18 Refined And Charming Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas

Shabby Chic Bedroom Vintage Decor

For most people, the bedroom is the one place that truly works as an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Bedrooms are the perfect retreat from the stress of our busy lives. Hence, bedroom design must be functional, stylish, and comfortable. Vintage bedroom design easily merges functional design with period charm to give you surprisingly cozy interiors. It is charmingly old-fashioned, elegant, and comfortable. It encompasses a wide range of style ideas from several different periods. The interiors in this design incorporate traditional and nostalgic elements with vintage furnishings and period style decor.

Vintage items are associated with nostalgia but not technically antiques. Similarly, vintage style uses the fabrics, accessories, furnishings, and colors that were popular in olden times, especially the 1940s and 1950s. Decorating a bedroom can be tricky, especially if you’re going for vintage style. When designing in this style, there is a vast variety of options available. Hence, it is important to practice restraint when using vintage pieces in your decor. Mixing textures and styles is key to creating vintage decor. Refined furniture, floral-patterned textiles, reclaimed or repurposed furniture, distressed finishes, pastel colors, and antiques characterize vintage interiors. Here are a few examples of refined and charming vintage bedrooms you can use for inspiration.

{ 1 } Simple Vintage Bedroom Design

Simple Vintage Bedroom Design
Vintage Furniture And Decor In Elegant Bedroom By Castanes Architects
Simplicity and elegance define this beautiful bedroom. A vintage wooden bed with a stunning headboard certainly dominates the bedroom. The wood tones of the bed along with the sunny wall paint give the room some warmth and comfort. The vintage chair and beautiful pendant light also add to the period look of the room. Carpeted floors, cozy linen bed sheets, comfy throws and pillows, and warm ambiance give the room an inviting appeal. Moreover, the full-length windows open the room to the views beyond. All in all, the vintage decor of this simple bedroom brings warmth and old-world charm to the room!

{ 2 } Elegant Bedroom With Vintage Style

Elegant Bedroom With Vintage Style
Feminine And Eclectic Master Bedroom With Vintage Furniture By Alison Giese Interiors
Generally, the decor in vintage style is soft and feminine. Pastel colors, floral prints, and ornate furnishings dominate the decor in a vintage room. Hence, the style appears feminine even without much trying. This bedroom is also a modern take on the vintage decor of old eras. While the design has sharp, clean lines and a sleek and edgy look, the ornate decor items, and soft colors give it a feminine appeal. The custom, low waterfall-style nightstand, vintage items like the table lamp, chest, and paintings are certainly the focus of the bedroom. The upholstered bed and large ornate mirror give the bedroom a feminine look and vintage feel. Pastel colors in the bedding, curtains and area rug further enhance the vintage look.

{ 3 } Antique Furniture For Bedroom Decor

Antique Furniture For Bedroom Decor
This vintage bedroom is charmingly old-fashioned, quirky, and feminine. The ornate bed frame, vintage chest, mirror, sculpture, and wall frame decor bring a vintage look and feel to the decor. Light pastel colors, vintage bedding, and chandelier further enhance the vintage look of the bedroom. They also give the room a feminine appeal. The hardwood floors, nightstands, and table lamps also give the room an old-world feel. White walls and detailed white ceiling along with white curtains give the room a light and airy look. All in all, this charming bedroom is the perfect example of a vintage bedroom design.

{ 4 } Repurposed Furnishings In Vintage Bedroom

Repurposed Furnishings In Vintage Bedroom
Airy, Cheerful Shabby-chic Style Bedroom With Vintage Touches By Rethink Design Studio
This shabby-chic style bedroom is full off vintage touches. Mint green ornate bed is vintage and brings an old-world charm to the bedroom. The bedside tables are vintage finds repainted and powder-coated with green finishes for the hardware. It further enhances the vintage appeal of the bedroom. Walls covered in Sherwin Williams SW 6204 Sea Salt and the green tones of the bed and table hardware give the room a fresh look. Stunning white table lamps and white curtains give the room a stylish yet feminine feel. Natural woven shades and carpet add a natural touch to the room. All in all, this airy and cheerful shabby-chic bedroom is a cheerful retreat.

{ 5 } Shabby Chic Bedroom Vintage Decor

Shabby Chic Bedroom Vintage Decor
Vintage Patterns In Sophisticated Bedroom By Pineapple House Interior Design | Photo By A Bonisolli
Mixing patterns is a must when decorating in vintage style. Here, the ruffled bedding, pillows, stylish table lamps, ruffled curtains, chair cover, and area rug are all an example of mixing patterns. Similarly, using soft, pastel colors like pink, green, creamy whites, and others is again a nod to the vintage decor. The vintage bed, mirrored nightstands, wall mirrors, etc. certainly give the room a vintage look. Finally, the added flora and ornate side table give the room a lively and happy look.

