10 Exercises for Lower Back Pain in Under 10 Minutes

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

The number of people visiting chiropractors per year is drastically increasing. This has left medical practitioners worried about this statistic. There are numerous causes of lower back pain. People are constantly looking for exercises for lower back pain to get rid of the mild or severe pain. Lower back pain prevents a person from leading a normal life. This is in terms of handling day to day activities. Chiropractors state that lack of pain can worsen lower back pain. Exercise helps maintain healthy joints, the discs in the spine and the ligaments.

Some workout routines have assisted people to get rid of the severe lower back pain. Medical experts explained that the physical workout allows nutrients to diffuse into the injured lower disc spaces and hasten the recovery process. In addition to these, workout routines pave way for the exchange of vital fluids in the entire spinal structure. Medical evidence reveals that these workout routines can reduce swelling of discs that cause pain. On the other hand, lack of exercise deprives off nutrients into the injured disc in lower back. This act can result in severe pain if not immediately addressed.

Numerous people tend to confuse lower back pain with normal fatigue as a result of handling a hard task. Below are some symptoms you are suffering from a severe back pain problem:

  • If you experience chronic achiness around on the lower part of your back. This must be continuous over a long period.
  • If you experience a sharp muscular pain in the back when working out. This pain varies in that it can be either mild or severe.

Are you still confused on the exercises for lower back pain to choose from? If yes, check out these workout routines:

{ 1 } Bottom to Heels Stretch

Bottom to Heels stretch
This lower back pain workout routine kicks off by kneeling beneath your hips while your hands are under the shoulder. You should ensure both your neck and the back remains straight throughout the exercise period. Try your best not to lock your elbows. Commence this exercise by moving your bottom in a reverse motion towards your heels. Stay in this position for a while before returning to the original position. Repeat this workout routine around 8 to 10 times. In addition to all these, you should only stretch to a limit where you feel comfortable. Lastly, can use a mirror to ensure you have correctly positioned your body.

{ 2 } Child’s Pose

Childs Pose
The child’s pose lower back pain exercise kicks off by sitting on your knees. Ensure your knees are held tight together before folding your body on the thighs. Afterward, rest your forehead on the floor and stretch your hands towards your feet. Try your best and relax throughout this entire process. You can slowly inhale and exhale while pressing your stomach against your thighs. Stay in this position for as long as you can then return to the initial starting position. Lastly, anyone suffering from high blood pressure can rest his head on a pillow, blanket or your folded fists.

{ 3 } Skip the Toe Touches

Skip the Toe Touches
This exercise for lower back pain aims at improving a person’s back muscles. A person should strive towards becoming flexible throughout his life to avoid lower back pain complications. This workout procedure commences by placing your feet should, apart from each other. Ensure your feet are intact when exercising. Start bending your waist and stretch your arms towards the toes. Stretch until you reach your limit and start feeling the tension in both your lower back and your legs. Remain in this position for roughly 30 seconds and repeat the same procedure three sets. It is crucial to warm up before commencing this procedure.
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{ 4 } Back Extension

Back Extension
Kick off this back pain exercise by lying down in front and rest your forearms. Your elbows should remain bent throughout the exercising process. Always ensure your neck is straight with your eyes looking at the floor. Start moving your back upwards by pushing your hands downwards. You will start experiencing stretch on your stomach muscles. Try to remain in this position up to 10 seconds before returning to the initial position. Repeat this work out process between 8 to 10 times. Some people have a habit of bending their neck backward. This should stop if you would like to reap the maximum benefit of this technique.

{ 5 } Hamstring Muscle Stretching

Hamstring Muscle Stretching
The hamstring muscle stretching exercise has significantly assisted a lot of people with their lower back pain problems. All Hamstring muscle stretching workout routines are simple and less stressful. Simply lie on your back while supporting your thighs with either a towel or your hands. Afterward, straighten your knees until you start feeling a stretch in the back of your thigh. Workout experts encourage people to get one leg at a time to face the ceiling. Try your best and hold your leg upwards between 20 to 30 seconds. You can repeat this workout routine until you feel exhausted. It is definitely worth trying out.

{ 6 } Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic Tilts
Use a flat cushion under your head after lying on your back. Start bending your knees while keeping your hip-width apart and your feet straight. Always keep your chin tucked in and your upper body relaxed throughout the entire workout routine. Flatten your entire lower back on the floor and start tensing your stomach muscles. Alternatively, tilt your pelvis towards your heel. Return to the starting position immediately you feel an arch in your lower back. Repeat the entire workout routine between 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid pressing either on your feet, shoulder or neck downwards. You should feel some muscles working if you are handling this procedure correctly.

{ 7 } Lower- Back Twist

Lower- Back Twist
As the name suggests, this is a powerful exercise for a lower back pain that is performed on the floor. Simply place your left leg over your other leg. Afterward, pull your right knee towards the floor using your right hand. This act will automatically straighten out your left arm and twist your spine. Your shoulders and hips should be on the floor throughout the entire workout process. Maintain the same position for roughly 30 seconds before changing position and placing your right leg on top of the left leg. The lower back twist exercise routine aims towards stretching the muscles around the lower back.

{ 8 } Knee to Chest

Knee to Chest
This is quite a sensitive workout routine. People are discouraged from carrying out this activity if it increases back pain. Commence this exercise routine by lying on your back and keep your feet flat. Keep one foot on the floor and one knee on your chest. Ensure your lower back is always pressed on the floor throughout the entire process. Hold still in this current position for roughly 30 seconds. Relax and repeat the entire procedure with the other leg. Repeat the knee to chest workout routine at least 4 times per leg. Lastly, this workout routine has been ranked among the leading procedure when it comes to relieving lower back pain.

{ 9 } Lower back Rotational Stretch

Lower back Rotational Stretch
Chiropractors recommend this routine as it assists in relieving lower back pain. The lower back rotational stretch encourages a person to sit on a chair with the feet on the floor. It goes on and explains that you should twist the upper part of the body to make your shoulder rotate one side. The chair can be as support to help achieve a very deep muscle stretch. You should only stretch out to the level you can achieve to avoid injuries. Some people experience a crack when the spine is stretched. Try your best and hold around six breaths and change sides.

{ 10 } Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch
Both your hands and knees should hold the floor before commencing the workout routine. Chiropractors encourage people to warm up before commencing this exercise. Try pulling your abdominals towards the spine and your back towards the ceiling. Your neck and the head should naturally fall in between the arms. Hold your breath for at least 30 seconds before stretching yourself until you cannot stretch any further. Always ensure your pelvic bone is tucked under and the abdominals tightly pulled in. In addition to all these, ensure your ears are always away from the ears. In conclusion, the cat stretch technique is worth checking out as it assists numerous people with their lower back pain.

Don’t let back pain bar yours from leading a normal life. Simply visit a chiropractor for guidance on the best exercise routine to adapt to relieve lower back pain.

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