Things to Do When You Are Engaged


When the engagement ring has been slipped on your ring finger, it is the start of the wedding plans. From what wedding gown to get, what caterer to hire, how many relatives and friends to invite, and so much more—your mind can go haywire just from thinking all of these things at once. It can get overwhelming and exhilarating, but it won’t be as intense if you have your significant other to do all these things with you.

Preparing for the most important event of your life is not easy. You will need all the help that you can get because you can’t handle it all. Your mind will combust before the wedding day, and your guests do not want a headless bride. You can talk with your friends who have been in the same situation and ask them for advice. Open your mind to their suggestions so you can incorporate them into your planning. 

However, you may already know what to do or accomplish once you’re engaged. And to help you out in this stressful time, here are some things that you might want to consider:

Post a Picture of Your Ring

One way to announce your engagement is through a Facebook or an Instagram post. If you’re wearing a unique ring, such as a Disney-themed engagement ring, then you should post it. Your friends and family will be delighted to know that you and your partner will get married. However, choosing not to post is also an option. After all, it is your life, and some things in your life are best kept for yourself.


Look for Possible Venues

As early as now, you need to look for possible wedding venues. This is especially true in the season where weddings are most popular. Other couples might have booked your favored venue, so you must book in advance. Choose a wedding date, and look for beautiful wedding venues online that you and your partner can agree on. Once you find the perfect venue, you can visit that venue and book an appointment with them. 

Talk with Your Partner Regarding Budget

There has to be a wedding budget so you don’t overspend. Talk with your partner and agree on the budget. Set a budget for the venue, the gown, the caterer, etc., and set a realistic budget and do not go beyond it. Going with the flow instead of having a budget from the beginning is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. Since you won’t know your limit, you will continuously release the money until you deplete your funds. 

Schedule Your Gown Appointment

Book your gown appointments as early as now because there are brides-to-be who will be booking theirs too. It will be difficult for you to book an appointment if you do it at a later date. If you book at an early date, you can communicate the corresponding modifications to your gown with the tailor. That way, if there are inconsistencies with the measurements, there is plenty of time for an adjustment. 


List Your Wedding Guests

List down the names of the people who will be attending your wedding. This will help you determine how much food you should order from the caterer. Aim for an intimate wedding, and only invite the people who are closest to you. You should also include RSVP details in your invitations to properly identify how many people are attending.

Decide on Where You Want to Go on a Honeymoon

Almost all newlyweds go on a honeymoon after the wedding. Decide on whether you want a local or international destination for your honeymoon. The destination must be a place that you have never been to before so that you can explore the place with your spouse. It must be something that you both agree on so that you can enjoy your honeymoon.

Take a Break

Planning can be exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically because you’re making sure that everything is perfect on your wedding day. Don’t forget to take breaks in between because you need them. Planning while you’re stressed will do you no good and will only cause more problems. Listen to your body, and take breaks to have peace of mind. 

The entire process won’t be easy because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want it to be perfect and magical. The wedding might pressure you, but you must also maintain a clear head to make the right decisions. Don’t give in to pressure that much and learn how to relax once in a while. Enjoy the process because it’s not every day that you get married. 

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