Essentials for your Year-Long Australian Camper Road trip

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Would you be escaping life’s pressure by taking a long camp trip? Perhaps, you’re merely interested in the adventure of touring the wilderness – perhaps that’s even your lifelong desire.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a vacation or touring Australia; you only have to do it right. This brings us to the essential things you’ve to bring along on the trip to avoid stories that touch!

What are these essentials, and why are they essential for the trip? Well, you’re just about to find out.

Comfort first!

Yes, you’ll be going on a long road trip which will surely become enervating. It’s in your best interest to ensure you’re comfortable every split second.

You’ll essential campaign accessories like tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, pillows, ergonomic camp chairs, and tables to guarantee this comfort. These would come in handy whenever you want to catch a siesta or watch the sunset.

Other equipments that you need to be comfortable on the trip include flashlights or headlamps and lanterns. Remember to also come along with extra batteries that would be sufficient for the trip.

Light is necessary because it provides illumination when its darks. You never can tell what could be lurking around, so it’s a priority.


The food place is non-negotiable as it keeps you energised all day long. Except you’re the big money bag, you can’t afford to eat out every time.

Even if that is possible, what about when you find yourself in isolated places where there’s no one to talk to? So, you need to pack pots, plates, spoons, and groceries.

For a long journey, you’ll need durable cookware, preferably metal. This is because you need something that will last you throughout the journey. So, it’s better to come with authentic ones.

If you’re not good with cooking with local firewood, it’s best to pack a stove and get some gas or charcoal. Don’t forget the water bottles; camp sinks, cooler, knife, cutting board, and other essential cooking utensils.

Bringing a camp grill is unnecessary, except you can’t do without your fish or chicken barbecues. Get some grains loaded up in small food storage, which might be a foil, bag, or container.

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Emergency tools 

Getting stranded in the Australian wilderness is not a cool experience. You wouldn’t want to experience such. So, it’s best to pack some tools and repair items. You’ll need the following;

  • Spare tires,
  • Tent-pole repair sleeves,
  • Duct tapes,
  • Pad/mattress repair kits,
  • Axe or saw for cutting
  • BBroom and dustpan

Once you get these packed, it’s time you pack the medical kit too. Ensure you have every first-aid equipment loaded in the kit.

Should you or your travelling companion sustain a minor injury on the way, you won’t be under any unnecessary tension.

You can easily administer first aid treatment. And if it’s a severe injury, you might as well provide first aid treatment before taking the person to a nearby hospital as you journey along.

Clothing & Footwear needs 

You’ll need to pack moisture-wicking underwear and shirts. Quick-drying shorts and shirts should also be prioritised if you have to do a quick laundry.

Pack some long-sleeve shirts for protection against bugs and the sun. There’s a need for cardigans, too, if the weather becomes cold.

Get a raincoat, warm insulated jacket, warm hat, and best-suited shoes or boots for the terrain. Ensure to pack synthetic and wool socks too. These are recommended because of their highly comfy nature.


You must pack every essential piece of equipment you need for the trip. There might be other personal things apart from what’s been treated in this article. So, take your time to do the needful.

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