20 Easy Curly Hairstyles – Style up Like a Pro

Easy Curly Hairstyles

Majority of times, other women envy the curly-haired woman. If you just take a look at the most adorable, gorgeous celebrity haircuts, you will see most of them use a layered hairstyle. This is no mystery that layers will improve your curls and give a sexier and happier look to your face. One way to do this is curly hairstyles by going to your neighbourhood beauty store and give you a beautiful look. There are so many diverse hairstyles to experiment with. A really good one is needed to have a perfect. Let a few long strands escape to give you that romantic look. The length of the hair is one of the most significant features of styling the well-maintained curly head.

Types of curly hairstyle and the length of the curly hair

The long curly hair can provide a bit more change than the short or medium curly hairstyles. For a plain, classy and elegant, you could go for a simple loose knot, kept it at the back and let the soft curls fall on your face, giving it a proper frame. You could also try options such as hairpins and other hair accessories to create beautiful variations in hairstyles.

The longer length curly hairs, especially of medium length, are much more versatile to cut and style. Medium length curly hair is simple to manage and has a varied array of styles that you could choose from for styling. Curly hair might be a bit tricky to maintain but there are various hairstyles which you can easily carry when you have curly hair. It requires less maintenance and you can choose how you want to set them. Whether to keep your hair upswept or down loose.

To have an upswept curly hairstyle, simply pile your hair at the top of the head and let the curls fall freely in any direction you like. To clip up selected pieces of the hair is another curly hairstyle for the medium length hair. It allows soft locks in the front to escape in a disorderly but looks well-maintained. Both of these options are appropriate for the special occasion, or a romantic dinner date but for the more informal look, you could just let it hang loose as you desire or pull your hair in a fast pony at the crown of your head.

The woman with short curly hair has slightly less styling options. However more than anything to ease out short curly hair, it does take a lot of time and patience. You can try side paths if your hair is long enough to bring it out of your face or allow only gentle whispers of curls to fall on your face to complement its characteristics. To pin the hair up in various positions, clips and hairpins can also be used that could be completely up to you and your personality.

Here are some unique and easy hairstyles that women with curly hairstyle can easily flaunt.

{ 1 } Light Wave Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
If your hair is straight or curly and you want to embrace this graceful look then here are some steps to help you. The first step is to detangle the hair completely after you do so. The second step is to slightly curl the hair locks in form of light wave like pattern and keep the iron or heat styler for some time and then leave it. The result is light waves that look absolutely gorgeous.

{ 2 } Top Notch Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
Well are you looking forward to an event and want to deck up uniquely so that the limelight is all yours? If yes then this hairstyle is definitely for you. Nicely comb the front part and tie a ponytail gathering the rest of the hair tightly. This hairstyle will suit best with women with short curly hair.

{ 3 } Super Mane Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
Want to capture all the limelight of the party? Are you thinking how to do so yet keep it minimal? Yes, this hairstyle is absolutely for you. Initially just put some setting gel on your hair and start to crumbly taking some parts to create a wavy effect. After that, you can put curling rolls on the hair taking very narrow strings of hair. After an hour or two take it out. The hair will have super curls by now. Set it with a volume spray. This hairstyle has a magnificent mane and adds a lot of volume to your hair and the crown area.

{ 4 } Sleek Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
To get this look neatly comb your hair, set it with a gel to have no loose curls coming out. Towards the end of the hair length the curls are to be infused. The lowered end curls are slight and wavy and the entire look gives a very sophisticated and chic look. This look is just perfect for an evening function or a special dinner date.

{ 5 } Middle Partition Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is all about flaunting the oomph factor. If you are the woman in love with beauty and grace and looking all elegant is a sheer genre you love to be in the just embrace this look. Make a middle partition and create the waves on the side locks and when you let your hair down this look will give you a very elegant effect. This hairstyle is appropriate for women with medium to long hair.

{ 6 } The Rolling Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle can best suit in women with medium hair length. The hairstyle has straightened front with curls on the end part, and this hairstyle highlights the collarbone area as it falls exactly on them. This hairstyle exuberate feminine charm and sophistication. This hairstyle can be compiled with a beautiful head tiara of floral decor. Isn’t it just pretty?

{ 7 } Short Peppy Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is just appropriate for women having short hair. Here the curls are mainly done at the bottom of the hair. It has a very chic look and looks extremely stylish. It is a perfect hairdo to sport in any event or functions. In fact, this hair is also great for a corporate event and official meetings. There is really something about this particular hairstyle.

