Top 10 Sites To Find New Jobs in Russia

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Job hunting is one reality that even the pandemic could not affect. In fact, the direct effect of the recent pandemic on the economy has only increased unemployment. Hence, seeking a job or finding the right employee for a company has now become even more challenging and competitive. In such close competition, it all comes down to preparation and accessibility. Especially when you’re looking for a job in a fast-paced, growing economy like Russia. While there are all the standard methods of looking for a job in Russia, online job portals have recently become the most popular. These job portals offer a wide range of services to job seekers from Russia as well as foreigners seeking employment. Let us take a look at the top 10 best sites to find new jobs in Russia.


Jooble is one of the most popular job portals in not just Russia but many countries of the southern continent. But unlike other job portals, jooble is designed like a search engine and is built for the sole purpose of helping you find the right job. Much like other search engines, jooble also gives you links to job posting for innumerous websites and companies throughout USA and other countries. All you have to do is enter your job search query into the site. On receiving your job query, Jooble searches the information on various other job site databases and gets you the most relevant links in a much faster and streamlined manner.

Super Job

Super job is also a job portal which helps job seekers to connect with the right employers and find their dream jobs. Just like other job portals, super job also connects you with many different employers based on your education, experience, skills, and availability. The main reason for its immense popularity in Russia is its attractive design and simple user interface. The speed and accuracy of the results is another feature that has made this website so well-known among job seekers.

Head Hunter

As the name suggests, head hunter job site is another hunting ground for recruitments. Most popular and established companies prefer hiring employees that meet a certain criteria while many employees nowadays look for additional benefits to their basic salaries. When you search for a job in head hunter, you can add different filters that can help you streamline your search in a professional fashion. With more than half a million vacancies and up to 3000 requests processed per second, head hunter is certainly one of the largest job search sites in the world.

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Rabota is one of the leaders in the online recruitment market in Russia. The main aim of Rabota is to connect job seekers with the right employers. It presents mass positions and vacancies for specialists as well as general employees on a big scale. And it also offers a huge selection of resumes to direct employers and recruitment agencies. Moreover, Rabota also has strict rules posting ads and adding resumes on the site’s database. The quality and accuracy of the site’s vacancy and resume database is strictly monitored by spam filters and moderators.


Henkel is one of the leading businesses of Russia that has a widespread global reach and ventures in many different fields. The company’s global reputation and innovative brands and marketing has made it a household name in many countries across the world. It offers jobs all across the globe through a simplified application process. Henkel jobs are popular and sought after due to the many opportunities it offers of gaining diverse and international experience. Henkel also gives its employees to grow and develop their skills and challenge themselves consistently.

Jobs in Moscow

One of the truly diverse and global jobs portal, Jobs in network has a wide reach with more than 100 job portals across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and US. The portal is mostly focused on recruiters and job seekers looking for positions with English as the main language. However, you can still find a wide variety of jobs in different fields and specializations on the site. Plus, with its global reach, it also offers local Russians a great chance to find jobs in and outside Russia.


Trudvsem is a Federal Service for Labor and Employment’s portal for federal information and job listings. Mainly created to help connect job seeking citizens with the right employers, this portal is the main source of local jobs in Russia and the CIS. It has a separate section for employment of people with disabilities. Plus, the portal is also helps people with specializations find a relevant job locally with the best employment options in the country.

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Antal Russia

Antal is one of the largest recruitment firms in Russia and the CIS with more than 140 offices worldwide. It offers tailored employment solutions to meet all your needs as a job seeker or an employer. From highly specialized labor market surveys to recruitment of skilled professionals, Antal offers a wide range of services to a diverse clientele. However, Antal mainly specializes in middle and top management recruitment and is known for its high profile job listings.

Career Jet

Careerjet is a job portal specially designed to make job searching faster and easier. Its working is a little different from other job portals. Instead of managing a vast database, Career jet simple maps the he selection of job offerings on the internet and lists these links on its website. It lists jobs from job boards, recruitment agency websites and large specialist recruitment sites. However, it does not host the job offerings itself, instead redirecting users to the original job listing using a fast and streamlines interface.


Trovit focuses mainly on helping its users to find the job of their dreams. With a wide range of job listings from all fields and subjects, trovit is the best place to find employment within the country. You can search for vacancies according to different fields like banking, public service, agriculture, etc. or according to various states and regions in the country. Whether you’re looking for work in a particular field or a specific region, trovit’s streamlined search engine can get you the listings you need easily in one go. 

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