13 Fun and Loving Kids Room Design Ideas for Boys and Girls

Kids Room with Full of Bunk Beds

Having trouble doing your work at home when you also have kids to take care? The ideas of these kids room design would certainly solve your problem. One thing that we suggest here and you really need to remember is, when you have to do something always put your position where you could keep your eye on them. Do not put your working table aside or too far from them. It is better if you have big windows, besides you could save the light, the sun and the fresh air circulation are also good for your kid’s health especially in the morning. A bright color is the most advisable one since it would give more energy and excitement.

The animation decoration or other interior design should be put and place according to your kid preference without neglecting the efficiency of the cost, space, and needs. The difference between kids room and the adult room is that it is not only a room to sleep or study but it should become also a place to full fill their fantasy and creativity. Making your kids enjoy to spend more time in the room would save a lot of your time to control, easier and more safety.

Consult with the expert of kids room design before you decide to make one is important however do not forget that you are not the one who would stay and own this room, so include your kid to discuss and share would be better so that you and the expert know exactly what to do.

{ 1 } Yellow Bedsheet

Yellow Bedsheet
Contrast Match Bedsheet Interior By Susanna Cots | Photo By Mauricio Fuertes
Here we put the kid’s room a bit higher so that you can easily keep your eyes on them while you are doing something else. You can also make your working table like a drawer so that whenever you are finished, the kids would have a bigger space to play.

{ 2 } Beautiful Rain Wallpaper

Beautiful Rain Wallpaper
Most of the parent always pick a blue color for boy and pink for a girl. The Combination of Black and White could even work for both and it still looks cute. This design also suitable even when they are already a teenager. So you do not need to keep changing the design and save.

{ 3 } Colorful Playroom

Colorful Playroom
Karl Malte’s Bedroom was Designed By his Mum Marie Willumsen Via Room To Bloom | Photo By Monica Bach
The difference between the kid’s room and the adult room is, kids need bigger space to play and does not need a bigger bed but teenage or adult people are the other way around. They also need more rack and cupboard to put toys rather than big cupboard for bag and clothes.

{ 4 } Multi Color Kids Room Design

Multi Color Kids Room Design
Urban Romantic Project By Lucy Interior Design & Build By Claremont | Photo By Space Crafting
Transitional kids room design, that is what we called it. This is what you need when you need to have more than one purpose in one room. Here you could do a lot of different activities together, such as playing, sleeping, teaching or just watching them playing while you are doing your own work. It will be easy to lullaby the baby or kids while you are sitting, therefore, it is quite necessary if you could have some chairs in their room. It is also useful so that you can monitor when they play while you are sitting there, reading a book or doing other work.

{ 5 } Stylish Bright Interior

Stylish Bright Interior
Kids have great imagination therefore when you plan a kids room design, it will be good if you know the fantasy that your kids have so that you can arrange according to what they like. You can make this decoration not only on the wall but also on the roof. To maximize space and foster a sense of adventure, look into a diverse selection of children bunk beds, offering a playful and functional solution that encourages both sleep and play in a whimsical setting tailored to your child’s fantasies.

{ 6 } Minimalist Nursery Decor

Minimalist Nursery Decor
Cozy Ways To Decorate Minimalist Room By Royal Roulotte
When you have kids room design, especially baby, it is important to notice that light should not be put exactly above the bed. Besides, it could cause an accident and it is also dangerous for the health of a baby’s eye, especially when they wake up. The light above would get the eye irritating.

{ 7 } Children’s Library Room

Childrens Library Room
The Beautiful World Of Kutikai By Chic Deco
Wooden floor for kids room design is more advisable than ceramic tile. Since it is warmer and not too slippery even when there is water dropped on the floor. Your kids could play safely on the wooden floor with no worries and big windows would bring more sunlight.

{ 8 } Kids Room Storage Ideas

Kids Room Storage Ideas
Artistic Playroom By The Art Pantry Via Washington Post
If you don’t have rack or cupboard for keeping your kids’ toys, few baskets would be nice as its replacement. It could be made of rattan or plastic. It’s more simple, easy to arrange, keeping the room neat and tidy and it could also become a part of your kid’s room design interior decoration.

{ 9 } Rock Climbing Wall For Kids

Rock Climbing Wall For Kids
Converting a Church to Residential Residence By Lincthelen Design
Instead of leaving your boy playing outside the house without no attendance, it is a good idea to provide them with a kids room design with such an outdoor game inside. You could easily monitor them and could put a bed on the floor for keeping them extra safety. Kids would certainly like it.

{ 10 } Girls Room Ideas

Girls Room Ideas
Mini Chandelier For Kids Bedroom
A bunk bed is not necessarily high, you can also make them short especially if it is a kids room design for a girl since most of them would not really like to have motoric activities like a boy. However, one swing chair would be a better one for them to enjoy.

{ 11 } Room Ideas for Brother and Sisters

Room Ideas for Brother and Sisters
Loft Beds with Desk and Curtains By Lakeside Living Design
Kids like to play hide and seek, they also like to have a kind of secret place or tree house. Providing a study room under the bunk bed would make them have that sensation. This kids room design would make your kid fun to study and they enjoy their private time.

{ 12 } Kids Room with Full of Bunk Beds

Kids Room with Full of Bunk Beds
The Rustic Zen Project By Cashmere Interior
Bunk bed is always a good choice to put when you only have little room space for two or more kids. It is not only kids room design but also a room design for mom and dad. You both could enjoy spending your time or doing your own work while kids busy with their activities but still under your monitor. Along bunk bed would be more efficient for even more than two kids. Even though there is still enough space, but do not forget to always give them a space to play and do some creativities that is why it is really good to also put small table and chair if possible.

{ 13 } Fun and Loving Kids Room Design

Fun and Loving Kids Room Design
Westhampton Beach House Kids Playroom | Photo by Sean Litchfield
A contemporary kids room design is a great one for allowing your kids doing several activities. Yes, you need a bigger space for this however you do not need to move to a bigger house, just use the roof space for making it and your kids would enjoy exploring their creativities.

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