Home Renovation: Cozy Rustic Design Old Converted Farmhouse in Netherlands

Home Renovation Rustic Design

Rustic design is a style of design that emphasizes natural unrefined elements. It celebrates the rugged, unpretentious charm of natural elements. This design style embraces nature-inspired textures, patterns, simple and earthy colors, and organic warmth of these natural elements. The Modern rustic design is a concept that combines the simple charms of nature with functional modern amenities. The modern rustic decor certainly brings softness to monochromatic spaces and adds timeless elegance to contemporary designs. It also allows the owners to create eclectic spaces that reflect their personality. In other words, it is informal elegance at its best. When creatively used, modern rustic decor can give you warm and cheerful interiors that enhance your lifestyle and also create charming places that will last for ages to come.

The key to modern rustic design is to keep the place as close to its natural state as possible and use modern furniture and features. The home renovation featured today has converted this old farm in Workum, Netherlands into a warm and cozy family home. The interior designer Femke Dekker-ter Meulen has done this home renovation in the same manner. James Stokes captures the natural charm of this home renovation beautifully for Vtwonen, Copyright by Sanoma Media Netherlands BV. Now, the true essence of this style is to bring nature into your home. Hence, while renovating this old home, the designers tried their best to preserve its character and its original architectural details. The colors used are earthy, warm shades that enhance the natural charm of the decor. Wooden floors and walls, warm earthy colors and decor elements with rustic charm are used all over the house.

Bright and Cheerful Living Room

animal hide rug
The living room in this home renovation is certainly full of natural light and warmth. The white walls and modern furnishings along with simple organic decor elements achieve the rustic look with flair. The large windows keep the room from getting dark. Raw wood tables and side tables give a natural vibe. The warm, earthy shades of the sofa, rug, and chair soften the room and make it look inviting. Additionally, the linen upholstery along with the various throws and the faux animal hide adds texture to the decor. The industrial floor lamp and the nature art on the wall further promote the rustic feel.

faux animal rustic design decor
Moreover, a small wooden table displaying a collection of faux animals in glass domes also adds to the rustic appeal of the room.

potted indoor plants
A small table holding Various Indoor Plants Brings Greenery and life to the room.

leaves wall decor
Furthermore, the various dried leaves and flowers used as wall accessories bring natural charm to the room.

Open Kitchen and Dining Room

basket pendant light dining table
This beautiful open kitchen and dining area is certainly the heart of the house. It’s the place where everybody comes together. The kitchen and dining area are separated only by wooden planks working as columns. A huge Wooden Dining Table Dominates the Space. Various mismatched chairs and wooden benches make up the dining chairs and give a rustic, lived in feel to the room. Large basket pendant lights also add to the rustic design.

children study inside wall cupboard
A long wall of cupboards opposite the dining table is used for storage purposes and also as a place for the kids to study and store their stuff. Moreover, A Fireplace at the End of the Room Gives Warmth, as well as a rustic feel to the room.

stainless steel kitchen counter
A stainless steel topped kitchen counter runs along the whole wall of the large kitchen. It has enough space to work easily.

knife and other storage
A small rack attached to the walls stores knives. The window sill also doubles as a storage area for cutting boards, spoons, etc. At the end of the counter, in the corner of the room, a small study desk and chairs provide a place for the kids to study.

hanging plant decor

silverware collection wall display
On the opposite corner of the room, a small stone platform displays the owners’ collection of olive bottle vases. Also on the same wall, a small shelf displays the collection of handmade silverware. A few dishes are also used as wall decor and bring some color to the room.

Wood and White Master Bedroom and Bathroom

white and wood rustic bedroom
The bedroom in this home renovation follows a classic wood and white theme. The bed also has a large wooden headboard which accentuates the rustic design of the room. The headboard has two wall-mounted lamps on either side of the bead. It also has a small shelf for displaying things. The wooden patterned headboard is a stunning contrast to the white walls, whitewashed ceiling, and the white bed covers.

white bathtub wooden vanity
The attached bathroom follows the same theme as the bedroom. The shower stall is on one corner of the room and the bathtub is on the other. Also just beside the bathtub is a wooden vanity and storage area with a white sink. The window lets in plenty of light to keep the room well-lit and cheery. The whole room is a perfect example of a modern rustic design bathroom.

Modern Kids’ Room Rustic Design

triangular patterned pillow
The kids’ room is full of colors and patterns. The wooden bed and the wood decal on the upper shelf give the room some character. The blue bed covers and boldly patterned pillows add an eclectic touch to the simple room. The butterfly taxidermy adds visual interest to the room.

fossil collection rustic design decor
There are a variety of wall art and room decor accessories that give the room a rustic and lived in feeling.

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