3 Things To Know Before Booking A Wedding Videographer


Weddings are one of those celebrations you don’t want to forget. Besides their beautiful and colorful nature, weddings are crucial since they’re more often than not a one-time event for most of the population. One sure way of maintaining these memories is by taking photographs and videos of the day. You’ll have photos to peruse and show your grandchildren. 

On your wedding day, you can barely take photographs independently; your friends and relatives will also be busy enjoying your big day. This only means one thing; you must seek the services of a wedding videographer. They’ll take pictures and make videos of memorable moments at your wedding.

Now, wedding photography requires skills. You must know what, when, and how to capture a moment. Therefore, you shouldn’t just settle for any photographer who calls themselves one. Before signing that agreement with a given wedding videographer, there are things you must know. What are these things? Read on to get more insight into this.

Be sure to know the following:

Their Experience

As previously stated, wedding videography requires special skills. Therefore, you must ensure the videographer has the necessary skills. It’s good to point out that your chosen videographer doesn’t have to have gone to photography school. The skill can be out of passion. In this case, it’s best to inquire about their experience.

The experience you’re looking for isn’t in general photography. You want one who has experience shooting wedding videos. You want them to meet your needs from the point of know-how, not trial and error. No one wants their most memorable day to be used as a learning field for a service you’re paying for; perfection is key. Be sure to settle for a Vancouver wedding videographer or one within your locality with more years of experience shooting weddings. 

It’d help to ask for a portfolio of their work. Most of these service providers will have portfolios to showcase their work. It’s the only way they can prove their proficiency, considering educational qualifications barely apply in their field. As you check the portfolio, pay attention to the quality of the pictures and videos. Do you like what you see, or are you not satisfied? Settle for a provider whose work you’ve liked and whose portfolio showcases what you’d like for your wedding memories. 



Photography should be part of your wedding budget. It’d help to have a specific budget for these services. However, even though you have a budget, it doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. Getting the best deal and paying an affordable fee for these services is essential. 

So, how should you go about this costing process? You can start by asking the price the wedding videographer will charge you, including the services included in this fee. Are the two reasonable? Are you paying more for less? This shouldn’t be the case; you want to get value for your money. Also, you shouldn’t pay less for more services. You might fall into the trap of accepting the latter. However, you shouldn’t because there’s a likelihood of quality compromise. Be sure to settle for the provider offering many services at an affordable cost. 

It’d help to inquire if there are any special packages. More often than not, these packages are discounted. Check to see if you can adopt any of them to spend less. Suppose your wedding goes beyond your agreed timeframe. Do they have an overtime fee, and if so, what’s the amount?

Ultimately, you want to work with a wedding videographer who isn’t expensive and who’ll meet your needs efficiently without compromise.

Their Availability 

Availability is essential when planning wedding videography. You don’t want to receive a call on the morning of your day only for the videographer to tell you they can’t make it. This is no way to start your wedding day. Please eliminate all possibilities of excuses regarding traffic, delayed flights, and lengthy check-ins. How? 

Once you settle for one or two providers, inquire if they’re available on your wedding date, not just from morning to evening, but until the occasion ends. This includes the after-party; you want perfect photographs and videos for the entire event, not partly. If they aren’t, choose another to avoid hiccups. It’d also help to work with a wedding videographer within your state or locality. The proximity offers convenience such that there won’t be the need for lateness.

Last but not least, it’s advisable to draw up a contract with the videographer describing the conditions of your agreement and the consequences of a breach. With a contract, the wedding videographer will likely adhere and avail themselves as agreed. It’s less likely they want legal issues which they can avoid altogether.


An ideal wedding videographer is a must-have for your wedding day. The discussion above shows how to ensure you settle for the right provider for your big day. Be sure to know about the things discussed herein regarding your videographer, and you won’t have any regrets on your big day. You’ll have quality photos and videos to watch years down the line.

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