50+ Cheap & Easy To Make Halloween Bats Decoration Ideas

indoor halloween decorations

Do you know what the biggest entertainment for Halloween is? It’s to create haunted attractions for your house. The pumpkins and bats prove great for this purpose; they fuel the event like nothing else. Bats are the creepy ones that usually hang down from something. The Halloween Bats Decoration won’t fly around your house? Speaking of which, the following are some crafts that your kids can get involved in to create the perfect haunted attraction. Bellow we share 50+ images cheap and easy to make Halloween decorations bats ideas.

{ 1 } Bottle Top Bats

Bottle Top Bats Halloween Decorations
We are starting with the simplest bid. You won’t need a long list to make this, just find the bottle caps from around your house and paint them black. Afterward, craft their wings and make them into groups. You can hang them wherever you want. Used bottles can be up-cycled and turned into beautiful home decor pieces.

{ 2 } Bat Craft with Cardboard Tube

Halloween Bats Decoration Craft
Reach out to the spare toilet or foil paper roles and create some hanging bats. You will need the body, legs, and wings. Use the cardboard tube as a body, paint it black, add eyes and smile on it. Now attach wings at its back and legs at the bottom.

{ 3 } Hanging Foam Bat

paper bats entrance door Halloween Hanging Foam Bat
This is one of the geeky Halloween Bats Decoration. This is yet another hanging bat craft which is made with foam paper cutting and a pair of googly eyes. You just need to cut a bat shape from black colored foam and add details like eyes, smile and legs do this, and you have the perfect Halloween Bats Decoration hanging outside.

{ 4 } Paper Plate Bats

Tree hanging Bats Decor
This one is a bit tacky! You will need two paper plates to make a bat. The first plate will be wings; you need to cut those half in two in bat-shaped wings, just use zig-zag cutting. The second plate will be a body, just add eyes, eyebrows, and smile at the bottom. Now attach the wings and you have your bats.

{ 5 } Bats Room Decor

Halloween Bat Decorations
This Halloween bat decoration perfectly suits living rooms. Start off by taking one huge pumpkin and place it on your dining table. Proceed and purchase a few cardboards to be used in designing bats. Check out online tutorials for tips on how to design bats using papers. Additionally, you will check out numerous bat designing themes to incorporate. Afterward, systematically hang these bats on your living room wall.

{ 6 } Flying Bats Halloween Decor

Flying Bat Halloween Decoration
Flying bats Halloween decoration idea is actually one of the cheapest and easy to attain theme. You only need any thick paper and black paint. Consider this marvelous Halloween decoration idea as it gives you a wide range of designing options. Check out online tutorials on how to design flying bats if you have no clue on where to start from.

{ 7 } Trick or Treat Bat Decoration

Halloween Bats decoration
Look no further if you are looking for an easy to attain Halloween bats decoration idea. You can either purchase readymade Halloween requirements or design everything from scratch. Trick or treat bat decoration is characterized by pumpkins, bats hanging upside down, huge candles, jars full of candies and a blackboard written the name of this decoration idea. Consequently, you can place an artificial web.

{ 8 } Bat Flock Decoration Theme

Halloween Bat Wall Decor
Bat flock decoration theme is one of the easiest to attain Halloween idea. In fact, you can engage your entire family when designing this top-notch Halloween bat theme. Proceed and check out a few online tutorials on how to design small bats using a cardboard or Manila paper. Ensure you paint all the bats black to make them look real.

{ 9 } Resting Bats Halloween theme

Halloween Decorations Bats Paper
Start off by looking at different bats designs. This is what makes this Halloween bat decoration lively. Your bats should vary in terms of sizes and designs. Proceed and systematically place these bats on a strategic position inside your house. This is what makes resting bats Halloween theme stand out from other designs. That’s not all; you are supposed to paint all your bats black.

{ 10 } Haunted Tree Decor

Tree Halloween Bats Decoration
Look for an averagely sized vase and place it on your table. Afterward, look for a few medium-sized dried branches and place it inside the vase. Proceed and design different postures of bats. You can either design resting bats, sleeping bats or flying bats. It all depends on your preference. These bats should be conjoined with the dried branches. Haunted tree décor deserves to be on this list.

