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If you are an interior designer, architect, event manager, artist, or product designer? Well if you are then you would want to read this article. You might ask yourself, how all these professions above are connected? Well, all of them are going to be interested in learning on how they can improve their next project with Murano Glass.

First, a brief historic recap of Murano Glass. It’s truly a timeless style of art that originates from the 13th century, from Italy. It got the name from the island where it is being created, Murano, which is a small island close to the floating city of Venice. In the beginning it was being created in Venice, that’s why it’s also known as Venetian glass, however due to fires caused while making it, it was moved in Murano.

Back in the 13th century these Murano glass creations were decorating one of the most beautiful and oldest Venetian palaces. Even from then it was being kept a secret its creation, and to this day only artisans from Murano know how to create it, having the tradition passed from generation to generation.

So you might be interested in how specifically you can improve your projects with Murano glass… Well the Murano Glass creations are countless, they vary from Vases, Sculptures, Centerpieces, Glassware, Jewelry, and much more. They are all unique and are one of a kind due to them being handmade. The colors in them fit any style of Home Décor, from minimalistic to tradition and contemporary, because you can find them in any style. The true mastery is in those colors which are gotten by mixing minerals into the glass, sometimes even gold and silver, or just leaving gold and silver speckles, that increase the beauty of these creations and of course their value.

The beauty in Murano glass, as long as you have the right master or artisan, you can create any custom creation you want, such as the logo of your company, or a sculpture of your symbol, absolutely anything. You can specify exactly which colors you want, whether to have gold and silver in it, and anything else you think it’s worth mentioning.

However, not many companies offer this, they are quite limited, and one of the best in the business is They are an authentic Murano Glass company, and all of their items are awarded the Trademark of Originality, which a trademark is issued by the province of Veneto, Italy that is granted to only original Murano glass art from the island of Murano. 

Their 34 master glassmakers in Murano have worked with countless great designers and artists for centuries, creating artwork that is now on display at some of the world’s major museums. A well-established approach to your creative needs keeps these skilled craftmen at your side through every step of production.

YourMurano has also worked with many companies, and of their recent collaborations are:

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On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the premier construction firm of the country, a precious sculpture shaped like a work helmet was created from the client’s design, as a gift for the company’s president.


A collection of 12 decorative centerpieces, born from the union of one of Murano’s most renowned furnaces and the creativity of one of Saudi Arabia’s top designers, which elegantly adorned one of the capital’s most exclusive events.


A luxurious chandelier was created for a client in Beirut. Before proceeding to create each glass component, the project was rendered in 3D to show the final effect of the finished chandelier.


On the occasion of a celebration in the town of Caravaggio, which gave famous painter Michelangelo Merisi his nickname, this plate was engraved with a unique replica of the “Medusa” head, as depicted in the artist’s well-known painting.


These elegant goblets were custom designed and made with symbolic fantasy animals chosen by the client for good luck. Shipped in a luxurious presentation box for a precious gift in occasion of a prestigious event.


The splendor of Murano glass meets the refined lines of modern design. And so the idea for these 50 favor boxes was born, customized for guests to the wedding of a well-known personality of the capital.

So if you decide to work with them, and order a custom piece of Murano Glass artwork, you will definitely not be disappointed. They offer a satisfaction guarantee and will make sure to deliver exactly what you have in mind. And of course, if you don’t want any custom artwork, but you want to increase the luxury of your next project with some Murano glass art, feel free to browse throughout their catalog.

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