How to Spice Up Your Boring Rental Bathroom Risk-Free?

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The absolute peace and solace you can find is only in your home and nowhere else. These feelings got more pronounced after the onset of the pandemic. In those tough times, everyone learned the real meaning of warmth, safety, and security, all of which they experienced at the single place that they call their home. You must have noticed the same thing. The homeowners often ask how to get a sense of being at home while living on a rental property. While it can be a different experience, the place is what you make of it. If you love it as your own, you will care for it.

So, don’t ignore your nest, even if it doesn’t belong to you. Add a few things here and there to gift it a touch of your personality. Often, rental homes don’t maintain bathrooms. They can be devoid of attractive features like a stylish sink and a vessel countertop faucet. You may hesitate to change anything, lest something gets damaged or violates the agreement. Although these are legitimate concerns, you can still freshen up the bathroom safely with easy hacks. Here are some clues.

Increase the tactile effect

Bathmats can be your automatic choice. But you get an excellent range of throw rugs in stores. There is no reason to stick to the old habit when you can have them. Buy an absorbent material, which you can comfortably place in front of the vanity or sink. It can immediately transform the bathroom’s vibe. If you like it, focus on vintage choices for that added punch. An easy-to-carry rug can be the best option. You can take it wherever you move.

Similarly, you can play with daily-use towels. Replace them with Turkish towels featuring decorative edges. You will become a fan of your choice.

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Deck up the sink

Suppose the sink is on a bare table. The view of the drain pipes can spoil the clean energy. You can hide it by skirting the sink. It will not only be thoughtful but practical also. You can use the area underneath your sink for storage. You don’t have to overthink since you can experiment with this idea on any budget. Whether you choose ruffles or tailored options, it will be your call. If you don’t find something of your interest, you can buy a suitable fabric and embellish it with decorative features like fringe, tape, and ribbon. 

Swap out the lighting and lighting fixtures

It is a no-brainer that bathrooms with standard lighting will always lack life and cheerfulness. You can revamp it to give your restroom a new character. Change the old builder-grade lighting fixtures with something classy and timeless. You can put the old thing back and carry your product to the next home destination when you move out. 

Cover the walls with removable wallpaper

Even interior designers will tell you that this feature is the best option for rental homes. The bathroom walls will also be happy playing a host to these beautiful stick-and-use solutions. In rented houses, you don’t get spacious bathrooms. So you can depend on this transformation to be cost-effective. If shower curtains and other accessories are available, you can match them to create a cohesive visual appeal. Some people use patterned wallpapers for their depth. You can also follow their steps. However, make sure you choose the moisture-resistant variety to keep them safe from humidity.

Adorn the walls with arts

Look for wide walls in the bathroom to hang a few wall arts asymmetrically. You can choose a large picture or a mix of smaller ones. Since there is no design rule around it, you are free to do it the way you desire. Choose a strategic location for this addition, though. It will be a different emotion when you look at them while soaking in the tub or grooming yourself in the mirror. 

Add a shower curtain

Does your bathroom have sliding shower doors? You can hang a shower curtain right before the glass enclosure to infuse a layering effect. It can look odd at first sight. But when you see it as a part of the overall design scheme, you can enjoy it more. Its ability to add a smooth texture to the hard surface like glass can be beyond admirable. 

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Transform the ceiling tile

You can achieve this by using contact paper or applying white epoxy paint to the ceiling tile. Epoxy paint can demand a lot of hard work and time to dry. Also, you may have to take your landlord’s permission for this work. As it can be a little risky, you can try the other solution. Get vinyl contact paper that can stay on the surface even in wet conditions. You may not have to replace them too soon.

Do something with the floor tile

Poor flooring conditions can make any bathroom unsightly. You may think it will revive after a deep cleanse. But your efforts may not pay off because they may have lost their shine. You may want to replace them with your favorite choice, such as black and white tiles. However, it cannot be an option. After all, it is not worth working on this project at someone else’s property. It would have been different if it was your home. So the other alternative can be using peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. These can also stay longer on the surface. 

Get the right size to cover your floor well. The grout lines can still feel bumpy under the feet. However, it’s best to ignore minor glitches and focus on the newness.

If you were feeling low because of your inability to do anything with your dated bathroom, you can get up and get going now. Markets offer amazing deals in bathroom accessories and accents. You can pick the pocket-friendly stuff to fulfill your decoration goal. It is all cool if you don’t want to change everything in one shot. Add highlights one by one to build the right effect as per your heart’s desire. It can be fun to wait for the magic to unfold. 

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