Want To Save BIG On Walt Disney World Tickets? Find Out Here

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Walt Disney World is considered one of the best places to take your family on vacation. The only problem is that it can be expensive to take your family there. That is especially true if you have multiple people who want to go, and you can only go once or twice a year. 

Vacations are a time when families should focus on having fun instead of worrying about money. As such, you should keep these tips in mind when you are ready to take your dream vacation.

Take Your Service Member With You

When you have someone in your family who is a service member, take them with you! Make sure you stop by their base first, though. The base has a particular office that sells tickets, and when you go there with your service member, you can save over one hundred dollars or more per ticket. In addition to that, if you get passes for multiple days, you can save thousands. 

The only thing you have to remember is that if you are getting Disney World Tickets for four days on the hopper pass (which is recommended so you can see everything), you can only get six per service member. What that means is to say your family has twelve people. One service member could get six tickets, but you need another service member to get the other six. When you get to park six, you have to check in with one person, and six have to check in with the other. As illustrated in the example, you must also have the service person with you. 

Another benefit to the ticket office is that they have brochures, maps, and a travel agent. If you want to book a stay in the park and have everything taken care of, you can do it all here, which makes things far easier on you in the long run. 

Walt Disney World Tickets Can Be Found On Affiliate Sites

When buying Walt Disney World Tickets, you can buy them at affiliate sites. Use areas that are affiliates of the park instead of fake ones. When you find a real one, however, you can save over fifty to sixty dollars per ticket which offers you actual savings. You also don’t need to wonder if your tickets are fake when using a trusted site. You will see that because they are directly working with the park, you can trust that you can go to the park of your dreams and save money in the process. That means everyone gets to come on Space Mountain!

Some red flags are sites that want to take you to other sites; a fake affiliate will also claim they are the best and want only one payment type. If someone says to give you your tickets, you have to meet in person in sketchy areas, or that you need to give your social security number. That is a highly suspect area, and you should never do it as it is a common identity theft fraud technique. 

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Determine How Long You Want To Stay

You might be surprised, but you can buy Walt Disney World Tickets for up to ten days or more! Most people stick to the four-day tickets, but when you stay longer, you save more money. If you look at it objectively, that is. You will spend more because you are staying longer, but you save over five hundred dollars per person if you add it up.

In addition to this, you can find hopper passes that allow you to see every park they offer. When you choose to do this, you will be keeping a hold on your wallet because you save on each ticket. An example would be to look at each park. Disney World has four different parks. If you wanted to see each of them for one day, it would cost approximately two hundred or more dollars, and that is just for one park. 

Now let’s say you want to stay for ten days. One hopper ticket that enables you to go between all the parks is six hundred dollars. When you look at it like that, you get almost eight days free, and you see every park. Through this example, you will see that staying for more than a week offers you more than four hundred dollars in savings just on your ticket! Because you save so much money, you will find that you can spend money on souvenirs, the best food, and a better experience overall.

It is highly recommended that people stay at the park for more than a week because each park has so much to see. If you like to go on rides, you will need at least four days to do it, and each park has shows and parades. It would be detrimental to come and avoid certain areas, get the hopper pass, and it will make your vacation much better. To see everything though, you should at least stay a week. That gives you enough time to see everything from your favorite characters to the best restaurants and animals. 

Check Around Your Local Town!

When you want to find Walt Disney World Tickets, you will find that you don’t have to look far. In many cases, you simply go to your megastore. Both Costco and Sam’s Club now have travel sections within their customer service area that will help you gain these sought-after tickets at steep discounts that ensure that you can go on your vacation and save money for other things that you want to do. 

The process is quite simple. During specific times throughout each year, you can buy discounted tickets that offer excellent prices. While this only happens a few times a year, the prices are well worth it. You can find the best deals here, and you will see that the staff is amicable and helpful. That is a great way to get the best information and prepare yourself. There is one rule that you will have to abide by, though. In order to get your tickets here and save yourself time and frustration, you have to be buying a Disney package. 

You can’t buy the tickets by themselves. While some think that this is a setback, it makes it far easier to get everything you need at once instead of paying for everything separately. It can be frustrating to go to three different places to plan your vacation, and having options like this is a great way to make your holiday happen.

Use Those Memberships

Chances are, if you drive a car, you will have a savings membership that is meant for helping your car function at its optimum level. When you have AAA, however, you will recognize that there are various benefits that you can use to your advantage. AAA offers you the benefit of buying tickets at a lower rate to help families afford a nice vacation. 

AAA has moved on from being associated with parents and is now something that everyone enjoys. If it gets you into Disney World, so much the better right? Like others on this list, you will find that you have to get the tickets at a specific time, but if you can wait, you will save so much money that it is worth it. 

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Look At Their Programs

Every website has a rewards program, and if they don’t, you can still sign up for their newsletters. Do you know what’s in those newsletters? Coupons! Signing up for the rewards program and newsletters offers you savings, coupons, and deals that other people can’t get because they only offer them here. When you want to save on tickets, you can’t forget this option because of the unique offers you get a hold of that will be exclusive to you. 

In addition to this, you need to check the sites themselves for deals. You will see that they offer significant discounts for families and special occasions. As a result, you will see that this is a great option for saving money. The best part? You never have to worry that the tickets are fake. You can also create an entire package more easily here as the site is set up to help people have the best booking experience. 

See Disney World And See The Wonder

When you want Walt Disney World and see what the wonder and magic are all about, you should use the tips we have given you to ensure that you have the money savings you need to have a fantastic trip. There are so many options that you can take to save thousands of dollars, and because of that, you can take everyone you want, never worry about not being able to afford to go, and you can just relax and have a wonderful time. That is what vacation should be about when you want to see the magical kingdom and have fun with your family

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