Top 6 Types of Hats for Women that Can Combine Style and Comfort

Hat for women

For the past couple of years, the popularity of women’s hats has been expanded. Nowadays, most women consider hats as a part of their everyday fashion accessories. This is why they are prioritizing the best hats while combining the outfit. 

If you’re an Instagram user, you might have noticed that celebrities and fashion influencers have considered hats as one of their most important fashion accessories. As headgear, the hats will not only make you look stylish but also protect your skin from the harmful rays of the run. Whether you’re protecting your skin from UV rays or shading your face from the outdoor elements, hats will also help you hide bad hair days. 

However, choosing the perfect type of hat for your face shape is not an easy task. There are multiple factors you need to consider before picking the hats. To make the process easy for you, you need to know which types of hats for women will be perfect according to your personality, dress code, and fashion sense. Here are the top 6 types of hats for women. 

Pompom Hat

Pompom 1

The pompom hat is one of the most famous types of hats in the market. In the United States, the pompom hat is called ‘toque’. These types of hats are one of the best winter head gear for women across different ages. The pompom hat looks like a close-fitting knitted cap. The design of this hat is just like the other types of beanies. However, the pompom hat comes with a fuzzy bubble at the top of the crown. They are extremely effective when you pair them with winter outfits. As these hats are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, you can choose something relevant as per your need. If you’re planning to purchase a pompom hat, make sure you choose a neutral-colored hue as it will attract attention quickly. 

Classic Fedora


A couple of years ago, the fedora hats were considered as one of the best hats for men only. Even though this hat used to be owned by the men, the stylish women adapted with the fashion sense of the fedora hats and claimed these hats as one of the perfect pieces to complete their outfit. When a woman purchases a fedora hat, she will be able to showcase great confidence as well as fashion statement despite the color, size, or fabric of the hat. The fedora hat has an elegant style that can be recognized instantly. You can distinguish them from other types of hats due to their short rim, folded top and attractive ribbon around the base. The fedora hats for women will look great with a one-piece, jumpsuit, jeans, or trousers. Not to mention, they will enhance the beauty of your outfit too. 

Wide Brim Fedora

Wide Brim Fedora

This is another famous type of fedora hat. The wide brim fedora is sometimes called the safari hat. Due to the versatility, the wide brim fedora hats are one of the best fashion accessories for women right now. The design of the wide brim fedora is so eye-catching that you cannot miss it even in the crowd. The crown of the wide brim fedora hat is higher and center dent. As the name suggests, the brim is wider and slopes gently downwards. Sometimes the wide brim fedora hats are made of heavier fabric such as felt or wool. These types of wide-brim hats are perfect for the winter months as they will keep you warm. Purchase the wide brim hat if you want to showcase a traditional look. 

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat

This might be the most popular hat for women. Even though the cowboy hats were primarily worn by men with a bold and professional attitude, nowadays women have also found various ways to look dashing with the cowboy hats. The design of these hats is intended to protect your head and skin from harmful UV rays. As per Skin cancer, UV rays are the primary cause of skin cancer problems. The cowboy hats are perfect for the summer months as they come with great air circulation features. 

Not only the cowboy hats don’t compromise comfort, but you can also stand apart in the crowd wearing the cowboy hats. The leather touch and vintage finish will undoubtedly make you look confident, bold, and classy. While purchasing the cowboy hats, make sure you pay close attention to the size and materials. Additionally, make sure you pair the relevant outfit with the cowboy hats to enhance your appearance. 

Floppy Hat

Floppy Hat

If you don’t want to purchase the wide brim hats or assume that they are only effective on beach vacations or summer days, there is another great alternative available in the market. A wide-brimmed and soft hat provides a bohemian vibe that makes the hat perfect to pair with any type of outfit. If you’re a fashion blogger, the floppy hats will never disappoint you. You can also consider wearing sloppy hats in winter with cute ankle boots and a dark dress. This way you can showcase an effortlessly feminine look. 

As floppy hats are a great piece of fashion accessories, make sure you don’t wear them during the summer months. This hat doesn’t come with any type of air circulation. Therefore, it will cause problems.  

Trapper Hat

Trapper Hat

The trapper hat is one of the best types of hats available in the market. They are also a great fashion trend for winter. If you live in a colder climate, you can purchase the trapper hat as it will look cute and stylish. The trapper hats are designed under a traditional hunter’s hat. Most of the trapper hats are made of shearling, leather, or suede. From skate parks to forest hiking, you can wear trapper hats everywhere in winter. 

But keep in mind that you might have to face itching issues. Even though this problem is minor, but if you experience any type of comfort issues, make sure you reconsider the size of the hat. 


These are the top 6 types of hats for women. Do you want high-quality and attractive fedora hats to enhance your fashion statement? Make sure you contact us. 

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