Skeleton Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

skull face painting ideas for halloween couples

Here we are helping you out with some ideas for doing the skeleton Halloween makeup. It can help you in the last minutes of the Halloween occasion. Do not fret over if you have not decided your Halloween look. You can simply take the advantage of these ideas to put on the creepy skeleton look.

First of all, apply the light-colored foundation all over your face. After finishing your foundation outline your eye sockets with your favorite black liquid eyeliner. The circles will look best if they are not perfect. Do not worry if they are not exactly the same shape. Fill in the mapped out eye sockets with black eyeshadow by using an eyeshadow brush.

Now come to your nose. With the help of the liquid eyeliner, draw the letter M on the bridge of your nose. Drag the sides of the M around your nostrils up to the base. Now fill in the letter M with the black eyeshadow. It will make the tip of your nose all black with the U shape in the middle of the nose. You can now color your lips white with the white eyeliner pencil. After this draw a line from the corner of your mouth toward your ear, about three inches, on both sides with the help of the eyeliner.

Using the liquid eyeliner make the teeth by drawing a vertical line down the center of your mouth, from just above your top lip to just past your bottom lip. Similarly, draw six more vertical lines about half an inch apart to the left of the center line. Make on the right side also to finish your teeth. Outline two hollow areas on the side of your face by using the black eyeliner. Make sure that one hollow area should be close to your teeth and the other hollow area should be closer to your ear, on your cheekbone. Now draw a straight line that connects the two hollow areas.

Now draw matching hollow areas and the connecting line similarly on the other side of your face. Later on, fill in all four hollow areas two on each side of the face with the black eyeshadow and darken the straight lines that connect them. Now connect the last two top teeth on both sides of the mouth to the hollow area closest to your teeth. With the help of the black eyeshadow, shade underneath area of your jawline and down your neck.

Your neck will appear scrawnier if you concentrate the shadow on the sides of your neck while leaving a section of natural skin visible down the center. Apply the shade lightly around the hairline with black eyeshadow. With the help of an angled eyeliner brush drag the surplus eyeshadow from the inner corners of your eyebrows up and into a curved line on both sides. Similarly, pull the excess eyeshadow on the outside of your eye sockets into several lines, toward your hairline. Your skeleton Halloween makeup is done. Have happy Halloween.

{ 1 } Half Face Full Hand

Halloween makeup skull
Make-up can do wonders and, so it can make you look spooky with an old skull idea. The idea is old but worth when you have the magic of make-up. Just make sure you use the right amount with an ultra perfect stroke.

{ 2 } Half Face Black and White

Halloween Makeup Half Face Skeleton
Half face idea is lit however you have to be a little attentive otherwise the other side will be more horrible than what should be. Both sides should be from different poles and by this, you can the idea of what I am saying.

{ 3 } Horizontal Half Face Skeleton

Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial
This is also half face but in a horizontal way. As I told you above, this could be dangerous for you the other way, so you must get some time for the experiment before the real day and get it done. It’s Halloween day, by the way, not humor day- get ready for these comments.

{ 4 } Easy Scary Halloween Makeup

ideas about Skeleton Makeup
Beauty Lish
This is nice and needs lots of details. Make sure you are using waterproof products and getting some assistance is advised if you are an expert yourself otherwise hire one. Because everyone needs a strong foundation even your face too.

{ 5 } Dark Eyes Great Skeleton

Skeleton Halloween makeup ideas
CH Beauty
This is nice and needs lots of details. Make sure you are using waterproof products and getting some assistance is advised if you are an expert yourself otherwise hire one. Because everyone needs a strong foundation even your face too.

{ 6 } Couple Skeleton Halloween Makeup

skull face painting ideas for Halloween couples
Alex Faction
Such a perfect outline of the face is being done here which is of course so important to get the look. Make sure you use the outliner that does not smudge much otherwise your idea will get ruined like your makeup.

{ 7 } Skeleton Neck Halloween Makeup

Skeleton Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Cappuccino & Fashion
With Halloween coming up, you can either buy a good costume or get that skeleton Halloween make up done from an expert. You can also do it yourself with this Skeleton Halloween Make up Tutorial. Try it out and see how it works out.

