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20 Fascinating Short Bob with Bangs Hairstyles

If you are bored with your hairstyle or looking for some modern day look with the old classy hairstyle, then here you go. Bob cut is one of the favorite hairstyles of everyone, for at least once in life. And for many, it is the all-time favorite, as it comes with different hair patterns and looks to go with. Bob hairstyles are easy to carry. And by adding bangs, you can spice up any simple bob look also. To make your short bob with bangs look livelier, choose the best of hair colors with that look. They do not just look fascinating, but they look cute as well. We have selected some short bob hairstyles with the bangs for different occasions which will give you a dazzling look.

{ 1 } Edgy Bob Cut With Fuschia Highlights

Short Bob with Bangs

If you want to keep the chic look up, then just check this hairstyle. With the shade of soft fuschia color for highlighting the bob cut at both sides, is looking stunning. The bob cut is being kept edgy at the tip with the front bangs on the forehead which is completing the look. The bangs will end just above the eyes covering the complete forehead. And the bob cut hair with fuschia shade covering the cheeks is perfect for a fun-loving girl.

{ 2 } Bold And Black Bob With Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
You can see in the image itself, how bold this hairstyle is looking along with the makeup done. The stylist has kept few bangs through which the forehead is visible. The hair tresses are being kept a little wavy and messy to give the perfect look. Bangs are asymmetrical falling on the eyes along with the forehead. By keeping the bold look in mind, the hair color chosen for this style is leather black. You can either call this the long bob or lob hairstyle, because of the length of the hair coming till neck.

{ 3 } Side Swept Bob With Soft Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
Do you want to go for the classy and sexy look together? If yes, then check this out. However, getting the two looks together is rare, but the stylist has done a great job here by bringing both together. The bobs from one side are combed to the other side neatly with some of the tresses falling and giving a perfect side swept look. The soft bangs are spread all over the temple covering most of it and are kept till the eyes. If you have a broad forehead, then this look will suit you. The combination of shaded blonde color with this style is what makes it look fascinating.

{ 4 } Zigzag Bangs With A Short Bob Cut

Short Bob with Bangs
Aren’t these zigzag bangs looking very cute? The straight short bob with blunt cut hair is already looking fabulous because of the color shade. And to the top of it, these zigzag bangs are making us fall in love with this style. This copper brown hair color shade will soon become a trending hair color like old times. Even if you have a broad face, this style will make your face look perfect by covering your cheekbones.

{ 5 } Straight Blonde Bob With Mini Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
We are just loving these mini bangs on the forehead. Without bangs, this bob hairstyle may look quite simple because of the straight tresses. But those neatly trimmed mini bangs covering the temple and their shadow on the temple is making it look stylish. From the ’20s to ’30s and even to ’40s and ’50s, any age group women can go for this look. It is good to go for all places, be it any party, or work, or to college or university. Light blonde shade is giving a glossy look to the chin length tresses.

{ 6 } Cocoa Shade Chic Length Bob

Short Bob with Bangs
It was a time when cocoa shade hair color was so much in trend. And that time has now again came back. If you have very short hair up to cheeks or chin length, try this super short bob hairstyle. To add the volume, get ready with the bangs over the forehead. The bob cut hairstyle is not the only haircut used in this look. The blunt cut hairstyle is another style being used here. This is perfect for your workplace as well as for the formal parties also.

{ 7 } Wavy Shaded Messy Bob Cut With Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
Have you ever tried the wavy messy bobs? If not yet, then give it a try this time. These dual blonde shaded tresses are styled in the bob cut look. If you do not have wavy hair, you can try getting them using curl iron. The bangs on the head are good if you have a broad temple. For someone who has square shape face, this look will help in looking stylish because of the wavy messy hair.

{ 8 } Shaggy Short Inverted Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
When the inverted bob hairstyle is accompanied by the side bangs, it looks more awesome. In this hairstyle also, the same thing is done. The inverted bob is kept short and side partitioning is done to give it a shaggy look. The side bangs are also swept neatly giving a stylish look by covering some portion of temple and cheeks. The dark brown brunette color is the base color and the cocoa shade is used for highlights.

{ 9 } Smooth Round Bobs With Fringes

Short Bob with Bangs
As they say, keep it simple and smooth, and this is the best simple and smooth bob hairstyle you can try. Even the medium blonde shade is looking fabulous and glossy. It is adding shine to the hair. The hair is trimmed neatly with the round bob. And is also combed in a tidy way. The full fringes neatly trimmed are kept on the forehead. This style is giving a fuller look, by adding volume to hair.

{ 10 } Tousled Bob Cut With Soft Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
Sometimes even the tousled hair looks pretty, especially when they are short. Here, these dual shaded tresses are chopped in bob cut hairstyle along with the blunt cut. But the wavy hair is being left tousled, to add an innocent and beautiful look to the face. Adding bangs will make it more beautiful. But remember, heavy bangs will not go with this style, so keep the bangs soft and trimmed just above the eyes. Two shades of blonde hair color are used in coloring the hair. This look will suit any college going girl.

