How to remodel your House to make the Most out of Summer

Home with terrace

Summers are never long enough. That is even more true for those living in Norther countries. So when it comes, you want to be able to benefit from the warm weather as much as possible. That is why you may decide to remodel a part of your house, and not just the garden. Here is what you can do to make the most out of summer, at home.

Enlarge Your Garden by opening the House to it

There is no doubt that it is better to be outside on a beautiful summer day. The garden is always calling you, but you may need to remain inside to clean, cook or work. If you cannot go outside, then invite your garden into the house. To do that, you will have to revisit the wall facing it, and replace it with one made of aluminium folding doors. The full glass sheets will let in the sunlight, as if you were on the other side, and in warm summer days, you will simply have to open it entirely, to feel as if you were suddenly part of nature. There are a variety of ways to open-up the house thanks to aluminium windows and doors, as you will discover when visiting

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Enlarge the Terrace

Once you have made the decision to open-up the house to the garden, it is time to think about the terrace. If you want to link the room with the glass wall to the outside, you need to recreate the inside environment on the terrace. That is because the terrace is the connection between the garden and the room you have chosen to open. If it is only linked to the environment, the magic of an open house won’t be as strong.

Invest on a terrace pavement that will remind of the one found inside the room, so that it acts as a reminder. Then, buy outdoor furniture that you could use inside the house if you had to, in terms of quality but also of colours and style. This new terrace of yours will provide for many enjoyable summer evenings, where you will create great memories.

Of course, you will need to review the garden as a whole. Make sure there aren’t too many trees blocking the sunlight. A shaded corner is great, but if there isn’t sufficient light inside the garden, you can forget about having a summer holiday feeling.

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