How to Ensure Maintenance of Ceiling Fans in Your Home

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Do you like to enjoy the cool air from your air conditioner? Then, you think that you no longer need a ceiling fan. However, a ceiling fan plays an important role in giving you comfort. As the AC consumes a lot of energy, a ceiling fan is the right alternative. Especially during the winter season, you do not take care of the fan. But, ultimately, when you try to use it on the summer days, you find some issues. So, it is essential to clean and maintain your ceiling fan. However, how will you ensure well-maintained ceiling fans with uninterrupted functioning? A minimal effort will keep your fan in the best shape.

Routine inspections can prevent problems

As you turn on the fan, its internal components start spinning and vibrating rapidly. Consequently, they get loose and worn out. You can hire an electrician to inspect your ceiling fan every 2 to 3 months. He will ensure the efficient functioning of the fans and make them long-lasting.

Moreover, a loose mount is one of the common issues with ceiling fans. It mainly happens due to installation issues. To avoid DIY mistakes, you can call an electrician for ceiling fan installation Los Angeles. He will tighten the screws of the motor housing and blades to let the fan run smoothly.

In some cases, improperly mounted ceiling fans may fall at any time. However, professional installation with certified electricians will result in no problem in the future. 

During the maintenance program, electricians inspect the hanger ball at the top of the rod assembly. They ensure proper positioning of the ball. They will also focus on the misaligned and bent blades of the fan. A minor defect in the blade can interfere with the normal functioning of the fan.

There are some other ways of maintaining your ceiling fans-

Clean the ceiling fan blades thoroughly

The blades may look dirty due to dust accumulation. You can vacuum clean the upper and lower part of these blades. However, make sure that you have not bent the blades.

You may also use a wet cloth to wipe down the fan blades. Never use harsh cleaning agents to remove dirt from the blades. 

Detach the blades from your fan before cleaning them. As you have no tools to remove and re-install the blades, you can hire a professional electrician for this task.

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Lubricate the parts of your ceiling fan

Lubrication is one of the major steps for ceiling maintenance. However, modern fans have an innovative design that needs no oiling. The motor of some ceiling fans has a reservoir where you need to add some oil regularly.

It is best to read the manufacturer’s instructions to identify the way to maintain the ceiling fan. You may also contact an electrician to know about the lubrication needs.

Sealed motors integrated into ceiling fans are not easy to lubricate. To clean them, you must-

  • Turn off electric systems and disconnect them. Uninstall the ceiling fan properly.
  • Detach the motor base and fan blades 
  • Access the motor housing and open it.
  • Apply oil on the bearings of your fan.

Your new ceiling fan does not need greasing. Still, you can lubricate its parts when you hear grinding and squeaking sound.

Use an electric motor oil, especially designed for ceiling fans. Do not use any automotive oil for this purpose, as it can damage your electric motors. 

Inspect the movement of your fan

It is easy to identify the wobbling fan. The central part of the ceiling fan must not have a side movement during its operation. You can hire a certified electrician when you have noticed these signs in your ceiling fan. He will use a special kit to balance your fan. A faulty blade may also cause your system to wobble. Every blade needs to fit properly to ensure smooth functioning.

You can now take steps for maintaining your ceiling fan. It will function at the optimal level during the summer season. However, a ceiling fan has different parts, and as you do not know about them, you can call professionals in your locality. You can also contact an electrician to buy an energy-efficient fan.

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