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17 Best Bridal & Wedding Hairstyles For Special Day

For a bride to be, nothing can be more important than choosing the perfect wedding hairstyles or outfit. Though you can easily pick up the best one dress for yourself you will surely get confused when it will come to the point of choosing the best hairstyle for own. To help all those confused would be a bride; this article will provide a lot of options to select one of them for the D-day. On this day, all the ladies want to look their best. They want to look beautiful, stunning, stylish and more on this important day.

Women with all hair types and length want to get a fabulous hairstyle with which she will rock the evening and will become the showstopper of the show. Some of the pretty would be bride want to get a messy and lovely hairstyle and some of them want hair with perfectly coiffed or some of the brides to want a little bit of both. So, here the article will present all the solution of the bride to offer them to look the best on their day. Choose one of the best wedding hairstyles for you from here to look drop dead gorgeous. But before that, you have to be clear about the volume and texture of hair so that you can easily choose the suitable one for yourself.

{ 1 } Half Updo With Flowers (Via Mango Studios)

Half Updo With Flowers

This hairstyle will no doubt give you a dreamy yet classic look. In this style, your hair will be half way up and half down. Not only the bride but also the bride maid can try this stunning look. You will love your locks this time. Those can be set at back with a clip and the bottom part of the hair must be curled. To get the perfect and finished look you have can add any hair jewelry.

{ 2 } Updo With Fresh Garden Roses (Via The Wedding Play Book | Photo By Lindy Yewen )

Updo With Fresh Garden Roses
This hairstyle will provide the bride a look full with elegance. This style will be based on the fact of low and loose. If you want to go for this wedding hairstyle then you have to make a loose hair Updo and keep it low. Thus, you can bring out the best from this appearance. Add some fresh garden roses as a flower crown to compliment the look perfectly. This romantic yet soft looked low bun is the perfect for any bride to be.

{ 3 } Fishtail Side Braid With Flower Crown (Via Shea Christine)

Fishtail Side Braid With Flower Crown
If you want to portray that look of a princess on your d-day then it is the best one for you. this beautiful style can be made on both of the long or medium lengths of hair. If you are also fond of this look then draw your hair into an extended fishtail braid. In the front part also, you have made a small braid which will be mixed in the fishtail braid later. Wear a flower crown to get the ultimate wedding look.

{ 4 } Romantic Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Romantic Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair
The long and luscious locks of this hairstyle are extremely beautiful. Pulling a long fishtail braid which will be fallen down on your one shoulder will make you look dreamier than ever. This braided hairstyle will better after leaving some strands loosely in the surrounding of your face. To look perfect with this hairstyle you can dye your hair with the blending of a dark and deep brown along with some amazing golden blonde.

{ 5 } Whimsical Updo With Side Bow (Via Elizabeth Anne | Photo By Brooke Schultz)

Whimsical Updo With Side Bow
This simple hairstyle will not only give you a beautiful look but it will also make you look cuter than ever. If you have longer hair then this look is absolutely for you. When you are making a top bun then leave some amount of hair with which you will have to make the side bow later. You will look more stunning if you have front fringes also.

{ 6 } Serena Williams Wedding Loose Curl Hairstyle (Via US Magazine | Photo By Mel Barlow & Co. / Allan Zepeda)

Serena Williams Wedding Loose Curl Hairstyle
This hairstyle is extremely simple yet very classy. It will provide you an elegant look to rock the wedding evening. If you like this hairstyle, you have to make a simple curl and keep it open to bring out the best of this look. Make a side part and yes, you can wear any type of hair jewelry which will complement this look perfectly.

{ 7 } Braided Pinned Updo Black Hair(Via Mod Wedding) | Photography By LH-Photo

Braided Pinned Updo Black Hair
if you are going to get this hairstyle you have to keep on your mind that there will 2 parts on your air. The big part which will be in the behind, with that you have to make a hair up do. In that place also, you are suggested to leave some strands to make flowers by curling it. In the front part you have to create two braids and that will be ended up in mixing with the main up do.

