Should You Get a Home Security System?

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Yes, secure your house from theft and burglary with the help of home security system. A study of over 100 persons who had been found guilty of burglary, about 60% said that they would avoid a property if it gave the impression that someone was inside, such as when the lights were on, the radio was on, or a car was parked in the driveway. 

So, upgrade your intercom systems and you may create the impression of being occupied with the aid of a smart home security system and smart outlets. A video doorbell with motion detection and two-way audio might be useful in this situation. To alert the person in your doorway that they have been seen, you can speak with them directly.

However, you might not even need to go that far because, according to two-thirds of poll participants, a clearly visible exterior security camera would be sufficient to discourage them.

Home Security System 2

Benefits of Security System

Installing, arming, disarming, paying monthly fees, and handling false alarms are all tasks associated with monitored security systems, which may make you wonder whether they are worthwhile given the associated inconvenience. There are some of the benefits of installing a home security system:

  1. Protect Valuable Goods: Of course, this is the advantage that most people first consider. We all probably know someone who had their home broken into and lost expensive jewelry, gadgets, or other valuables. When the object is a valuable family heirloom, the tragedy is even worse. A home security system features an alarm that can deter many would-be burglars and can alert the local police if someone does try a break-in, but installing a home safe can assist secure priceless things.
  2. Deters Crime: According to a 2009 research by ­­­­­­Rutgers, residential robberies fell in a region as the number of home security systems rose, even for residents without their own security system. Having a security system helps prevent crime, makes your area safer for everyone, and protects you.
  3. Remote Access: You can now remotely check in on your house from your phone when you’re not there thanks to modern security systems. Depending on your service provider, you may be able to view security cameras placed all around your house and manage smart thermostats, smart keyless door locks, smart lights, and other smart appliances in each room.
  4. Insurance: Although your security system may have a monthly price, installing one in your house might reduce your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%. That makes an alarm system a fairly excellent value, especially when paired with rapid access to law enforcement and emergency personnel.
  5. Fire or Gas Problem: You can choose to get alerts if your carbon monoxide or smoke detectors go off while you’re away from home. You may even set it up so that the authorities are immediately aware of these circumstances, depending on the supplier.
  6. Kids Protection: Another fantastic feature of home automation is this. In order to know whom your teenagers are inviting over while you’re gone, you may use the mobile app provided by your service provider to monitor what happens in your house using video doorbells and other security cameras while you’re at work. To save the kids from worrying about bringing (and maybe losing) a key to the house after school, if your doors have electronic locks, you can even remotely unlock them.
  7. Electricity Management: Numerous security firms, like Vivint, provide premium smart home items as part of their systems, including smart locks, video doorbells, and smart thermostats. These devices let you adjust the thermostat on any web-enabled device in case you forget to do it before departing on vacation. Similarly, you may switch off the outlet from any of your gadgets if you believe you left your curling iron plugged in.
  8. Peace of Mind: Having an alarm system gives you a sense of security and comfort, which is maybe its best advantage. In addition to making you feel safe, feeling safe will make you more focused, productive, and healthier. Your property will have an additional layer of security if you install a security system. You may take advantage of the advantages that come with having a security system whether you rent or own one.

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Home security systems are a simple approach to deter crime and offer a few benefits. Of course, they also have their drawbacks. We comprehend both points of view because we are security industry specialists. Before opting to invest in or forgo a security system, we think our readers should weigh all of their options.

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