Office Flooring 101: How To Buy The Perfect Carpet For Your Business

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When it comes to choosing the best type of flooring to install in business spaces, carpets carry the day. They’re preferred compared to other flooring options because of the benefits they offer, like the wide range of designs and colors to choose from, warmth, and their acoustic absorption abilities. Business logos may also be printed into commercial carpets to give them a customized look.

However, choosing the right carpet for your business to suit your needs could be an uphill task, especially if you don’t know what to look for.  

The following are some tips to guide you on how to buy the perfect carpet for your business:

  • Category Of Carpet To Be Installed

Some areas in your business have more foot traffic than others. Private offices receive less foot traffic than common areas, like the reception area, and the hallways, which receive medium to high foot traffic depending on the type and size of business. Commercial carpets range from light, medium, to heavy duty. For instance, you will need heavy duty entrance carpet for your business in entry points, and light to medium duty for private offices and conference rooms.

  • Durability

Commercial carpets come in different qualities. When you choose a carpet for your business, you should take into account how long you’ll use it. The longer the duration, the higher the quality you should choose because commercial carpets don’t come cheap either. It will be more expensive to change the carpet after a short time compared to buying a high-quality carpet that will last longer. Apart from the cost, you’ll also be saving on time when removing the old carpet and installing a new one. 

  • Stain Resistance 

Unlike house carpets, commercial carpets are more susceptible to stains and dirt. If, for instance, you run a cafeteria, liquid spills like coffee or soup will be inevitable. Go for a stain-resistant carpet for easier management. Although regular carpet cleaning is a must, the carpet you choose should have the ability to hide dirt. If you choose the wrong one, the heavy foot traffic will require that you clean the carpet more often than you should. This will wear down the carpet faster.

  • Carpet’s Performance

All carpets will eventually experience wear and tear, but some carpets last longer than others depending on how they’re made. Woven carpets are preferred over their tufted counterparts because they last longer and are more resilient. Some carpets shrink when exposed to heat when washing, while other carpets’ fibers cannot bounce back. They show footprints and trails, like vacuum tracks. Good carpet backing helps in reducing the impact created by foot traffic, therefore enabling the retention of the carpet’s appearance. It also promotes the carpet’s ability to absorb moisture and improves sound absorption in the workspace. The kind of carpet backing you choose will depend on the work environment, amount of foot traffic, floor type, and noise level. 

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  • Broadloom Or Carpet Tiles?

Both broadloom and carpet tiles offer a wide range of designs, textures, and colors to choose from. They’re both comfortable underfoot and can be customized to your liking. The difference is that broadloom carpets come in large rolls and can be installed easily over a large area, even wall to wall. They come with extra padding that offers more foot comfort and hidden seams with a seamless finish. Carpet tiles, meanwhile, come in pieces that have to be glued together to form a pattern. They’re best for an overall checkered look. They’re, however, preferred by businesses that have high foot traffic because replacing them is easy. You only need to replace the affected part, unlike the broadloom where you have to replace the whole carpet in a particular area even if only a small portion is affected. 

  • Color Shade And Fade

You will hardly find bright-colored carpets in high-traffic areas. Dark-toned carpets are preferred because they can hide stains and dirt while still maintaining their appearance. However, areas with light traffic may benefit from the clean look that brighter colors give. Carpets are also either post-dyed (piece dyed) or pre-dyed (solution dyed). Carpets that are pre-dyed have a high fade resistance as compared to the post-dyed. Commercial carpets are exposed to more activities than residential carpets and are prone to fading. If you want to buy the perfect carpet for your business, go for pre-dyed carpets that can hold their colors for a longer time. 


Your budget and the tips here will be your guide on how to buy the perfect carpet for your business. 

Once you have bought the carpet, remember that proper maintenance will also play a role in its durability and appearance. Dirty carpets are an eyesore and will reflect on your business badly, schedule regular vacuuming and cleaning especially in areas with high foot traffic. 

Finally, the way you envision a carpet when shopping might not be the same way it appears when you take it to the site. Lighting can affect carpets’ color and design completely. To avoid disappointment, take carpet samples to the spaces where they’ll be installed so that you may get a feel of how they’ll look and the effect lighting will have on them.

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