7 Easy Camping Hacks: Useful Tips & Tricks


Camping is an exciting activity that allows you to have a wonderful experience close to mother nature. Still, as you get far away from modern amenities, camping can be tricky. However, knowing some hacks and applying them in those situations will make things easier for you, and your experience will be rewarding. This article explains the best camping hacks every camper should know; most of these hacks are rewarding and easy to implement. 

1. Use Dry Bags

Dry bags that primarily keep your belongings dry can be used for many purposes. For instance, you can use it to store your smelly and dirty clothes so that they stay separated from your fresh clothes, or you can wash your clothes inside a dry bag. Besides, if you need to cross a river or any water body, it can also work like a floatation device. If you need to carry water to your campsite from the nearest water body, no problem, fill it with water, fold it, clip it, and use it as a bucket. 

2. Use Hand Sanitizers to Start a Campfire

Having a bit of struggle starting a campfire? You can use your hand sanitizer, and it’ll help catch your tinder on fire quickly. Just apply some hand sanitizer on thinner you’re going to burn and use a safe fire starting kit, but be sure to be cautious because hand sanitizers are incredibly flammable.

3. Keep Your Body Temperature Stable

Feet seem to be the last part of our body to warm up when we snuggle into our sleeping bags. To combat cold, fill a water bottle with hot water and toss the bottle into the food of your sleeping bag; you’ll feel much comfortable. But make sure to use a good quality water bottle during camping.

4. Do Not Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Moments

When you’re spending quality time, mosquitoes can ruin your moments. Knowing how to repel them with hazardous bug repellents can help you big time. Take along a few bundles of sage next time you go camping and burn a bit of sage in the campfire. Mosquitoes are naturally repelled by sage smoke. So, you’ll find a lot less of them buzzing around you.


5. Make a Pillow Instantly

Do you know the stuff sack you’re using can become your pillow? Well, you need to turn your stuff sack inside out. Stuff it with clothing, and voila. You now have a cozy pillow for a comfortable sleep. 

6. Camping Lights

During camping, headlamps provide the necessary brightness when it’s dark outside, and you need to finish your camping chores. However, if you need a nighttime lantern, you can use your headlamp and a transparent water bottle to make one. Wrap the head strap of your headlamp around your large and clear bottle with the light facing inwards and turn it on. If you are looking to get the best camping lights, you should head to Olightstore Germany right away.

7. Keep an Electric Communication Device with You

As much as we say that you should keep technology to a minimum while staying, you might take some electric device such as a communication device. A small amount of electricity can be helpful in a demanding situation so take a power bank or a small power station.

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