Home Project: Classic Interior Design With Elegant & Traditional Look

Classic Interior Design

You have finally moved into your dream home! To make it dreamy, you need to fill it with a classic interior design which matches your style and mood. Attention to detail, a little experimentation, having a flair for freshness will elevate your home experience. It also resembles your high style living as well as show your incredible taste for aesthetic design.

There are various ways in which you can improve the look and feel of your living room, kitchen, dining room etc. With the right accessories, you can reimagine your bathroom, closet with appropriate lighting design. You can proclaim your taste for craftsmanship with the choice of the chairs, chandeliers, beds, garden designs etc.

Once you decide to decorate your home, now the most important part is who can make your dream home full of exotic designs the way you want. An expert and an experienced interior designer will definitely need to ensure the aesthetics and quality adherence also.This beautiful home design project did by Designstorms LLC and Storm Inspired help them with all the required material for this project. They did this project in 2017 and total cost of this project, including all the required material USD 5,00,001 – USD 7,50,000. The best part of this project taking photograph did by Joe Kwon. There are various interior designs available for different rooms of your home and you can start exploring the options in this article.

Entrance With Stunning Chandelier

Welcome With Stunning Chandelier
Proclaim your royalty with a gorgeous chandelier! There is nothing else which can give a truly classical atmosphere for your home. The intricate designs of the chandelier speak volumes of the art and craft that have gone into creating this masterpiece and it is a perfect addition to your wide sprawling hall. The grandeur evoked by this chandelier is unparalleled and also illuminates the room with shiny lights.

Transitional Dining Table for 12 Persons

Transitional Dining Table For 12 Persons
When it comes to the dining table, there should be no compromise. When you have a party in your home, all social conversations happen in a dining room and it has to be exquisite like your guests. High-quality wood with superior finish and cushions with bright designs make this dining table too good to be true. You can pair it up with antique collections of jars and glasses to give your dining room the much needed royal taste.

Little Indoor Garden

Little Indoor Garden
Don’t have space for a garden? No problem. You can transform a space as small as your kitchen corner into an indoor garden. With the right selection of plants, you can add greenery to your kitchen and also make it a precious sight to watch. It is a nice addition to your kitchen space and this design allows you to create a miniature backyard wherever you want in your home. This also enables you to enhance your gardening enthusiasm.

Small Space Breakfast Table

Small Space Breakfast Table
Spice up your mornings with an elegant breakfast table. You can chat up with your loved ones and eat comfortably at this table. Its oval shape design with grey pattern gives a beautiful visual in sunlight. It has enough space for six people to have breakfast at the same time and hence it is ideal for a large family with lots of kids. This gives country flair and mixes well with the family traditions. The curves of the chair are the right contrast to the quirky oval design of the table.

Luxury Living Room Design

Luxury Living Room Design

decor comfortable sitting near fireplace
You can vary the colour contrast, mix and match different combinations and experiment with different textures and designs of wood. A quintessential living room environment has showcase shelf in which you can flaunt your art collections and matches the design and colour suited to your taste. You can imagine different themes for your living rooms and explore the versatile and diverse accessories such as tea table, stool for comfortable sitting near the fireplace etc. to match the theme of the room.

Living Room Corner Bar Table

Living Room Corner Bar Table
Your relaxing evening in the living room would be incomplete with appropriate liquor by your side and having a portable bar table is a great design choice. A corner bar table is comfortable and does not occupy much space. You can keep your glasses and the liquor bottle in two racks. Its yellowish gold handle design gives a royal touch to your living room. It is a must have to have a pleasant and relaxing evening in your living room. They are perfect for your evening snacks also.

White Bathroom Design

White Bathroom Design With Traditional Rug

White Bathtub

Shning Silver Shower Knobs
A bathroom is a place where everyone loves to a spend long time and it has to look right. Your master bathroom has to be accessorized with the perfect tub and windows which gives a mystical aura perfect for soothing you during bathing time. Pair this up with a nice bathroom cabinet and inspirational shower design with a nice experience. Having a color closer to your wall color will make the bathtub nicely blend in with the surroundings and also make your bathroom appear larger. Having sliding bathroom doors is a good design choice. High-quality mirrors with exotic enclosures are an absolute necessity for any great bathroom design.

Dark Brown Home Bar

Dark Brown Home Bar
Your bar is the centerpiece of your in-home entertainment for guests and you would definitely want to get it right. If you want to show off extravagance, then designing your bar with dark brown coloured accessories is a great way. The right bar shelf can give your liquor collection an oomph factor and also gives originality. The bar space is designed to be functional and attractive. You can match the bar arrangement according to your personal style.

Decorative Shelf and Sofa

Decorative Shelf and Sofa
To enhance the storage space of your room, it is better to have a shelf for keeping thing organized and tidy. Shelves provide the much-needed space for your books, art collections and give them a proper place. In addition to functionality, shelves can also be exotic design elements that adorn your walls. They are easy to install and enhances the room space instantly. Having a comfortable sofa near the shelf is an added advantage. You can have good space utilization and have an authentic look and feel.

Home Office Design

Home Office Design
For a home office, white color gives the feel of the workspace without even trying too much. It blends perfectly with the cozy furniture you may have in your home office. This design gives a relaxing atmosphere as well as business-like feel. The multifunctional table drawers in combination with natural lighting and white trim will give a soothing atmosphere and also make the room feel expansive to increase your productivity.

Transitional Kitchen Decor

White Kitchen Decor With Wood Floor

hanging kitchen lamp on dining table
For kitchens, you can try a design with inbuilt washbasin and oven. The integrated design will give you a warm feeling and looks great in combination with white tiles, cabinets. This design helps you to use your kitchen space to the maximum, and you can arrange your kitchen accessories according to your preferences. Its efficient design allows you to function in the kitchen with comfort and organize things properly.

Outdoor Living Space

outdoor space with comfortable sofas
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a living space which faces a garden where you can relax and can get a dose of fresh air? Spice up your outdoor space with comfortable sofas and enjoy the natural air from the comfort of your home. Pairing up the right designs with the greenery of the wild gives an addictive feeling. The luxurious design captivates you and you would never want to go away from your outdoor living space.


When it comes to interior design ideas and the types of accessories that can match your style, you are spoilt for choice. Having a great home decor gives you distinct status among your friends and you can talk hours and hours about the designs. There are varieties of themes ranging from bold and dynamic to natural and rustic designs. Visit Designstorms LLC for reimagining your home and immerse in an ocean of interior design today!

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