{ 11 } Straight Blunt Bob Of Chic Length

Short Bob with Bangs
The bobs ending at the cheeks are very cute. No matter if you are of 30 or 40 but trying this style will definitely give you a teenager look. You can decide the color shade on your own or can keep it jet black, as it looks stunning and bold. There are two haircuts in this hairstyle, that are the bob cut and the blunt cut. If you do not have straight hair, you can use straightener as well. Let the bangs chopped evenly fall on the temple.

{ 12 } Dual Shade Angled Bob Cut With Blunt Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
This angled bob cut may not look so modern. But the bangs and the color shade are making it the new trending look of the modern time. The base color of the hair is kept butter blonde and the highlights are done by light peach or light red brick color shade. The bangs at the side of the cheeks and those at the temple are giving layered bangs look chopped in blunt cut style. For any funky party, casual party, musical or dance festival or for traveling, this look will go well.

{ 13 } Vintage Bob Cut With Even Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
This is one of the very old bobs cut hairstyle. Some women may consider it old-fashioned, but for a classy look, this is still the favorite of many. From queens to Hollywood actresses, this hairstyle is being used several times. It is a combination of classy and fascinating look altogether. The finely chopped bangs are evenly spread at temple. And the straight bob cut hair on both sides of cheeks are giving a sharp edge shape to the cheeks.

{ 14 } Uneven Inverted Bob Cut With Short Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
This simple inverted bob cut with uneven hair tresses is giving a shaggy hair look. Just ditch the regular bob look and try this uneven inverted bob look. The bangs are also kept short and cropped. This can be your everyday look if you like this hairstyle. And it will go well with the formals and casuals both. To make the uneven chopped hair visible, get the hair colored in two shades. You can keep dark brown brunette shade for the base and light brown brunette shade for highlight.

{ 15 } Short Blunt Bob With Blue Highlights And Even Fringes

Short Bob with Bangs
Getting your hair colored blue is not what everyone likes. But adding some blue highlights is surely a yes. If you look at the bob cut, it is very short with the blunt cut. And the fringes are also very short, covering half of the forehead. The tresses are a little bit messier. Use of electric blue color along with the brunette brown base is looking a perfect combo. The way the fringes are highlighted with blue is looking stunning. For a square shape face and a broad temple, you can try this look.

{ 16 } Shaded Inverted Bob With Side Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
Simple bobs are the coolest one. As they do not need much efforts to take care of them. But if you want to make that simple bob look a little stylish one, then go for shades. You can try dark blonde shade as a base and butter blonde shade for highlights. Do it with the bangs, by sweeping them at side.

{ 17 } Sleek Blunt Blonde Bob With Even Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
If you have thin hair, and you want a perfect bob cut look, then do not worry. As we have this blunt bob cut look for the sleek and thin hair. With the butter blonde colored hair and slight black hair roots, the stylist has given depth to your style. It is a simple blunt bob cut covering both the cheeks. For the oval shape face, you can try this look. Alone the hairstyle would have looked quite flattened, so some soft even bangs are added to temple till the eyebrows.

{ 18 } Inverted Edgy Bob Cut With Long Highlighted Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
This is one of the unique hairstyles and is our personal favorite because of its style and the color. The stylist has beautifully chopped the tresses giving it an inverted layered bob cut look along with the sleek edgy tips. By keeping the bangs long and doing a conical side partition, the uniqueness is made. And the yellow color is being used for highlighting the bangs at the partition, which is making it a style statement.

{ 19 } Pink Shaded Hair With Side Partitioned Bob Cut

Short Bob with Bangs
How about getting that cute mushy look with your new trending hairstyle? If you love coloring your hair in different shades, then these baby pink shaded tresses are definitely for you. Especially for the one who has very thin hair tresses. You can see that the haircut is the simple bob cut and is side parted. Small soft bangs are kept at another side of the forehead. If you will deeply check this style, you will see that the roots are kept black in color.

{ 20 } Asymmetrical Long Side Swept Bangs With Short Bob

Short Bob with Bangs

We all love to keep our hair in symmetry and even. But sometimes, even the asymmetrical chopped hair also looks pretty. For the short bob hairstyle, this look is definitely in. The bob cut hairstyle is parted from the side. And along with that, long asymmetrical bangs are also side swept, covering the eyes and half of the forehead. Be it your college or your workplace or any formal or casual party, you can go with this look.

These 20 fascinating short bobs with bangs hairstyle are not for any particular age, so women of any age group can try these. From the pretty one to the classy one to the sexy one, we have added all in the above list. And the good part is that you can carry the look to any party also or to your work as well. As most of these hairstyles are a mix of simple and sassy look. You can also customize the hair color according to you. Do let us know which one is your personal favorite among these short bobs with bangs hairstyle.

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