Newborn Baby Clothes Parents Should Stock Up On

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Whether your little one has just arrived (congratulation!) or you’re planning ahead for their arrival, knowing what to include in your newborn’s wardrobe isn’t always easy. Sure, there are plenty of cute coming-home outfits to choose from but what about the day-to-day essentials? In this article, we’ll take a look at the newborn baby clothes you’ll definitely want to stock up on.


During the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you’ll likely be changing your newborn’s diaper around 8-10 times per day! This is why practicality is so important when it comes to newborn clothing and why onesies are so great.

Onesies can be layered under other clothes in cold weather or worn on their own in warm weather. Make sure you choose ones with an envelope-style neck as this makes them easier to put on and take off and also means that if your baby’s diaper leaks you can remove the onesie over their legs rather than having to pull dirty clothing over their head.

Baby Rompers

Rompers are basically a onesie with sleeves and legs! They come in a range of designs from laidback and practical basic rompers to fancy rompers with collars or ruffles. Like onesies, they’re a great choice for newborns as with handy snaps between the legs, they make diaper changes easy. Being all-in-one rather than separate pieces also means that your baby won’t have an uncomfortable waistband digging into their little tummy.

Baby Pajamas

Baby pajamas and sleepwear are absolutely essential as your newborn will spend most of their time sleeping (even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like it at times!) Baby pajamas come in different styles from separates to all-in-ones or ‘sleepers.’ You can also get styles with feet or without depending on your preference.

Between all those diapers and feeds, you’ll likely be changing your baby’s outfit pretty regularly in the first few weeks and months of their life, so you’ll want plenty of spare pairs of pajamas on hand. Beautifully soft bamboo baby pajamas will also help your little one stay comfortable whether they’re sleeping or not and can be worn any time of day.

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Baby Leggings

Leggings are incredibly versatile and great for layering up when the weather turns cooler or for protecting baby’s knees when s/he starts to crawl and cruise. They can be worn with a onesie or bodysuit, paired with a t-shirt or under a dress or shorts to keep your little one’s legs warm.


Newborns don’t need shoes, for obvious reasons and baby shoes, no matter how cute, tend to fall off anyway! But in cooler weather or for trips outside, your baby will need some soft, warm, comfortable socks or baby booties.


Babies born during fall/winter will need extra outerwear like a baby coat, jacket or snowsuit if you live in a particularly cold area. However, bear in mind that the American Academy of Paediatrics advises removing bulky coats and outerwear before placing your baby in their car seat, as padded clothing can prevent the harness from working properly in the event of a collision. Instead, you should dress baby in several thinner layers and use blankets over the car seat straps.

In Summary

Comfort and practicality are key when it comes to newborn clothing as changing a wriggly baby’s outfit is no fun for anyone! Plus you’ll need plenty of spares in case of diaper leaks or spit-ups. Thankfully, when it comes to baby clothing you don’t need to choose between cute and comfortable as there are lots of adorable styles to choose from that your baby will love just as much as you.

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