Essential Tips for Passing CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Exam

Passing CompTIA

CompTIA is globally ranked as the leading non-profit association that issues vendor-neutral certifications for IT professionals. With more than two decades in the IT industry, CompTIA has validated the skills and knowledge of more than two million professionals across the world. CompTIA 220-1001 is one of the most coveted certification exams. It equips IT professionals with the foundational knowledge in device connectivity and support.

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Before we focus on the newly introduced CompTIA 220-1001 exam, it is prudent to have an overview of the certifications offered by CompTIA. The certifications are offered based on the following categories:

1. Core Certifications

These are structured to offer foundational skills, and there are four core certifications:

  • IT fundamentals+ – it is designed for entry-level IT professionals with a keen interest in understanding technology topics as well as PC functionality and compatibility.
  • CompTIA A+– it covers user support and device connectivity. The concepts cover both the hardware and software components.
  • CompTIA Network+– it is targeted at professionals with prior networking experience and strong knowledge of network technologies and focuses on core system connections with endpoint devices.
  • CompTIA Security+ – the major goal of this credential is to equip professionals with the skills required to secure a networked system from attacks and vulnerabilities.

2. Cybersecurity Certifications

Under the cybersecurity category, the credentials are focused on equipping IT professionals with advanced skills to combat cybercrimes and other security attacks. The top certifications are:

  • CompTIA CySA+ – aimed at addressing security behavioral analysis of a compromised system. IT professionals will also gain the skills of risk mitigation.
  • CompTIA CASP+ – it is ideal for professionals who want to train to create and implement security solutions in an enterprise system.

3. Infrastructure Certifications

This category consists of three distinct certifications which include:

  • CompTIA Server+ – it equips IT professionals with a deeper understanding of designing and operating server infrastructure.
  • CompTIA Linux+ – this certification is ideal for candidates who want to gain hands-on experience in configuring, supporting, and monitoring servers running the Linux OS.
  • CompTIA Cloud+ – it validates the relevant skills you need to optimize and maintain Cloud infrastructure services

Hardware Specialist is the various certifications offered by CompTIA, let us analyze how we can successfully obtain the CompTIA A+ credential. This is one of the core certifications in the CompTIA certification track. CompTIA A+ consists of two exams which every candidate must pass in order to obtain the certification.

  • 220-1001 – this exam covers networking technology, mobile devices, hardware virtualization, network troubleshooting, and Cloud virtualization.
  • 220-1002 – it covers the installation and configuration of operating systems, software troubleshooting, expanded security, and operational procedures.

The next step to getting certified is to know the format of the test. CompTIA 220-1001 is the first exam that you should get familiar with. Today, 220-1001 is our main focus. It has the following structure:

  • The number of questions is 90
  • Candidates should expect the format of the questions to be multiple-choice (multiple and single response), performance-based, and drag-and-drop
  • Maximum time allotted is 90 minutes
  • It is offered in English and expected to be available in German, Portuguese, Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese, and Spanish
    The exam price is $219

Essential tips for excelling in CompTIA 220-1001 exam

With adequate resources and preparation, it is possible to pass your test(s) successfully and obtain the CompTIA certification. Here are some tips for professionals seeking to be successful in getting CompTIA certified:

1. Firstly, you have to print 220-1001 exam objectives so that you can use it as a checklist while preparing for 220-1001 exam.

2. Purchase sample questions from ExamSnap to ensure that you have got a clear picture of how the main exam is set. It is very important to try using several sample questions because different examiners have different techniques for setting 220-1001 exam questions. As you go through them, note the topics that are mentioned more often than the others.

3. For a candidate who is preparing for an IT exam, it is a good technique to actively participate in group discussions. It has been made much easier through accredited online platforms that help groups of IT professionals seeking to grow their career. Through such kind of networks, you can share and receive ideas and preparation tips as well as ask for help.

4. Set out adequate time to prepare for your exams. You are more likely to excel when you’re confident in your preparation time. A few months prior to your exam date, it is important to develop a consistent study routine. You can easily achieve this by allocating some hours of your day to sharpen your knowledge and expertise. Eventually, you will boost your thinking and expand your potential greatly.

5. Carry out extensive research and compare different materials, such as audios and videos. It is essential to adopt different study techniques and resources. As a result, you will gain a greater understanding of concepts because different techniques and different materials enhance concentration and lower boredom.

6. Instructor-led video training is another type of preparation you should not avoid. It gives an exclusive demonstration of concepts which you can’t get just by using PDF or audio materials. One of the challenges which candidates often encounter is to identify the platform with authentic materials. Today, I will recommend ExamSnap as the perfect platform for candidates who are looking forward to enhancing their understanding of exam concepts through instructor-led video courses.

7. Finally, use the last days of your preparation to remind yourself of the things you have learned. This is so important because it helps you to identify your weaknesses and your strengths. By revising your materials, you will be able to know where to polish before the exam date arrives.

Job Opportunities

CompTIA A+ certified professionals can earn an average basic salary of $50,000 per year according to Below are some of the job roles you can occupy if you have the CompTIA A+ certification:

  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Field Service Technician
  • Support Specialist


The need for IT professionals who have relevant certifications in their area of expertise is not going to disappear any time soon. Technology keeps evolving, and every IT professional needs to acquire updated knowledge in order to solve the current real-world challenges.

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