Solo Travelers: Making Some Memories By Traveling Top Amazing Places

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Our current world is linked with a lot of pressure, stress, and challenges, isn’t it? Well, these three factors drain people of their energy to the point they desire a secluded place to relax and refresh. Well, finding both a breathtaking and secluded place to relax can be a bit cumbersome. Simply, start off by identifying the features you desire to find in your desired secluded places on earth. After careful study and analysis, below are some 12 spectacular, secluded and breathtaking places on earth worth checking out:

{ 12 } Supai, Arizona

Supai, Arizona
Supai Arizona Via Mountain Girls

Havasupai Tribe, Supai, Arizona
Havasupai Tribe, Supai, Arizona Via Trover
Supai is considered one of the most secluded and removes place across the United States. This is despite the fact it is next to Grand Canyon, major tourist attraction. Supai is only accessible by foot. This is the reason very few people make an effort of visiting this splendid location. Supai in Arizona is definitely worth checking out.

{ 11 } Gaspésie, Canada

Gaspesie, Canada
The general population of people living in this big location is roughly 150, 000. This feature automatically makes Gaspésie in Canada be ranked among the most secluded places on earth. Numerous tourists simply visit the four national parks in this region. Gaspésie is splendid and appealing to the eye as it extends to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It is definitely worth checking out.

{ 10 } Gozo, Malta

Gozo, Malta
Ciao Azure Window Via Gucki

Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta
Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta Via Alexandra Grant
Gozo is a very tiny Island, located in Malta. Actually, very few tourists make their way to this location yearly. This indicates you will have all the alone time you need. A visit to this secluded location in Gozo gives you the opportunity to view the largest freestanding buildings globally. These structures are way older than the pyramids of Giza.

{ 9 } Leh, India

Leh, India
An Early Morning Flight Arrives at Leh, India Via Partha Chowdhury

Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake Via Kenny
What is best about the Himalayan trekking routes is that you can see various wonders of nature at every step. India is considered one of the densely populated countries in the world. However, not all places in India are densely populated. Leh is one of the locations in India, which allows people to relax and have an alone time. It is located north of India and houses a Buddha temple. Roads to Leh are seasonally opened throughout the year. This leaves people with no option but to go through a long footpath to reach this destination. This is the main reason why this location is secluded when compared to other places in India.

{ 8 } Apolima, Samoa

Apolima, Samoa
Nu’ulopa island – Samoa Via Wiki Media
Samoa is actually the least inhabited countries on earth. This definitely makes it one of the most secluded places on earth. Apolima is a breathtaking location that presents you the opportunity to refresh your mind. It is only accessible by boat. There are numerous reasons why you should consider Apolima as your secluded place. First, you will be able to view an extinct volcano. Secondly, there is an eye-catching opening between two cliff walls. In there, a blue lagoon awaits you.

{ 7 } Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island Marine Park Night View
Easter Island Marine Park Night View Prepare The Journey
You will definitely find peace and quietness on Easter Island. This location is considered a mysterious island as very few people inhabit this location. Easter Island has been considered one of the most secluded places on earth because it is over 1200 miles from the next densely populated location. Anyone who visits this place in Chile experiences two things. These are inner peace and a magnificent surrounding environment. Additionally, you will see the ancient structures of the Rapa Nui community. Lastly, there is an ocean and beaches where you can relax and pass time.

{ 6 } Shetland Islands, Scotland

Shetland Islands, Scotland
Shetland Islands Via Kudoy Book

Shetland Islands, Scotland Bird View
This secluded environment perfectly suits people within Europe and its environs. Shetland Island in Scotland is located north of Britain. The Shetland Island is believed to house roughly 20,000 residents. Interestingly, Shetland Island is made 1000 islands. Evidence gathered from this location in Scotland reveals that only 15 islands are inhabited. This presents them with the opportunity to explore the unoccupied ones. Above all, you will experience the ancient Viking, Scandinavian and the Scottish cultures. In conclusion, there are numerous airports miles from this location. This makes it easily accessible.

{ 5 } Kulusuk, Greenland

Kulusuk airport air greenland
Kulusuk Airport, Air Greenland Via Wiki Media

Boat Tour From Tasiilaq
Boat Tour From Tasiilaq Via Nonni Travel
The easiest and most convenient way of reaching this location is from Reykjavik, Iceland. Reykjavik is a two-hour flight to Kulusuk. This location in Greenland is well known for its fishing activity as this is the main activity being handled here by the local community. Kulusuk is considered one of the most secluded places on earth as it contains roughly 200 inhabitants. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your alone time while here. In addition, there are numerous activities you can handle while in this rural environment. These activities range from hiking and snowmobiling, among others. You should definitely consider this secluded place.

{ 4 } Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia, Argentina
Patagonia Hiking in Argentina Via G Sdventures

The Patagonia Trail, Argentina Horse Riding
Horse Riding Via Globe Trotting
Ever thought of finding a location on earth where you can occupy a mile on your own without experiencing any form of disturbance? If yes, you should take a tour to Patagonia in Argentina. This is one of the most ideal locations in South America where you can clear off your deepest thoughts. Patagonia is breathtaking and refreshing to the mind as it is surrounded by valleys, mountains, and rivers. Above all; you will get the opportunity to view a diverse variety of wildlife such as Pumas and penguins.

{ 3 } South Island, New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand
West Coast, South Island, New Zealand Via Erin Swan

Blue Pools South Island New Zealand
Blue Pools, South Island, New Zealand Via Islands
Among the two islands in New Zealand, the south island is less populated. This is despite the fact that it is the larger of two isles. You will be shocked to learn this is the exact location where the lord of the rings film was cast and shot. South Island in New Zealand was chosen considering the fact it has a spectacular environment and the fact that it inhabits very few people. A visit to this location will not only allow you to check out four national parks but also check out the diverse geographical sceneries in this location. This ranges from Canterbury plains and Fiordland coastline, among others.

{ 2 } Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Honeymoon Place Via Sugar and Cloth

Bora Bora Sunset
Bora Bora Sunset Via All Womens Talk
Numerous people have never heard of this breathtaking and splendid location in French Polynesia. French Polynesia is a very tiny island, located north of Tahiti. Therefore, very few people occupy or visit this secluded location. A visit to this serene environment will make you check out barrier reef, aquamarine lagoon or even try scuba diving. You should consider Bora Bora in French Polynesia your number one tourist destination because a large fraction of tourists choose Hawaii over Bora Bora. Secondly, there are numerous activities which you can handle on this secluded island.

{ 1 } The Outback, Australia

northern territory australia landscapes
Mount Conner, Northern Territory, Australia Via Mini Jumbuk

The Outback, Australia
There are some scenarios where a person feels like totally being alone or under minimum human contact. Well, the outback is located in Australia. This location covers roughly 2.5 million square miles. Additionally, this secluded location is believed to house roughly 60,000 people. Anyone who visits this location admits that it’s a serene environment for relaxing and having an alone time. That’s not all; this place has spectacular and unique landmarks that will help rejuvenate your mind. These landmarks range from King’s Canyon, Red center, and Ayers Rock. Lastly, you can easily visit other cities from this location such as Sydney and Melbourne.

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