Home Renovation: A Renovated Industrial Loft Apartment In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Loft Shared Kitchen And Dining

Loft Apartments are originally apartments with an overhead loft area that is partially open to the main living space. This loft area is often converted into a bedroom or in some cases, a home office or a sitting room. However, these days, the industrial loft apartment is generally defined as a large, open space usually without many walls. Loft style homes maximize their space by removing most of the interior walls and utilizing an open floor plan. Their high ceilings, exposed pipings, wooden or concrete floors, stairs, support beams and poles, as well as large floor-to-ceiling windows, also characterize industrial loft apartments.

Traditionally, old buildings such as warehouses or industrial buildings are converted into residential industrial loft apartments. However, industrial loft apartments are not just about studio apartments and minimal furnishings. You can always shape and change the loft space to suit your own needs. However, the open structure of the lofts can make storage a little difficult. To overcome this, the design, as well as the furnishings, can incorporate storage spaces. This means, using multifunctional furniture and open shelves. Open shelves allow for better storage while maintaining the open look. Multifunctional furniture is also becoming a popular fixture in loft style homes.

Proper lighting in an open floor plan like a loft can create an uplifting ambiance throughout the home. Large windows and doors make space look brighter and more spacious. Witteveen Architecten designed the loft featured in this article with photo by © Herman van Heusden. It has all the main characteristics of a loft, designed in a very creative way to give the apartment a modern look.

Brick Wall Living Room

Amsterdam Loft Living Room

Industrial Loft Apartment Amsterdam Living Room Spacious
The living room is the main living area of the home, which contains a lofted bedroom with closet and bathroom settings. The freed space allows for an open floor plan. The aptly placed furniture and storage make it look bigger than it is. The area under the loft is used for miscellaneous storage with open shelves. Large windows and doors let in a lot of light and keep the place warm. The large reading lamp gives the simple furnishings an antique look.

Industrial Kitchen Loft Apartment

Amsterdam Loft Kitchen Steel Finish
Steel furnishings and metallic colors give the whole kitchen a sleek and modern look. The countertop has ceiling lights to compensate for its window-less indoor placement. The placement of microwave and refrigerator near the counter provides ease of access.

Amsterdam Loft Kitchen Island
The separate island area also has cabinets for more storage options. It gives the kitchen an open and spacious look.

Amsterdam Loft Shared Kitchen And Dining
The dining table opposite the kitchen also displays a beautiful candleholder, which gives a stylish look to the home. The hanging ceiling lights look aesthetically pleasing.

Kids Room With Sliding Door

Amsterdam Loft Stairway

Amsterdam Loft Playroom Sliding Door
A wall divides the stairway into two parts. The second part is another entry to the loft through the kid’s room situated behind the living room.

Amsterdam Loft Playroom
The Living room area includes a small kid’s room. A hidden door in the stairway separates the playroom from the main living space.

Two Tone Bedroom Design

Amsterdam Loft Bedroom Entry
A lowered portion of the loft with the bed effectively separates the bedroom from the bath area. Thus, the bedroom becomes an attractive feature that uplifts the whole design of the home.

Amsterdam Loft Lowered Bedroom

The bed dominates the space with a single chair being the only other piece of furniture. A small open shelf above the bed can store stuff like books, reading lamp, etc. Floor-to-ceiling windows opposite the bed let in a lot of light and make the place airy.

The Master Closet

Amsterdam Loft Master Walk In Closet
The Master Walk-in Closet has enough space to properly organize clothes and accessories.

Minimal White Bathroom Design

Amsterdam Loft Bathroom With Personalized Basin
The bathroom consists of two separate portions. The portion situated above the bed area contains a shower stall and the sink and vanity.

Amsterdam Loft Bathroom With Custom Sink
The shower stall has minimal fixtures and there are cabinets for storage below the sink.

Amsterdam Loft Sunken Bathtub

Amsterdam Loft Stylish Sunken Bathtub
The loft also has a separate sunken bathtub, placed in another area on the way to the Closet. The open bath with minimal fixtures placed near a window is certainly suitable for enjoying a relaxing bath. Furthermore, a single ceiling light provides sufficient light to the bathing area.

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