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Curly Hairstyles for Wedding – Look Stunning on Your Big Day!

It’s high time to ditch that straight or sleek hair look on your D-Day. And most of the brides these days are going for the voluminous hair with waves and curls. Where brides were earlier getting their curls straight, now it’s the time to turn those straight hair tresses into the curls. Curly hairstyles do add volume to the hair making the bridal look more beautiful. Also, it gives the hair that bouncy and wavy look.

For the girls who already have curly hair, will not have much to do with their hair other than the styling. But if you really want to get the beautiful hairstyle like those mentioned below, then get it done by a hair stylist. The would-be brides who have straight hair, should not worry, as they can also try these styles on their wedding day, by getting their hair curled. Let’s check out these curly hairstyles for the wedding day.

{ 1 } Loose Curl Ringlets With Sleek Hair At Top

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding

Have you not yet decided the hairstyle for your wedding day? Then here is the most beautiful curly hairstyle from our collection of curly hairstyles for you! The sleek soft hair tied at the back below the crown. And the curly blonde color tresses left loose at the back. The curls are looking beautiful placed on each other with the long curly tresses down, then the medium one above it and then the cute tiny curls at the top. Some twisted sleek hair tresses are coming to the back from the forehead to the ear. And at the crown of the head, some tiny small flowers are placed giving the look of a crown if you will notice closely.

{ 2 } Side Tousled Waves Adorned With Flowers

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Let’s not be that typical bride with all tresses done straight and tied neatly. We are sure, you will look more pretty in these tousled waves look. If you have natural curls, then this will look perfect like the bride in the picture. Keep those tousled waves at one side, by doing side parting of the hair. And to give it a perfect bride look, all you will need is flowers. With the brunette brown hair color shade, these white bunch of flowers is looking very pretty. Tuck some of the flowers at back and some just above your ear. Let some, tresses fall on your shoulder and some at the back.

{ 3 } Messy Side Ponytail With Side Bangs

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
It’s always been said that girls look more pretty with those messy waves. And here you can see that how pretty one can look with such simple hairstyle. You may not even need any stylist to get this look. From top to bottom all the tresses are wavy and messed up. And they are tied in a loose ponytail near the neck, using a white ribbon. The ponytail is kept at the side, and the bangs falling on the cheeks are also looking nice.

{ 4 } Loose Twisted Tresses With Three Partitions

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
If you want to get a bold princess like the look on your wedding day, then try this hairstyle. The tresses are first parted from front and back. And then the front tresses are side parted. If you have straight or smooth hair, you can try this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be done using the tongs for forming the twisted locks like curls. The loose curls falling on the shoulder are adding beauty to the face also. And along with that, the white color flower made of lace, tucked at one side is making the bride look classy as well.

{ 5 } Loose Blonde Beachside Straight Curls

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Be it a beachside wedding or not, you can try still try this bridal hairstyle. If you can see in the picture, the curly tresses are combed in such a way, that they are looking separated from each other. And, are looking like the curls being done on straight hair tresses. The silver color hair accessory is adding charm to these loose butter blonde curls. If your tresses are very thin, then also you can try this hairstyle, for adding some volume to your hair. And spread them from your shoulders to your back.

{ 6 } Side Parted Half Loose Curls & Half Updo Style

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Let’s try something different and the mix of two styles together. If you are in doubt that how these two the half updo and half curly locks will look, then check the picture. But you can see the hair tresses are parted from the side. Make a nice half updo bun at the back of the crown. Some of the hair tresses from the side partition are just tucked below the bun using a bob pin. Get your hair shaded in light and light brownish blonde shade.

{ 7 } Messy Chignon Formed With Curls

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
A voluminous chignon looks great, be it on a bride or any princess or on the fairies. And on the wedding day, no girl is less than a princess. So, why not to get this loose messy chignon look with the curls. Use a light and a dark blonde and brunette shade to give a decent look. Highlight using the light shade color. Leave some of the curls falling apart from the chignon, to give it a more of a natural look.

{ 8 } Deep Side-Parted Curls With A Side Loose Updo

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
The trend of side parting is now again coming back. And trying this on your D-Day will look lovely. The combination of hair color shades is good to go. Dark brown blonde shade, medium blonde, and the butter blonde, all three are being used. The way the tresses are pulled making a reverse U like the shape and tucked with a flower is looking awesome. The stylist has tried to make a loose updo with some messy curls falling from the neck to the shoulder.

{ 9 } Side Swept Soft Loose Curls With Crown Style

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Be it a flower crown, or a braided crown, or a simple crown hairstyle being made of tresses, all look good. Just like in this picture, the bride is looking gorgeous with this simple hairstyle. With a puff at the back, and hair parted at the front and swept side forming a crown, is a very simple hairstyle. But the hair tied down at the side and turned into the curly ringlets is looking pretty. Do not miss on the flower décor, you can choose it yourself.

{ 10 } Full Volume Soft Waves With Long Bangs

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
We have chosen this bridal hairstyle for the one who does not want to get her hair completely curly. So, you can go with some soft waves pouring down from your shoulders. With that puff at the center of the head, and leaving some tresses behind, you will be a good-looking bride walking down the aisle. We also suggest brides add on some pretty flower bands at the head to make it look more attractive.