{ 11 } Vampire Halloween Bats Decoration

large Halloween bats decoration black
There are two options when designing this cheap Halloween bat decoration idea. You can either purchase a small vampire bat or design one on your own. There are numerous online tutorials to guide you through the entire process. Take two old dusty nets of different colors and hang them on your desired spot. Proceed and place the two vampire bats inside each old dusty net.

{ 12 } Pumpkin Bat Decor

Bat Pumpkin Craft
You can design this easy to attain Halloween decoration idea from the comfort of your house. Purchase a reasonable number of pumpkins and a cardboard. You will also need black paint as the theme of this Halloween décor should be black. Proceed and check out tutorials on how to attain the pumpkin bat look. Use your cardboard to design the wings of a bad and conjoin them with your pumpkins.

{ 13 } Lighting Bat Decor

Flying Bats Halloween Decoration
You can engage your entire family when designing the lighting bat décor. Start off by deciding how you desire your bat to look like. It can be either flying or resting. You can either purchase a lighting bat or design one on your own. You are advised to design your bats if you want the entire venture to be interesting. Don’t forget to incorporate the lighting look.

{ 14 } Deserted House Theme

Front Door Halloween Bats Decoration
Start off by sprinkling fresh and dried leaves on your doorway. Additionally, you should place a flower vase next to your main door. This flower vase should house a live small plant. That’s not all; place small guards and pumpkins next to the vase. Proceed and take cardboards and design bats. They should vary in terms of size and posture. Afterward, use a string and suspend them on the air.

{ 15 } Sleeping Bat Halloween Decor

Halloween Bats Decoration ideas
As we all know, bats sleep with their heads upside down. Sleeping bat Halloween décor is retrieved from this concept. It is characterized by you’re a full bat hanging upside down. You are supposed to use a colorful string to hang your bat upside down. You are encouraged to use a heavy density cardboard to attain the bat look. Don’t forget to give your bat a black look.

{ 16 } Tiny Bats Decor

Bat tree Halloween decoration
You will need a small vase to attach a few dried branches. That’s not all; you should have two white lamp stands on each edge of the table. You should also have a fox statue. Proceed and design very tiny bats using papers and they should be painted black. The black color replicates a real bat. You are encouraged to incorporate tiny bats décor as it offers a range of variety.

{ 17 } Hanging Bat & Branch Theme

Halloween Bat Mobile Decoration
As the name suggests, you should hang one medium-sized branch next to your selected window using threads. Proceed and purchase a cardboard or Manila paper to design different full bats looks. Check out a couple of online tutorials on how to design bats from papers. Attach the bats with bats with threads. Afterward, suspend them on the air for a spectacular view of this Halloween theme.

{ 18 } Scary Corner Decor

halloween decorations party black paper bats branches walls
Identify a corner inside your house to incorporate this marvelous Halloween design. Start off by hanging scary images on one side of the wall. You will also need pumpkins, grapes, candle stand, flower vase and a branch. Proceed and design reasonably sized bats replica using any thick paper. Afterward, all the paints should be painted black. You are free to decide the position to rest the bats.

{ 19 } Night Bat Theme

Halloween Bat Chandelier
This cheap Halloween bat decoration idea suits a partially lit location that brings out shadows on the rooftop. This is what makes night bat theme highly ranked when compared to other themes on this list. Night bat theme encourages you to systematically design your own bat instead of purchasing. Form different layers of bats in terms of the position they rest on the air.

{ 20 } Vampire Bat Tree Idea

Tree Halloween Bats
You need a few pumpkins, metallic or plastic bucket, dried branches and red eyed vampire bats. This bat Halloween theme best suits a big table. Start off by placing two dry branches inside the bucket. Proceed and fill the bucket with soil to make it look real. Design a few bats using cardboard or Manila paper and give them a red eye look. Systematically place them on the branches.

