Shopping In-Store Vs. Online: The Pros & Cons of Homecoming Dress Shopping

Shopping In Store Vs Online 1

The world is fast changing in so many ways, indeed, some would say we are already living in a digital world and who are we to disagree? The popularity of online shopping has grown exponentially, and this short blog compares buying a homecoming dress online to visiting a shopping mall boutique.

Traditional Boutiques

We’ve all visited these trendy stores, where you find imported Italian furniture, expensive art, and stunning decor. There was a time when you had no choice if you were looking for a designer dress but to visit a shopping mall boutique, and there are several advantages to that.

Pros Of Bricks-And-Mortar Fashion Boutiques

The advantages include:

  • You Can Try The Dress On – It is easy enough to pop into the changing booth and don the gown to see how it looks. This allows you to be sure that the dress looks good on you, whereas buying from an online store means having to return it and choose an alternative.
  • Take Instant Delivery – When you buy a dress from a fashion store, the product is carefully packaged and you take it away with you. That said, when you shop online, the product is delivered to your door in super-quick time.

Cons Of Bricks-And-Mortar Fashion Boutiques

There are a few downsides to visiting a boutique:

  • Pay Full RRP – The client is the one who pays for the plush decor and the trendy location; expect to pay at least $300 more than if you found the same dress online. Of course, if you come from a wealthy family, this won’t be an issue, but we ordinary girls have to save money where we can. Search with Google for the best HOCO dress websites and you can compare prices for dresses from specific designers like Jovani and Sherri Hill.
  • Limited Stock – A small boutique is rather limited in what it can display, so you might not have the same variety of choices as an online boutique.

Rental is very expensive and running a store is never going to be cheap, which is why you see many traditional boutiques closing their doors for the final time.

Shopping In Store Vs Online 2

Pros Of Online Designer Dress Boutiques

The benefits are as follows:

  • Lower Prices – As you would expect, a designer dress would be 15-20% cheaper online, as the online boutique does not have the huge outgoings of a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Returns Policy – In the event you are unhappy with the dress, simply send it back and order a different gown. Of course, you can do this with a traditional boutique.
  • Larger Dress Selection – The online boutique has a warehouse full of designer creations and would represent hundreds of top designers, offering you a much wider selection to choose from.

If you decide to shop online, make sure you allow ample time to have the gown taken in by a local seamstress. Almost every time, the dress needs some minor alterations and that might take a few days, so do allow time for this. There are many HOCO traditions that you might not be familiar with.

The majority of girls who are looking for prom and HOCO dresses, prefer to shop at the online designer dress boutique, as they have an extensive catalogue of top designer creations at prices the ordinary person can afford. If you would like to view designer dresses online, Google can take you to the website of a leading online designer dress boutique.

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