The Pros and Cons of Being a Wedding DJ

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There are pros and cons of being a wedding DJ. In this article we’re discussing some of those pros and cons so you can feel better informed about making a career decision. From the ability to make an impact on people’s lives to the prices you have to pay for ongoing business expenses, becoming a wedding DJ will surprise you and also stress you out. In the end, whether you enjoy the profession or not will come down to your passion for music and creating an unforgettable experience for all of your clients. 

Pros of Being a Wedding DJ 

The best thing about becoming a wedding DJ is that if you’re passionate about music, you will feel fulfilled every day you go to work. Some DJs become focused on one genre of music while others use an open format. What matters is that you care about the music you’re playing. If you truly believe in the power that music has to make people feel better, then becoming a wedding DJ is a great opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams.

You Will Meet People from All Walks of Life

Becoming a DJ means you get to provide an unforgettable experience to people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Such a diverse group of people, whether bar staff, fellow DJs, guests, or event organizers, will keep you meeting people and expanding your social network. Having a healthy social network is critical to mental health and can also help your professional life. The more people you connect with, the easier it is to generate professional relationships. 

Being Creative At Work

Being creative and getting paid for your craft is one of the most rewarding experiences one can hope for. Whether you’re in a band or a wedding DJ doesn’t matter, you’re still creating art for people to enjoy and if you can do this on a regular basis and pay your bills, you already have more than most. 

You Can Change People’s Lives 

One of the best aspects of being a DJ is that you can affect people’s lives in a meaningful way. Whether it’s at a massive festival or a wedding party of fifty doesn’t matter. As a DJ, your main goal is to affect change in people’s daily routine. If you can make someone’s wedding memorable for their friends and family as well as the bride and groom, you’re bound to feel a sense of accomplishment. DJs that touch people emotionally and physically are highly sought after and you will feel validated if you can build your worth as a wedding DJ. 

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Avoid the Nine to Five Grind

If you’ve ever worked at a desk job, then you know how difficult it is to maintain a level of passion and focus about your music. You also understand how boring it can feel to commit to the same routine over and over again with no end in sight. Becoming a wedding DJ helps you prevent the general malaise that can set in as a result of committing to a nine to five.

Though the hours aren’t always the best and you will probably have to travel quite a bit, you will be traveling to places where people are upbeat and celebrating. You will have to put in a lot of hard work behind the turntables but it’s better than drudging through the work day in a passionless job. The traveling and hard work will be worth it when you see the smiles you put on everyone’s faces. 



Depending on how large you become, you will have to travel significant distances to the venues you play. Even if you’re only a local DJ, you will likely have to travel to various venues around your city.  This can add up and lead to fatigue over time. Traveling too often can also feel isolating, like you’re exposed and without a home. To avoid this, you should ask yourself how large you want your reach to be as a DJ. The larger reach you have as a wedding DJ, the more you will have to travel. 

Hearing and Health 

Hearing and health is a big concern for most DJs. Because you are constantly exposed to loud noises and you are in a party environment, it is easy to fall into an unhealthy routine filled with constant parties and hearing problems. To avoid this, monitor your alcohol intake, avoid cigarettes, and try to take care of your hearing health. Staying on a healthy diet while traveling can also prove to be quite difficult. To stick to a dietary regimen, you should try to map out your diet and ensure that you can stay healthy while on the road. 

Pay Can be Less Than Desirable, Especially In the Beginning

Starting out as a DJ can be tough, especially if you don’t have a reputation. Proving that you’re a reputable DJ takes time and networking skills. You might find it difficult to command a price for your services, but eventually, if you wow enough people, you can start commanding higher prices. 

Dealing with Unruly Guests 

While DJing at a wedding, you will likely have to deal with drunk guests. Whether they annoy you from causing a problem on the dance floor, or they won’t stop chattering with you about their favorite songs, you will have to remain composed while you deal with them in a professional manner. You shouldn’t have to put up with this type of treatment but learning how to diffuse situations is critical when dealing with unruly guests. Whatever you do, don’t let them get under your skin and risk your reputation on their account. 

The Costs of Running Your Business

The costs of running your business, paying for equipment, and traveling will quickly add up over time. Whether for train tickets, gas, or airplane tickets, the initial costs of getting to your gig and running it successfully will be a source of stress. This will be more difficult in the beginning while you are trying to get off the ground. If you keep at it, you will be able to reduce your overall costs and increase the amount you take home.

Conclusion- The Pros and Cons of Being a Wedding DJ

Becoming a wedding DJ can be difficult work and there are drawbacks you will have to deal with that other professions don’t. However, because you can be creative and do something for a living that you are passionate about, the pros will likely outweigh the cons. They will only outweigh the cons if you are truly passionate about music. You also have to be passionate about creating memorable, enjoyable, and special experiences for your clients. If you feel passionate about the experience you provide your clients, you will be able to succeed as a wedding DJ, but if you’re just in it to be recognized, you will likely be miserable as you would in any other profession you didn’t truly care about.

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