{ 21 } Midnight Bat Decor

Full Moon Halloween Bats Decoration
As the name suggests, midnight bat décor suits nightfall. Therefore, choose a strategic and partially lit spot when incorporating this marvelous Halloween decoration idea. Buy a couple of black bat toys and systematically place them on both your wall and branch. Consequently, you should place a bird toy on the branch. Check out different kinds of bat decoration ideas before commencing the entire Halloween bats decoration idea.

{ 22 } Bat Army Halloween Idea

Halloween Bat Wall Decorations 3D
Look no further if you are looking for cheap and easy to attain Halloween bats decoration ideas. Check out bat army Halloween idea. You simply need to purchase a cardboard or Manila paper and black paint. Black paint is used to make your bat puppets look real from a distance. You are encouraged to cut out different bat sizes before painting them and attaching them on your selected wall.

{ 23 } Bat Nest Halloween Theme

Wreaths Door Halloween Bats Decoration Ideas
Bat nest Halloween theme gives you a lot of options. You can either purchase a readymade round nest or design one on your own. You can use dry grass or sisal to design a bat nest. Additionally, there are numerous online tutorials on how to design a bat nest using local home materials. The same statement applies to the bat that should rest on the nest.

{ 24 } Flying Outside Theme

Bat Halloween Garland Decoration
You will need pumpkins, cardboard, black paint and a string to attain this phenomenal Halloween bat decoration idea. Systematically place pumpkins on the supportive unit on the balcony. It can be wooden or metallic. Take the cardboard and carefully cut them into flying bats. Afterward, conjoin them with a thread before suspending them in the air. Ensure all the bat puppets attain a black look to replicate a real bat.

{ 25 } Mirror Bat Halloween Decor

halloween bats mirror decorations
Look for an empty picture frame and hang it on the selected wall. Proceed and check out online tutorials on how to design different types of bat postures. This is necessary as mirror bat Halloween décor requires different kinds of bat postures. Ensure all your cutting brings out a full posture of a bat. That is its wings, head, and legs. You can use threads of glue to rest the puppets on the wall.

{ 26 } Chinese Lighting Decor

Cartoon Plastic 3D Bats Wall Decor
Chinese are known to attach transparent materials next to their bulbs. Well, Chinese lighting décor is based on this statement. Start off by choosing a decent transparent material and place it next to your bulb. Afterward, take Manila paper and design real bat replicas. You can request someone to do it for you if you lack the necessary skills. Alternatively, you can check out online tutorials. Attach the bats on top of the transparent material.

{ 27 } Witch and Bat Battalion Theme

Halloween Bats Wallpaper Decor
This is a cheap Halloween bat decoration idea as you require only cardboard and candles. However, it isn’t simple as many people think. You need to design a witch sitting on a magic broom. The witch should be accompanied by bats on both in front and on the back. Request an experienced person to help you design the witch and bat battalion theme if you have no clue.

{ 28 } Open-ended Bat Decoration idea

halloween bats decorations Front Porch
Take three huge pumpkins and place them on your doorway path. Consequently, place a doll on one side of the path. That’s not all; place a tree on vase next to your door. Afterward, design different bat replicas. The difference should be mostly on the posture. The bat replicas should be either resting or flying. Proceed and systematically position the bats to attain this theme.

{ 29 } Antic Bats Halloween Theme

living room halloween bats decoration
Choose a room in your house that can be customized to look like an attic. Place a white worn out net on top of your couches. Proceed and look for an old painted picture and hang it at some point on the selected room. Check out different bats designs and sizes before incorporating any idea. This is the reason you should incorporate this Halloween theme.

{ 30 } Haunted Dining Table Theme

Halloween Decorations with Bats in Dining Room
As the name suggests, this Halloween bat decoration idea should be incorporated next to your dining table. Start off by setting a normal dinner on your table. Place two black hawks sculpture on the adjacent table. Proceed and design different sizes of Bats. Carefully browse online if you have no idea on the bat designs to incorporate on the haunted dining table theme. You can use glue or threads to suspend the bats.

