The Top Seven Countries To Visit In Europe

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If you’re looking for an exciting and relaxing holiday, Europe has all sorts to offer. From ancient culture to sleek modern cities, there’s something for everyone in Europe’s 44 countries. Below, we explore seven of the best European countries to visit.


Italy is home to rich cuisine and varied culture. You can visit the idyllic Amalfi coast in the south, or you could sample the ancient city of Rome and take in thousands of years of culture. And there’s rolling countryside too in Tuscany. You’ll never manage to see everything in one trip, but by going for Italy tours, you’ll get a guided journey around this spectacular country.

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Before the pandemic, Spain was the second most visited country by tourists in the world. And for good reason. You can enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona to take a glimpse at some of the finest architecture in the world. And with towering mountain ranges and sublime seaside destinations, there’s a wide variety of destinations too. 


If you love to be by the sea, then Portugal could be the country for you. Hugging 800km of the Atlantic coast, you’ll always find yourself beside the water. Lisbon is one of the artiest cities in Europe and can provide you with a vibrant getaway.


France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The food is exquisite, the weather is pleasant and there are all sorts of beautiful cities and towns you can visit. Just work out the type of food you’d like to enjoy and plan your stay from there!


Any Greek island is well worth visiting. With the bright white houses contrasting with the deep blue of the sea and the sky, there are all sorts of gorgeous photo opportunities awaiting you.

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Positioned on the Adriatic sea, Croatia offers beautiful spots in the sun. Split makes for a wonderful break by the sea, especially as you can visit the island of Hvar too. Meanwhile, the capital of Zagreb can be reached by train and is a joy in summer.


The UK won’t offer the same amount of sun as most other European countries. But it can offer some wonderful natural destinations. By visiting Cornwall or the Scottish Highlands, you can escape from city life and feel closer to nature. 

Europe is a superb tourist destination. Beyond the seven countries listed, there are still all sorts of beautiful and fun countries to visit. And if you plan your holiday carefully, you can enjoy visiting two or three European countries in one swoop with your friends or your loved ones.

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