Effective and Simple Nutrition Tips for Teens

Sources Of Nutrients In Body

Good nutrition is important for everyone but it is especially important for growing teenagers. Teen years are challenging; physically, mentally and emotionally. Your body growth and development rate are much faster in the teenage years. It is crucial, to eat proper healthy food during this phase to help the body grow properly. Moreover, as a teen, you develop habits that can last for the rest of your life. Just like you start choosing your clothes, music, interests, etc., you also become ready to make decisions about your body and health. You become responsible for your health and development. Forming healthy habits at this stage can help you stay healthy all life-long. Making decisions about what you eat, how much you sleep or exercise is a good place to start. Here’s how these nutrition tips can help you to stay on top.

Understanding Your Body

Nutrition Tips For Teens
Your body needs energy and nutrition to function and grow. This energy is obtained from the calories in the food and beverages you consume. We use this energy for growth, activity and daily living. Consuming healthy and nutritious foods gives you the required amount of calories and nutrients that your body needs for unhindered growth. Different people need different amounts of calories and nutrients to stay active and healthy. The number of calories and nutrients you need depends on many factors like your gender, genes, age, height, weight, whether you are still growing, etc. However, small changes in your diet and healthy eating habits can easily help you get your required amount of nutrition.

Child To Adult

Sources Of Nutrients In Body
Extra amounts of nutrients to support rapid growth spurts are essential for teens, particularly calcium and protein. Although dairy provides plenty of bone-strengthening calcium, don’t forget additional healthy choices such as fortified dairy alternatives, leafy greens, and broccoli, almonds and beans. However, you don’t need to rely entirely on meat and fish for building muscles. Beans, nuts and seeds, quinoa and buckwheat can all easily compete with a chicken breast for protein. It’s a good idea to include more than one source of both calcium and protein in a meal and top up at snack time. Teen athletes should avoid protein supplements.

Nutrition Tips For Brainpower

While nature is putting demands on your teenage body, society is expecting you to study hard. Skipping breakfast will leave the brain cells running on empty, a quick bite of whole-grain cereal, toast, or fruit and yogurt can make all the difference in class. It’s tempting to snack on sugary treats to keep going throughout the day but slow-release whole grains will keep you alert for longer. For best results stay hydrated, use caffeine wisely, consume brain-boosting fats from oily fish and nuts, and pop some flavonoid-rich berries.

Smile And Look Awesome

Mood swings and intense emotions are part of growing up but you can maintain a happy mood by steadying serotonin levels through regularly consuming healthy carbohydrates. Deficiencies in B vitamins will affect mental well-being so consider taking a supplement when feeling down. A balanced diet shows up first as great hair and skin. Although there are no proven links between diet and acne, too much sugar and dairy has been associated with an increase in pimples. Girls have a greater need for iron during and after puberty, too little and hair loss can be experienced. Boost iron intake with lentils, beans, and dried fruits.

Trying to change or control weight by experimenting with gimmick diets and nutrition tips will have a bad effect on your mood and appearance. Just put down the phone, grab a healthy drink, and get outside for some vitamin D and exercise to build muscle tone and bone strength, and burn off some calories.

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