{ 31 } Skeletal Bat Halloween Theme

hanging bat skeleton halloween decorations
You have an easy option of purchasing a skeletal bat from your local toy stores. Alternatively, you can design everything on your own. You are encouraged to use a red bulb when designing the skeletal bat Halloween theme. Afterward, attach the skeletal bat on a wall through a string or thread. You are encouraged to use strings and a net to design a skeletal batwing.

{ 32 } Alien Bat Halloween Theme

New Halloween Bats Decoration Ghost
As the name suggests, this Halloween bat decoration idea should attain an alien look. The easiest way of attaining the alien bat Halloween theme is by purchasing an alien toy and enhancing it to attain a bat look. You are encouraged to dress the alien bat gray and its wings should be black in color. Attach a white or gray thread on the head of the bat and suspend it in the air.

{ 33 } Simple Halloween Idea

Halloween Decoration Bats and Lanterns
This cheap and easy to attain Halloween bats decoration perfectly suits shelves. Start off by determining the background color scheme you desire to attain when incorporating this simple Halloween idea. Design a happy Halloween sign and attach it to the wall. Proceed and design small bats with cardboard or Manila paper. Additionally, you can use a huge pumpkin and jars full of candies.

{ 34 } Indoors Bat Theme

halloween bats and spider webs doorway
Incorporate indoors bat Halloween theme inside your front door. Ensure this site is well lit 24 hours a day. Proceed and decide which paper bat design you desire to attain. Indoors bat theme gives you a wide range of choice when it comes to selecting the bat design to incorporate. You can either choose a flying or sleeping bat designs. Proceed and systematically attach them to the wall.

{ 35 } Firewall Bat Decoration Idea

black bats decoration halloween
You will need candles, cardboards or Manila paper and a dimly lit location. Systematically place your candles and light them to provide shadows when viewed from a distance. Take the cardboards or Manila paper and design different full bat designs. Bats vary in terms of size and posture. Your bat should be either flying or sleeping. Consequently, they should be black in color.

{ 36 } Haunted Door Decor

halloween bats decorations on door
Choose a door in your house to incorporate this cheap and easy to attain Halloween bat decoration idea. Take pumpkins varying in size and place them in front of the selected door. Consequently, you should place two hawk sculptures on top of pumpkins. Place two vases with dry branches next to your door and design paper bats. Hang them on both the branch and the wall.

{ 37 } Bat Cake Halloween Decor

spiders snakes and bats for halloween decor
As the name suggests, you should have a cake when incorporating the bat cake Halloween décor idea. You are not limited to the type of cake to attain. Place the cake on a plate and rest it on the table. Proceed and design different bat postures and sizes. You can check out full online tutorials for direction on how to go about when designing this Halloween theme.

{ 38 } Ghost World Theme

Halloween Bats Decor Work Space
Choose ghost world theme if you have excellent designing skills or know anyone who can perfectly draw a ghost theme for you. Alternatively, you can purchase readymade stickers. It all depends on your preference. Systematically place the ghost posts on the wall. Proceed and design numerous bat replicas using cardboard or Manila paper. Ensure the bat puppets are black in color to imitate a real bat.

{ 39 } Webbed Bat Table Idea

Halloween Bats Decoration Dining Room
You need different sized pumpkins, spider replicas, and an artificial web to attain this Halloween bat idea. Systematically place the pumpkins on the table. Decide which section of your pumpkins to place the spider replicas. Afterward, design small sized bats using cardboard or Manila paper. Ensure the paper bats attain the black color to look similar to a real bat. Place them on top of your pumpkins and design an artificial web around the region.

{ 40 } Lifeless Bat Theme

Halloween White Bat Decoration Colors
Lifeless bat theme is actually the cheapest and easy to attain Halloween bat decoration idea on this list. This marvelous Halloween bat theme should be attained on the dining table. Wrap a white piece of cloth and place it on the table. Proceed and place a bat toy on top of the cloth. You are encouraged to purchase a bat toy and paint it white.

{ 41 } Layered Bat Halloween Decor

Halloween Bat outdoor Wall Decorations
You have to physically design your own paper bat when incorporating this top-notch decoration idea. Review a couple of online tutorials on how to design your own paper bat. Check out different bat designs and choose the most appealing one. Proceed and design your selected bat design. Ensure they attain a black look to replicate real bats when admired from a distance. Systematically hang them on the selected wall.