{ 11 } Natural Weave Curls In Updo Hairstyle

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Mostly, you will see this kind of bridal hairstyle among African brides. With those tiny weave curls, getting a hairstyle like this will make you look like a bride full of life. For the brides-to-be, if you have short curly hair, then go with this style. Spread your curls a little bit at the back to make it look like a big bun. And add some flower affair to your hairstyle, be it white or pink or yellow.

{ 12 } Simply Adorned Classic Twirled Waves

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
This is a vintage hair look. We are sure many of you would have witnessed actresses carrying this hairstyle in their wedding ceremonies or receptions. It reflects the beauty, but make sure the dress combo should also go well with the hairstyle. Again, it is a hairstyle with side partition, but the simplicity and the classiness both are reflecting together in it. The heavy twirled loose waves are adding a good volume to hair. That peach color rose tucked using some hair tresses is adding more beauty to the hairstyle.

{ 13 } High And Heavy Volume Bun Of Curly Tresses

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Getting these voluminous bun hairstyles done on your wedding day is in the list of many brides. As it makes them look glamorous and confident as well, with their head held high. This wedding bun is unlike the traditional wedding hairstyle, as it involves a lot of fringes coming out of the bun. And a bun made of soft curly tresses like the one in the picture is perfect to fall in love for. Keep the tresses at the front smooth. Add a pretty white lace headband or accessory to your bun. Or you can choose it as per your wedding gown.

{ 14 } Natural Look With Loose Curly Tresses

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
If your hair tresses are naturally curly, then go for this look. Because nothing is more beautiful than the natural look. You will not need any stylist for this look. Only for getting the hair color done, you will need a stylist. Let the curls be free giving your hair full volume to make them look decent and elegant. For coloring, there is no better shade than the two in the picture. For inner tresses choose a medium brown blonde shade, for the upper tresses, go for light blonde. People will get mesmerized by seeing the natural beauty with this hairstyle.

{ 15 } Soft Messy Short Curls With Bob Cut

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Who says that you cannot slay your wedding with the bob cut look? Here, you go with this different bob cut look for your wedding day. With the curly short tresses, you can still win hearts and can look gorgeous. Moreover, you will look like a very cool and sassy bride. The diamond blonde hair color shade is making it look very different. You can also keep some short side bangs till your eyes. For a winter wedding, a bride with this hairstyle will look amazing.

{ 16 } Curly Long Loose Tresses Adorn With Flower Crown

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Another natural curly hairstyle to go for on the wedding day. If you love your curly hair and want to keep that in your wedding style instead of going for straight sleek tresses. Then, try this hairstyle, flaunting your curls. When you have proper twirled curls, they look cute. And putting this colorful flower crown will make you look fascinating. Just like the one in the picture, you can keep the color shade black, or else dark brown or dark brunette color shade will also look nice.

{ 17 } Loose Waves With A Flower Tiara And Veil

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
If as a custom you have to carry a veil, then also, we have something for you to give you a gorgeous bride look. This hairstyle does not have much to do when it comes in terms of curling. So, using a tong or curler, just smoothly curl half of your tresses from mid to tip. Keep few tresses on both your shoulders and leave rest of the tresses at the back. The hair color from root to mid-length will be brunette brown, and below that, till tip, it should be brownish dark blonde. Put on the veil and then wear the beautiful tiara made of flowers to get a princess look.

{ 18 } Smooth Tousled Curls With Side Parting

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
No one said that to have a curly hair look, you must have natural curly tresses. As you can even get them, just like this bride. Along with the style we are also loving those light shaded highlights in those curls. We feel that this dark brunette brown and dark blonde shade highlights are perfect for this style. After the side parting, all the tresses are kept at one side, leaving some twirled short fringes on the other side. The stylist has twisted the tresses near the eyes giving it a shape of ringlet is looking elegant.

{ 19 } Bouffant Wavy Loose Tresses With Braided Crown

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
We love this style from the root to the tip. As it is so mesmerizing and pretty, that no one would be able to take eyes off from it. The fluffy updo done in this hairstyle is beyond our imagination. And you will need a really good stylist for getting the exact hairstyle. The braided crown is totally slaying this look. With this look, you all would have got the idea that, even with simple wavy hair also, you can get a glamorous look. Use of color shades has been done perfectly by using dark blonde shade and medium blonde shade for highlights.

{ 20 } Curly Dreadlocks With Hair Accessory Swept Back

Curly Hairstyles for Wedding
Our last curly wedding hairstyle look is inspired by the African brides. This look can be created using extension also. The curly dreadlocks extensions are easily available in different colors in the market. But this hairstyle cannot be done alone, as you will need a stylist to do it for you. The curly dreadlocks at one side are swept to the back and are tucked using the hair accessories. And the other side curly dreadlocks are left loose with some fringes above the eyes. These curly dreadlocks are in two color shades that are dark brunette and the light brunette shade.

These hairstyles which we shared above are not much difficult to do. But the charm they are adding to the bride’s face is what makes them look fabulous. You can choose the hairstyle according to your wedding dress or gown, your face, type of hair you have, and such other things. From proper curls to soft loose waves, we have added the variety of curly wedding hairstyles. It’s been seen these days, that most of the brides are looking for some simple yet fascinating hairstyle for their wedding day. So, what’s better than the curls. If you loved our curly hairstyle collection for the wedding season, do let us know.

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