interior design to furniture design, color selection; you can get everything done from a single place. You can also go through their idea books to choose a great design idea for your home. Designing a home in such a manner that it soothes your heart and gives you a feeling of relaxation is the ultimate aim of any interior design. Choose your Interior designer wisely to get a look as you want it to be.

Choose the one that can give you the design that you had dreamt of. Whether you want to add plants, add paintings or any art sculpture, whether you want the furniture to be of the same color as your wall color then talk to the designer about your ideas and see how you both can bring imagination to the reality.

Wooden Breakfast Table for Couple

contemporary dining table for small spaces
Happy moments are where you both sit together and enjoy your breakfast or lunch or dinner. For a sweet morning reunion, this magnificent wooden table for a couple is the best option where you can discuss the plans of your day ahead, talk about things that happened in the office simultaneously enjoying that healthy breakfast.

Wooden Breakfast Table For Couple
Take pleasure in enjoying the morning breakfast moments at this beautiful table with some snacks that can make your day energetic and enthusiastic ahead. Share solutions to the problems, discuss things that made your day and lots more other things. Get it at your home today.

Sofa in Living Room and Library area

Sofa in Living Room and Library area
Too much traffic on road, isn’t it? Waiting for hours in traffic and then finally arrived home, just open the door and sit on that Sofa. Oh! What a relaxing feeling!At night, not feeling sleepy? Go to the library area, have the book that you love to read and sit on that Sofa. Get relaxed and enjoy reading that book. Never know when but you will quickly get asleep.

The sofa is like a mother’s lap where you can relax and take rest after a long tiresome day. It is must have a Sofa in Living Room and Library Area such as the one you can see in this image. There’s no other furniture that can give you such a nice feeling. A must-have object to lying down, chill out and be calm. Get the best sofa designs that suit your home design and make it look more wonderful.

Design Home Office with Library

Design Home Office With Library
This Warm Modern Condo contemporary design for a home office with Library is a perfect fit for all those book lovers or we can say Bookworms. This design will allow you to have an office at home along with huge bookshelf where you can books that inspire you, boost you, help you grow your business and take it to the next level. Different colors, styles are available to suit your home furniture. Feel great while working at home and boost enhance your knowledge with some amazing books on that bookshelf. This home office can also serve a place to be when you want to have some peaceful and quiet time.

So, prepare a cup of coffee, get that book and get locked in your home office or library. Make sure to have a design that adds charm to the place and makes you tempted to stay there. Every room in your home must serve a practical purpose and hence must be designed accordingly. Ask your designer to get the perfect design keeping in mind the purpose for which that particular room is built. Choose the design that matches your interior design and also makes the environment of a home office with library calm and serene. Wall colors, furniture color etc must be selected accordingly.

Sliding Door

Sliding Door
Is your choice those beautiful and functional sliding doors? These Sliding doors in warm modern condo design can be a wonderful match to your choice. See how wonderful they look. These will definitely give your home a glamorous touch. While thinking about doors, Sliding door serves to be the best option as they utilize minimum space and are more functional as compared to those traditional ones. These doors are good to hide anything including your television. They are easy to use, just push them and they are closed. Hence, seems to be a better option to close off staircases and other spaces including the entrance. Have good quality sliding doors with a unique design that match your home interior.

Flowers Accessories To Decorate Home

decorate with flowers
Flowers soothe your eyes. You can either keep natural flowers or the artificial ones on that table in your drawing room or on that desk in your bedroom. Fill your room’s space with the awesome fragrance of the flowers of your choice. Remember to change them daily if you are using natural ones as fresh ones will definitely take your stress away and make you feel energetic all the day.

Flowers Accessories To Decorate Home

Small Flower Pot in Bedroom
These flowers accessories to decorate home will help you to have enchanting flower decorations that can win hearts. See how this pyramid looks with those white flowers inside, really eye-catching, isn’t it? Get such accessories to have those beautiful flowers a perfect place in your home. Decorate your home in a way that gives you a calm and serene feeling. Many more such designs are available that make it easy for you to adorn your abode with nature’s beauty and colors i.e. flowers.

Wine Cell Middle of wardrobe

Wine Cell Middle of wardrobe
Are you a wine lover? Do you want to have a particular space in your home for your lovely wine bottles? This wonderful design with Wine Cell Middle of Wardrobe provides you that perfect place where you can store the wine bottles of your choice. Arranging wine bottles in this Wine cell will definitely tempt you to have it regularly. Keep them organized. Get such designs in Warm modern condo design for your home. Ask your designer to suggest you more such adorable wine cell designs where you can safely store your wine bottles and get them easily when required.

Bedroom Lamp, Pillow & Wall Green Texture

Bedroom Wall Green Texture
Bedroom designs that will help you to have a sound sleep in that cozy bed. This adorable design including Bedroom Lamp, Pillow, and Wall Green Texture can be appropriate for your bedroom if it suits your home design. Whether the bedroom furniture is for a single person bedroom or is the room shared by a married couple or siblings? Selection must be made accordingly keeping in mind both of them.

bedding throw pillow sets
Choose the bedroom furniture keeping in mind the style and design that you love the most or had once dreamt of. If you are a contemporary lover, this style is for you. You can also have the design that is transitional in style.

bedroom hanging lamp
Such Unique and Modern Home Designs Give your Abode a Modern and Stylish Look. Now, you can read your bedtime books in this lamp light without disturbing your partner, that cozy pillow will give you a sound sleep and that green texture on the wall gives you the feeling of sleeping in nature’s lap.

Black and White Bathroom

black and white bathroom decoration
This is a Warm modern condo contemporary bathroom design that is loved by contemporary design lovers. Do you like to have a black and white bathroom? Then, this is perfect for you. Always choose the bathroom design and colors keeping in mind your home design, colors etc. The colors of your bathroom furniture, a design must match with the rest of your home. If you love mismatch then it’s your choice. There are several Black and White Bathroom ideas available to choose from. Select the one that suits you or feels good to you. Bathrooms must be designed in such a manner that its first view must result in a reaction “Just Wow!” with astonishing eyes.

Decorate Wall in Unique Way

Unique Way Wall Decoration
Like to decorate the walls of your home? See this unique wall decoration idea. It’s really unique, isn’t it? You can select the wall decoration designs that match the wall color and great if it matches the furniture color too. Environment lovers can choose best out of waste things to decorate walls, greenery lovers can choose wall decoration plants and flowers, and art lovers can have certain wall paintings as wall decorations. Decoration ideas vary from person to person. Decorate Wall in a unique way with whatever ideas you like and feel that will be suitable for your home walls. Get suggestions from your interior designers to make a clearer choice.

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