{ 8 } The One Side Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is extremely stylish and knows exactly how to give you that edgy and glam look yet not going overboard. In this hairstyle make a side partition and get the hair set on one side. Make loose curls that create more of a wavy look and let it hang loose. This hairstyle can be paired up with flower bows on the other side to give it a complete pretty and stylised look.

{ 9 } Bouncy One-Sided Long Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
In this hairstyle what comes in the limelight is the feminine grace and charm. The loose curls at the back seem to cascade down and bring in a very dreamy and indeed a beautiful look. To lock in curls, use a good hairspray. You can use something especially one that does not leave a heavy feel to the hair. This hairstyle can be sported for receptions parties and other such events where you want your hair to do the talking.

{ 10 } Interlocking Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
What can look just enchantingly beautiful? Well, interlocking curls can. This curly hairstyle is just intense and everything pretty. The curls are done with heat style and mixed up leaving the random curls. The hair effect gives like a subtle web-like structure. This hairstyle is just what it needs when you do not want to work much on your makeup and dress.

{ 11 } The Top Knot Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is much in vogue and is currently hitting the recent fashion trends. The hairs should be segmented into two part. One top and the other from the mid sectioned done from the line of the ears. In this hairstyle you require to knot the first half on top of the head like a bun and the rest of the head should be left loose. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer season, or casual friends meet.

{ 12 } Pixie Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
If your hair is short then this hairstyle is for you. It is not all difficult to sport this style. This hairstyle requires you to curl your hair all over and spray a setting gel, and there you go a gorgeous hairdo is ready. This hairstyle adds a lot of volume to your hair and the best part it gives your face a structure as well as it just surrounds the face.

{ 13 } The Celeb Curl

Easy Curly Hairstyles
Well this hairstyle has been donned by a lot of celebs and why not? It gives an ultra-glamorous look. In this hairstyle what is important is the curls start from the middle portioned hairline and has a symmetrical flow. If you have medium or long lengthened hair, then this style is definitely for you.

{ 14 } Locks Focussing Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
If you have your hair already cut in layers then this hairstyle will suit you best. The speciality of this hairstyle is that it takes in the side locks such that the face gets highlighted. This hairstyle suits people having an oval or round shape and will look best in women having medium to long hair.

{ 15 } Burgundy Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is just too glamorous. The USP of this hairstyle is the colour. The colour imparts a very rich and royal look and the best part is that you don’t need to accessorise this look at all. The hairstyle incorporates usual curls with and a middle partition and gives a very classy look.

{ 16 } The Intricate Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle from an angle looks as if the hair is premed but then the style and twist quotient lies in that. It is just micro curls that give such a look. This hairstyle adds a lot of volume to your hair and makes you look no less than a diva. If you have long hair this hairstyle is for you.

{ 17 } Curl Up The Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This Hairstyle is just classy and sophisticated at one go. The hairstyle incorporates a very intricate pattern and the best part is you can just gather all up and tie it in a bun. This hairstyle is protected and the best part is it tends to protect your hair.

{ 18 } Wired Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is fun to sport yet very easy and looks absolutely cool. This hairstyle looks best in medium to long length hair. Also this hairstyle is something that can be the talk of the event. This will give you an ultra glamorous look. This also adds volume to your hair.

{ 19 } The Bob Cut Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This curly hairstyle is very classic and bears the lineage of the historic bob with the fusion of the curls. This hairstyle is simple and indeed sophisticated. The hairstyle can be best for women having short hair. This hairstyle is appropriate for a corporate event or an official meeting.

{ 20 } The Glam Curls

Easy Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle can be best suited to short haired woman. This look has a lot of drama and a lot of glitz and glamour going round it. The front locks are curled and the bottom is curved. This hairstyle is leading in the fashion industry and you can sport a lot of celebs sporting it.

The method of styling is easy; only thing is that you have to retain your hair cleanly. One can opt for it might take a lot of your time to manage your curly hair, but then you are guaranteed of having a very magnificent crown for a hairstyle and will surely become the envy of a lot of girls wherever you go. Curly hairstyles are a joy to do if you have hair. It provides you with a unique, cool and sexy look. Remember to take care of your curls and always be sure that curls are something that can always make you look beautiful and stylish and impart an indeed different look.

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