{ 6 } Pastel Color Scheme In Bedroom Decor

Pastel Color Scheme In Bedroom Decor
Floral wallpaper and ornate furnishings can make even the simplest of rooms look like a glamorous hotel room. Take this beautiful bedroom for example. The pastel pink color scheme, floral wallpaper, french-style table lamps, and stunning chandelier give the room a vintage look. However, the ornate silver bed frame and nightstands with their metallic shine and beautiful finish add glamour and sophistication to the decor. The hardwood floors, shag area rug, and curtains soften the room and give it a feminine look.

{ 7 } Soft And Light Vintage Bedroom Design

Soft And Light Vintage Bedroom Design
This shabby-chic bedroom has many vintage touches that make it beautiful. The metal frame bed, rustic bench, vintage armchair, and mirror on the floor, all give this bedroom a vintage look. The ruffled curtains and pastel color scheme further enhance the vintage feel of this room. A crystal chandelier, cozy bed linens, throws, and pillows bring warmth and comfort to the bedroom. The contrast of the vintage furniture and simple decor makes the shabby-chic bedroom look classy and elegant.

{ 8 } Eclectic Bedroom With Vintage Decor

Eclectic Bedroom With Vintage Decor
Bright and Glamorous Vintage Bedroom Design By Lisa Wolfe Designs
This inviting eclectic bedroom is a beautiful mix of vintage and modern elements. The delicately patterned wallpaper, ornate floor lamp, stylish chandelier, and mirrors on the wall certainly give the room a vintage appeal. However, the bold blue bed linens add a strong modern feel to the room. The blue color contrasts well with the lighter shades of the wallpaper and brings color to the decor. The striped pillow and blue nightstand add a contemporary feel to the decor.

{ 9 } Wallpapers And Patterns In Bedroom Decor

Wallpapers And Patterns In Bedroom Decor
Eclectic Mix Of Patterns In Vintage Bedroom By Velvet & Dash Interiors
Vintage style means decorating with furnishings, fabrics, accessories, and colors that were popular decades back. So, vintage designs often feature midcentury furniture, wallpapers, colorful patterned fabrics, soft colors, and vintage furniture and decor items. If there’s one thing that’s common in vintage designs, it is floral prints and patterns. Mixing patterns, especially florals and botanicals, or birds and butterflies, etc. is also quite common in vintage style. This bedroom also achieves a vintage look with an eclectic mix of patterns in the floral wallpaper, bed linens, and pillows. Vintage furniture like the bed and nightstands further enhance the old-fashioned look of the bedroom.

{ 10 } Sophisticated Look In Vintage Bedroom

Sophisticated Look In Vintage Bedroom
Glamorous Gold Accents In Vintage Bedroom By Michelle Gage Interiors
Vintage decor does not necessarily mean distressed finishes, repurposed furniture and old-world feel. It can also look glamorous and modern with vintage elements and touches. For example, this glamorous vintage bedroom has a distinctly contemporary feel. The vintage elements like floral wallpaper, vintage-style furniture, oriental area rug, and pastel colors give the bedroom an old-fashioned feel. However, the modern colors, glamorous wallpaper, and stunning modern light fixtures add a new-age contemporary touch to the decor. The gold accents in the metal bed, nightstand hardware, and light fixtures add glamour and elegance to the design.

{ 11 } Antique Bedroom With Simple Decor

Antique Bedroom With Simple Decor
Vintage Headboard In Elegant Bedroom By Melanie Turner | Photo By Erica George Dines
Generally, pastel and soft colors dominate the interiors in vintage decor. However, that does not mean that vintage interiors cannot have brighter colors. For example, the vibrant accents in this bedroom bring a freshness to the decor. The vintage bed and nightstands give the room a vintage appeal. The beautiful paintings further enhance the elegance of the design. Colorful accents in the paintings, bed cover, and nightstand give the room a vibrant and lively feel. The warm wood tones and shag area rug bring warmth and comfort to the decor.

