5 Common Sewage Plant Problems And Ways To Fix Them

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Sewage treatment plants are essential for the proper and efficient treatment of sewage and wastewater. A properly installed plant will work smoothly with next to no interference from the owner.

However, if your plant is facing issues, there’s a chance that you might be missing out on important sewage treatment plant maintenance. While sewage treatment plant problems like noise pollution and the produced vibrations can be fixed by fitting in an Acoustic Vibration Reduction unit like Whisspurr, the other problems can be easily taken care of through checkups on your behalf.

That said, we’ve compiled a list of common sewage plant treatment problems and ways to fix them that can benefit everyone.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

  1. Sort Inefficiencies Of The System With Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your sewage treatment plant is required by law and you need to make sure you’re up to date with maintenance. By checking on your system routinely, in case there’s something wrong with the working of the system that requires major repairs, you can get this done beforehand to prevent hefty expenses in the future.

Maintenance ensures that any inefficiencies in your treatment system are spotted before which lets you decide on the right way to address the issues without facing a time crunch or pressure. With this, you can also stay up to date on the daily working of the system and ensure that the plant lasts longer.

  1. Deal With Soakaway Issues Immediately

Sewage systems often have a component called the soakaway that is responsible for the effective dispersal of the effluent in the ground. If there are issues with this dispersal, you’ll face several other issues with the sewage treatment plant.

Neglecting soakaway issues can cause problems such as foul smells or waterlogged ground that can be frustrating to deal with. If you cannot identify the problem on your own, you’ll need to get your system looked at by a professional.

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  1. Identify Reason Behind Overloading Problems

Overloading causes long term damages that can prove expensive for the owner. Moreover, the process of dealing with the wastewater gets problematic and results in poor effluent quality.

The reason behind overloading is that your tank needs to function quickly to avoid backing up the system. Due to this, the produced effluent becomes grey and you’ll face problems with respect to adhering to the government standards.

If your system is going to be used by more people, contact your sewage treatment plant installer to check if your current system can cope with the additional discharge.

  1. Check The Smaller Components When Facing Sewage Pump Problems 

Another common sewage plant problem that many face is pump problems. If the pump or blower isn’t turning on, it can affect the overall efficiency of the plant. There are also chances that your entire system may cease to function altogether.

A tripped breaker, electric supply issues, overheating or perhaps defective equipment are the main reason behind sewage pump problems.  By simply resetting the blower, the overheating can be taken care of. You can check and adjust the power supply accordingly and make the necessary tweaks.

If the issue persists, it would be advisable to get it checked by a skilled technician,

  1. Inefficient Working Of The Blower Is Usually Due To Overheating

If you notice your blower working erratically, there’s bound to be overheating that causes it to work inefficiently. While the blower should ideally turn itself off if there’s excessive heat, in case that doesn’t happen, you’ll need to check your system to identify the main issue behind this.

The first thing you could check on is your air supply vent. If you notice any blockage, clear out the vent immediately. You could also check the system’s proximity to direct sunlight and ensure that it is kept away. If your filter is damaged and in need of replacement, there might be an underlying electric issue that needs to be addressed.

This can only be resolved by a technician or an expert, preferably from the company you got the system from.

To Sum Up…

For homeowners or businesses with sewage plants, there’s a chance that you may come across sewage plant problems irrespective of how well maintained it is. Whether it is damage faced due to external reasons or regular wear and tear, most problems can be fixed easily to ensure that the system is well maintained and in proper working condition for the long run.

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