Top Reasons Why You Should Choose A Wood Dryer From WDE Maspell

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Selecting a wood dryer is a big decision for any business. You’re going to want something that is moveable, effective, fast, and has been proven to deliver results. It can  be difficult to know where to start when searching for the right wood dryer. However, it doesn’t have to be. You simply need to discover the international company that has been successfully innovating in this industry for over half-a century.

It’s time you paid a visit to and discovered what is possible.

The Origins Of WDE Maspell

WDE-Maspell started trading in 1968, meaning the company has been in existence for over fifty years. But, that’s not what is important.

Drying wood effectively with a vacuum is something that many people had tried to do without success. But, Vincenzo Pagnozzi started researching the process in 1962 and made it a reality in 1968. 

The result was an order from Fiat and the world’s first 6-machine vacuum drying plant was created. 

His son joined the team a few years later and as their machines evolved the company started to expand beyond Europe. 

It’s fair to say they revolutionized the speed at which wood could be dried while simultaneously making their machines easy to use. 

Their machines have continued to evolve, and the company still files new patents, ensuring it is one of the best choices available.

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The Quality

A key part of the WDE-Maspell development has been the commitment to quality at every step of the journey. That means anyone buying wood dryers from them today can be assured they are purchasing the highest quality drying, ensuring your wood will look great and be durable. 

In many cases, there is no better reason to choose one of their wood dryer systems. 

It’s worth noting that WDE-Maspell has a history of firsts, from being the first to create a vacuum wood dryer to the ability in 1997 to create a vacuum plant with a capacity of 100 cubic meters. In 2008 the company filed its 91st patent for the Thermo vacuum, proving that its innovation hasn’t stopped yet.

International Support

WDE-Maspell has devoted a lot of time and effort to build an international network of experts. That means you can purchase their machines in almost any country in the world. More importantly, you can get service and advice, ensuring you have the help you need when needed.

It’s an effective way of offering help with operating the machine or dealing with any issues. You’ll find it comforting to know that you can get hold of the support team easily. 

Ease Of Movement

Vacuum wood dryers are large but that doesn’t mean they can’t be moved. The WDE-Maspell dryers are designed to be easy to move when required. They can be lifted onto a standard articulated lorry and moved anywhere. 

That makes it convenient to use on-site or even to move it according to your job needs.

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Environmental Awareness

In modern times taking care of the environment has become increasingly important. This is something that WDE-Maspell has been doing for many years. The production method and use of these wood drying machines offers zero emissions, making them low impact and helping you comply with current regulations regarding emissions. 

What better reason is there to invest in a vacuum dryer today?

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