High Ceilings Victorian Modern House in North London

dining room lounge glass doors

Five Doors Down is a large house in North London that shares the same architectural style as the Lordship Park with huge rooms, high ceilings and beautiful period details. Spread over a vast area of land, it has a basement, ground floor, first floor, and garden. The interiors of this stunning place are a contrast of styles, especially the mixing of old Victorian with the mid-century victorian modern house decor. It creates a wonderful juxtaposition of styles that livens up the place. The atmosphere is dark and sultry with luxe textures.

The basement has a vast, well-equipped kitchen, lounge area with open fireplace and a cinema room. An industrial concrete staircase leads to the ground floor. The ground floor has 50ft double reception room with two marble fireplaces, a light-filled bay window, wooden floors and period moldings, glass-walled office with garden views. The first floor houses a large airy bedroom and bathroom. The whole place is decorated in mid-century modern style with some old Victorian style embellishments. The Decor is Minimal, Unique and Modern. Dark walls nicely contrast the colorful furniture. Large windows and glass doors let in a lot of natural light and also provide an uninterrupted view of the beautifully kept gardens. Smart design and intelligent furnishing make the place looks spacious and grand as well as luxurious and inviting.

Open-Plan Kitchen With Garden

dining room lounge table

kitchen counter and island

kitchen counter long
The vast and well-presented kitchen is a stunning picture of muted pastel colors with white tones and splashes of color. Dark cabinets contrast white walls and the white marble countertops. The kitchen also sports an island bar with stylish chairs. The large kitchen countertop has an integrated stove and enough space to cook comfortably. The shelves above the counter have light fixtures to provide ample light for cooking. The two windows also let in ample daylight. The kitchen shares space with a Dining Room Lounge with Glass Doors Leading to The Gardens.

Dining Table in Living Room

dining room lounge table decor

dining room lounge shelf

dining room lounge glass doors
It holds a big dining table facing the doors for ample daylight and a great view. The mismatched chairs add some character to space. The open fireplace keeps the room warm. The green plants add a touch of life and greenery to the place.

dining room lounge wall shelf

dining room lounge open fireplace recliner
A comfortable sofa and recliner chair sits near the fireplace with the opposite wall featuring wall-mounted shelf for storing cutlery and kitchen essentials. Interesting lamps and potted plants are used for ornamentation.

dining room lounge open fireplace
A dining room with an open fireplace serves as a living room, with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that give a view of the garden. This room has sleek and comfortable furnishings.

The Cinema Room

cinema room dark screen

cinema room dark sofa
The cinema room is decorated in dark colors for dramatic effect. A huge screen for viewing fills the wall. There are no other furnishings in this area. Opposite the screen, the whole room holds comfortable black sofas in a single line. A stack of books is in one corner. The rest of the space is left empty.

The Double Reception Room

Reception room light golden wallpaper lamp
The ground floor holds a 50ft double reception room with 2 marble fireplaces. The double reception rooms are in contrasting shades of light and dark.

Reception room light golden wallpaper
The first room has a white and gold theme with most of the walls done in classic white and a single section of the wall covered with bright golden wallpaper. The beautiful period moldings on the plain walls give a Victorian effect to the room.

Reception room light
Wall-mounted lamps provide illumination and give a dramatic cinematic effect to the place. Large windows provide enough light which can also be closed when watching a movie for proper effects.

Reception room light fireplace

Reception room light fireplace mirror

Reception room light crystal chandelier
The elaborately decorated fireplace with an ornate gold-framed decorative mirror, adds to the same effect. The parquet wooden floors, the crystal chandelier, and the upholstery give an effect of luxury and enhance the Victorian feel of the place.

Reception room dark

Reception room dark fireplace

Reception room dark simple furnishing

Reception room dark fireplace decor

Reception room dark comfy chair
The second room has more of a mixed decor. The Victorian style period moldings and the elaborate fireplace contrast with the functional sofa and comfy chairs placed more for comfort than decoration.

Reception room light moldings

Reception room wall dresser victorian decor
The ornate lamps and other decorative trinkets along with the functional furniture provide a wonderful juxtaposition of the old Victorian and the Mid-Century Modern styles of interior décor.

Reception room stairs victorian decor

Reception room chandelier victorian decor
Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample light to make the place look airy and spacious. The hallway with the stairs looks like a celebration of the Victorian period styles, with its beautiful moldings and ornate crystal chandeliers. The gold-rimmed cupboard and decorative wall lamps add to the old world feel of the place.

Office Modern Swing Chair

office swing natural view

office mid-century decor

office furniture modern

office shelf decor storage
The office has a Mid-Century modern look. The Old Style Wooden Table and shelf remind of the mid-century period. The modern chair, the swing, and the painting add a modern touch to the furnishings. The large floor-to-ceiling windows give a view of the gardens. This touch of nature along with functional furniture and minimal ornamentation is reminiscent of the mid-century style of décor.

office decor unique

Vintage Frame Stair Decor

stairway classics paintings
The stairway to the first floor, decorated with various paintings has a 1960s atmosphere.

Victorian Style Bedroom

bedroom victorian decor

bedroom wicker chair decorative
The first bedroom has a beautiful antique cupboard and a Victorian dresser. The bed and headboard are more modern and add some color to the white surroundings. The opposite wall has wallpaper with a floral pattern which forms a theatrical background for the wall mounted TV and dresser.

bedroom modern chair
A beautiful decorative wicker chair and rugs at the foot of the bed complete the Victorian look. A modern chair near the window provides a place to relax.

bedroom modern decor
The second bedroom has more of a modern feel. The bed, as well as the side table, is modern and functional while the ornate lamps add some decorative touch to the simple setting.

bedroom modern decor wallpaper
The cabinet on the opposite wall along with the TV and the modern center table complete the Modern look. The bench at the foot of the bed and the geometrical chandelier adds to the Mid-Century feel of the room.

Modern Style Bathroom

bathroom mirror sink old world

bathroom modern shelf decor

bathroom modern shower
The bathrooms are a mix of Victorian and modern styles. The antique wall-mounted wooden framed mirror and the Victorian style sink contrast with the modern shelf with gold frames and bathroom furnishings. The crystal chandelier above the big bathtub is a beautiful addition. The bathroom wall has an open shelf for storage. The golden furnishings add to the luxurious look of the room. The large window provides ample light.

Patio Garden

garden lounge natural

garden lounge natural lights

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