{ 42 } Toy Bat Halloween Decor

Papercraft Halloween Bats Decorations
As the name suggests, this magnificent Halloween bat decor is characterized by toy bats. They should be designed using a paper. In fact, you can engage your entire family when designing a toy bat Halloween décor. You are encouraged to ask around for tips on how to attain this Halloween idea or check out online tutorials. All the toy bats should be black and should be hanged on a wall.

{ 43 } Bat Theme Decoration Idea

Halloween Wreath Decor With Bats
Start off by designing around nest using either dry and flexible sticks or sisal thread. However, you are encouraged to use sticks when designing a nest. Proceed and design different bat themes using different kinds of papers. Check out online tutorials if you don’t know the process of designing paper bats. Proceed and attach the bats on the nest with either glue or a thread.

{ 44 } Storage Bats Theme

Halloween Pumpkin Bats Craft
Look no further if you are looking for a Halloween bat decoration idea you can engage your entire family. Simply purchase pumpkins, cardboard, and paint. Storage bats theme can be attained either on the shelf or a table. Proceed and place huge vases on the shelf to give a lively look. Proceed and paint all your pumpkins black before incorporating artificially made wings made from cardboard.

{ 45 } Art Room Bat Decor

Halloween Decorations Bats
Look for a red huge vase and place sticks inside it. Consequently, you should place at least two art prints of your choice on the walls. Afterward, proceed and design different kinds of paper bats. The difference is mostly in their current posture and size. This is what makes art room bat décor stand out from other decoration ideas. Choose any color and apply it to your paper bats.

{ 46 } Haunted Bats Decor

Halloween Hanging Bats Decoration
Are you looking a Funny Yet easy to Attain Halloween Decoration Idea? If yes, check out the haunted bats décor. It is characterized by three full bats with red eyes. Designing such bats is a bit cumbersome. Therefore, you are encouraged to purchase red-eyed flying bats from your local toy store. Additionally, all your bats should be black in color.

{ 47 } Classic Bat Decor

Halloween Party Ideas with bats decorations
This cheap and easy to attain Halloween bats decoration idea has been in existence for a long period. Place a couple of watermelons on your table. Consequently, place a couple of bottles on the table. Take your cardboard or Manila paper and design a bat. Attach the bats with a stick and place them inside the bottles. All the paper bats on this Halloween design should be black in color.

{ 48 } Estranged Bat Room

indoor halloween decorations
Choose an empty room and place a black wall cabin, chair, cushion seat, web with spider and a series of black bats. Additionally, you should also hang a whiteboard on the wall. Check out online tutorials for tips on how to design different paper bat postures. These procedures are easy to understand. Proceed and paint all your paper bats black and attach them to your selected wall with glue.

{ 49 } Cozy Halloween Corner

halloween decorations near stair
Place a small desk on a corner inside your house. Take a vase and fill it with black soil. Attach one huge branch inside the vase. Proceed and hang small colorful bags throughout the branches. Take your cardboard and systematically design different kinds of bats. Your puppet bats should be either sleeping or flying. Attach the puppets to a wall with glue. Place two pumpkins beneath the desk.

{ 50 } Pumpkin Bat Theme

Halloween Bats
This is the simplest and easy to attain Halloween bat theme. You simply need a plate, dining knife, pumpkin, and cardboard. Place your pumpkin on the table. Carefully carve it to pave way for the artificial bat wings. You can check out online tutorials for tips on how to design bat wings. Use glue to attach wings to the pumpkin.

{ 51 } Bat Roof Theme

Flying Bat Halloween Decorations
Incorporate the bat roof theme on your living room to make it easily visible. Take Manila paper or cardboard to design bat replicas. Designing bat replicas aren’t difficult as many people think. Simply check out online tutorials for guidance. Your bats should vary in terms of sizes and posture. Additionally, they should be black in color. Take glue and attach them to your inside roof.

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