{ 8 } Black and White Halloween Costume

Hottest Halloween Makeup Looks
Pair your eyes with your costume or with your hair color. Fill colors and you could also use crystals around your eyes. Eyes get the most attention and details even on normal days and this one is spooky enough and plus you get to do so many experiments which are not possible otherwise.

{ 9 } Glam Skeleton Look

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Glam Skeleton
Style Caster
Make your Halloween holiday a memorable one. Appear as a real skeleton with this last minute Halloween make up glam. Attend your Halloween costume party with this wonderful make up and enjoy the day with lots of fun and frolic.

{ 10 } Half Skull Halloween Makeup

Halloween Skull Makeup Youtube
Chrisspy Makeup
Hair color is also important which will surely add a real effect to your Halloween character. Nose makeup is all about shades so it does not look like of Jokers. That is why most of what we see till now are black in color.

{ 11 } Cracked Skeleton Face

Easy Halloween Skull Makeup
The Goodowl
Base makeup does not get changed even with half makeup ideas. What is common between both the sides are they both loud in their own way. And do not forget the symmetry which should get lost. There has to be a connection in both the sides.

{ 12 } Full Face White Halloween

Zombie Skull Makeup Halloween Skeleton
Joseph Harwood
Halloween is a festival to remember those who are dead including saints, martyrs and all those who have departed. On this Halloween day, try to do this Zombie Skull Makeup and be an ideal Halloween skeleton. Based on the makeup you have, create a wonderful zombie skull story and share it with your friends and family.

{ 13 } Skull Makeup Man

Skeleton Halloween Makeup For Men
The ones who look easy has all its hard work underneath which is the base. This is why I am emphasizing so much on the base. Smooth look and most of all a real one is what the goal is. There is nothing different for men here.

{ 14 } couple Halloween Makeup

Halloween Skeleton Makeup For Couple
Wow, couples in Halloween party. How if you both do this couple Halloween skeleton makeup and attend the party? This will be really amazing, isn’t it? Try out this and see how people react. It feels wonderful to see a beautiful Halloween couple.

{ 15 } Purple Skeleton

Skeleton Makeup Looks For Halloween
London Body Painting
Contact lenses, hair color and some strokes of makeup near cheeks have the same color. This is what makes our look a real one i.e. by organizing the level. Skeleton Halloween makeup is not about smudge the eyeliner. It takes a lot of time and patience.

{ 16 } Terrifyingly Cool Skeleton Makeup

Skeleton Makeup
It looks more like fire around lips rather than teeth. Tiny fire maybe, Outline of this look is amazing and you can get that by just looking at the sharp edges, however, failure when it came to drawing. Get some artist if you can’t draw the lines.

{ 17 } Realistic Skull Makeup

Skeleton Makeup Tutorial
It is not just your face which will be visible but when you put on your costume rest of your skin area will be normal. The entire look will be false, so get your attention towards this and do makeup. However, the main focus should be facing.

{ 18 } Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull

Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial
Making expressions with skeleton Halloween makeup is a good idea but difficult. One wrong stroke and it will be ruined. Make fewer makeup corrections while applying because base makeup is too much for this. The correction would mean affecting the base as well.

{ 19 } Face Paint Makeup

skull mouth face paint
Beso Makeup
Black is the color majorly used in Skeleton Halloween makeup. Use different shades of black or create shadows. Do not put on too many layers because it is about whole night and not just 2-3 hours. It has to stay perfect.

{ 20 } Easy Black And White Halloween

Easy Skeleton Halloween Makeup Ideas
This is a good way to erase your brows or just get a look like that. Also, try fake blood or a 3d wound and give complete your look. Eye part is easy in this look however deep shadows in teeth is the tricky part.

{ 21 } Skeleton Halloween T Shirt Costume

Skeleton Halloween T-shirt costume and face makeup
The matching costume will surely add more spookiness to your looks. It is no overdoing it and rather an amazing way to celebrate. From hairs to toe, get the right looks making sure it is comfortable to carry and you can enjoy to the fullest.

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