{ 12 } Fresh Green Vintage Bedroom Design

Fresh Green Vintage Bedroom Design
Sublime Detailing And Understated Tradition In Elegant Bedroom By Amy Lau Designs
Another great example of vibrantly vintage bedroom decor! The sublime detailing and understated tradition in this elegant bedroom give it a vintage old-world feel. The vintage nightstands, fabric patterns, and window treatments add an old-fashioned charm and vintage look to the room. However, the vintage bed is certainly the main attraction of the design. The warm spring green tone of the ceiling creates a backdrop for the cool light fixture and highlights the decor. Spring green is a great choice for bedroom color. It brings in a fresh, crisp vibe. Keep the walls white to highlight the ceiling color. You can add small accents of the same color throughout the room to balance things out.

{ 13 } Vibrant Colors In Vintage Bedroom

Vibrant Colors In Vintage Bedroom
Vintage Meets Modern Design In Fusion Loft By Vintagency | Photo By Ludger Paffrath
This minimalist style vintage bedroom decor is certainly inspiring! The bright colors, spacious and light decor, and natural accents give the room a fresh and crisp vibe. The vintage furniture like the wooden bed, nightstands, table, and chair give the room a vintage look. However, the bright and light color scheme and mid-century modern decor bring a modern look to the room. The stunning sunburst mirror and floor lamp further enhance the elegance and simplicity of the decor. All in all, this bedroom is the best example of the beautiful fusion of vintage and modern design.

{ 14 } Colorful Furniture In Vintage Bedrooms

Colorful Furniture In Vintage Bedrooms
Vintage design style does not have a set of rules to follow. You can decorate according to your tastes and instincts. Just do what feels right and looks good. Take this quirky bedroom for example. A vintage bed is repainted in mint green to give the room a fresh, natural vibe. Repurpose an old chair as nightstand, sturdy bench for ottoman, and use old chests for storage under the bed. Bring floral patterns and pastel colors in the decor with patterned curtains, bed linens, and pillows. Authentic art and vintage rugs can bring warmth as well as style. Reclaimed wood furniture and distressed finishes give the bedroom a vintage look.

{ 15 } Industrial Bedroom With Vintage Touches

Industrial Bedroom With Vintage Touches
Vibrant And Fun Industrial Bedroom By CM Natural Designs | Photo By Chipper Hatter
Modern vintage decor is all about adding an old-world charm and glamour to modern designs. This vibrant and fun industrial bedroom achieves the balance of vintage and modern style with ease. The vintage pieces like an antique bed, nightstand, mid-century light fixtures, oriental area rug, and a collection of period art give the room an old-fashioned charm. The colorful accents, floral patterns, and accent lighting make this industrial bedroom look quirky and inviting. Rich fabrics and bold colors make the room look glamorous and elegant.

{ 16 } Bohemian Bedroom With Vintage Decor

Bohemian Bedroom With Vintage Decor
This tropical bedroom has such a cheerful feel. The simple bohemian style bedroom looks regal and elegant with the use of vintage elements and furnishings. Start with a dramatic wallpaper (preferably floral), like Nalina by wallpaper direct, in royal colors like green, purple, golden, etc. Add in an ornate bohemian style headboard and traditional furniture like a nightstand or a chair with detailed work. Use tropical prints in floral or botanical patterns for bed linens and curtains. Add colorful accents with the bed linens and pillows. Colorful area rugs can further enhance the vibrant appeal of the room.

{ 17 } Wooden Pallet Headboard In Bedroom

Wooden Pallet Headboard In Bedroom
The simple decor of this bedroom highlights its vintage features with style. The reclaimed wooden pallet headboard with a distressed finish sets the tone for the simple decor. Mid-century modern style furniture and a wall gallery of frames and mirrors give the bedroom a vintage appeal. Similarly, the floral patterned bed linens and pillows in warm pastel colors give the room a traditional charm. Contemporary color scheme and stylish table lamps add a modern look to the design. Carpeted floors and wood tones bring warmth and comfort to the decor.

{ 18 } Vintage Style Elegant Bedroom Design

Vintage Style Elegant Bedroom Design
Vintage Furniture And Elegant Decor In Beach Cottage Bedroom By Cabbages And Roses
Vintage design is all about repurposing and reinventing. There are no set rules for decorating with vintage style. Vintage furniture like an old cupboard or table in distressed finish can bring a vintage charm to the decor. You can repurpose old furniture and use it for a different purpose like this grey privacy screen working as a headboard. Keep things simple and light to enhance the vintage feel. Here, classic black-and-white floral print bedcover adds some old-fashioned romance to the decor. The vintage design is reinvented in blacks and grays to give a contemporary feel and make it look familiar but also exciting.

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