{ 8 } Side Buns With Braiding Hair (Via Style Me Pretty | Photo By Rachael Foster)

Side Buns With Braiding Hair
This hairstyle is mostly perfect for the women with medium length hair. To get this look at first you have to make 1 or 2 braids with the middle part of hair. The left hair of the front part, the braided part and along with the left hair of the ended part you have to make a side bun. This loose look will make look more beautiful on your wedding day. Use some hair spray to hole the look.

{ 9 } Curly Half Updo With Fresh Flowers & Ribbon

Curly Half Updo With Fresh Flowers and Ribbon
This hairstyle is very easy to make and moreover, it will help you to the look best on your very special day. In this hairstyle, you just have to make some curls in the bottom part of your hair. You can tie the front part with a clip towards the back. You can wear a flower crown and ribbons to complement this look perfectly.

{ 10 } Tropical Flower For Wedding Hair (Via Junebug Weddings) | Photo By June

Tropical Flower For Wedding Hair
This hairstyle is also very easy to make and perfect for the women with medium length of hair. You will not have to spend a lot of time or money to get the ultimate look on your wedding day. You are suggested to make curls on your hair which will completely match your d-day dress perfectly. To get the finished look, wear a crown which will be made with tropical flowers.

{ 11 } Side Fishtail With Silver Wing

Side Fishtail With Silver Wing
If you want to get the look just like a princess then you must go for this without any doubt. This look is very simple yet classy. For getting this exact look, you have to make some loose braid in the front part. Taking that braid, you will also have to pull the long fishtail braid at a particular side. Use some hair jewelry like a silver wing to complement this look.

{ 12 } Bridal Hairstyles Shoulder Length Hair

Bridal Hairstyles Shoulder Length Hair
These beautiful hairstyles are extremely feminine and whimsical and perfect for the women with medium length hair. These updos are appropriate for the wedding days as these frames the face beautifully and provide a beautiful backside view. Using some sparkly accessory most of the time creates a magical look. You will get a sophisticated look along with the pretty and girly touch.

{ 13 } Long Curly With Tiara

Half Up With Tiara
This hairstyle is simple but extremely impressive. This hairstyle which is popular with the name of half up and a half down hairstyle looks great on the women who have thick hair. The pretty and long curls along with the fancy tiara add royalty in your look of your special day. You can create a side parting and left it on a shoulder after trying it with any beautiful hair-tie.

{ 14 } Side Swept Bun With a Pale Pink Bloom (Photo By Davina + Daniel)

Side Swept Bun With a Pale Pink Bloom
This simple hairstyle will provide you a very classy look on your wedding day. This classic look will help you to show off your sharp features beautifully. If you are going to have this look on your d-day, then at the very first make a side bun. Then sweep your left-over hair of the front part at a side to look the best look. Add a pale pink flower to complement it perfectly.

{ 15 } Mermaid Waves With Flower Crown Bohemian Look (Via Brides) | Photo By Chelsea Diane

Mermaid Waves With Flower Crown Bohemian Look
If you are going to be the cutest bride ever then this is it. You must try this to get the bohemian look. Make a side parting and curl your hair for having the mermaid waves. Keep it open and wear a flower crown to draw everyone’s attraction on the day of your wedding.

{ 16 } Slightly Wavy Super Shiny (Photo By Julian Ribinik)

Slightly Wavy Super Shiny
This is one of the easiest hairstyles which you can wear on your extremely special day. If you are not having wavy hair, then try to make your hair slightly wavy with a curler. Add some mousse or spray to make it look shiny than ever. There is no doubt that this look will make you the showstopper on that day.

{ 17 } Natural Curls With Punchy Flower Crown (Via Michelle Scott)

Natural Curls With Punchy Flower Crown
Women who have very short hair are absolutely perfect for his look. If you have not curls on your hair then make some little curls and keep it open. Use some hairspray to hold the look. To take out the best look from it wear a crown which will be made of some punchy flower.

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