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You might be thinking of bringing a companion for your little kids and other younger members of the family. What you need to consider in the first place is whether the kitten is child-friendly in the first place.

Know those small children have tendencies to chase, tug, poke, prod, and hug their pets tightly. They can also be too loud during playtime. To help you with this decision, you might want to check the different characteristics of felines from sites like holistapet and see which ones are great for you. Meanwhile here are other child-friendly breeds to know about. 

Child-Friendly Cats

Abyssinian Breeds

Abyssinians, or affectionately called Abys by their owners, are loyal and affectionate in nature. They have a distinctive band of individual hairs and are popularly found in mummified Egyptian tombs. They are very popular today.

Most of their distinctive appearances can be described as seemingly lean, long, and finely colored compared to other cats. They are often compared to fashion models. Regarding their personalities, they are known to follow their owners around and will want to encourage play. They are generally willful, extroverted, and playful, and they love kids. They have a greater dependence on human warmth and affection and have a dog-like attachment to those around them.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex has no hair except on their undercoats. They are best suited for indoor living because of their light coat features. These breeds are usually referred to as Greyhound cats because of their sleek characteristics. They can be very intelligent and adventurous. 

The Cornish Rex is not your typical couch potato. They enjoy the company of other pets, have a reputation for performing acrobatics, and they often race around the house when the mood suits them. Learn more about Cornish Rex on this site here.

They are somewhat adventurous, and they can find various nooks and crannies for exploration. This is when you need to watch your kids while they are around your pets, as they often have the need to hide in inconspicuous places like the side of the fridge or the washing machines. They can easily adapt to new situations and get perfectly along with timid or shy kids.

Exotic Shorthairs

The personality of the exotic shorthair can be compared to that of the Persian breeds. They are known to be playful, affectionate, and sweet. They are considered to be exotic cats that show a great deal of loyalty and affection towards the occupants of the home. Usually, they have a friendly disposition towards other animals, and they are considered to be tender-hearted. They rarely meow, and they are best for younger toddlers.

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Himalayans have sweet and playful temperaments. They enjoy interactions with their human companions, and they have an intelligent nature. Similar to the Siamese cats, they will enjoy a walk or two in the backyard or a game of fetch. They are good at entertaining themselves and spend hours playing with balled-up papers, scraps, and cat toys. 

Most of them bond excellently with their families, and they want to spend a lot of company with the kids. They are not necessarily loners and may become anxious if you leave them alone for too long.


The Manx breed is considered to be independent cats. However, they have similar qualities to that of a dog, where they are generally playful, warm, and loyal to their owners. They have unusual sounds while meowing, and many people describe this as a trill. They are pretty unruffled and laid back, and they prefer to be interested in other pets and children. More about the Manx breed on this site:  

Some owners say that they can hear their Manx’s padded paws following them around their homes. Most of them enjoy the water and games like fetch. However, their similarities with the canines don’t end in their hobbies. These felines are so protective of their families that they won’t hesitate to attack a person or growl at dogs if they suspect that their families are threatened.

Maine Coons

Maine coons are so popular in households in the US that they are known as the gentle giants. Their qualities include playfulness and intelligence, and many enjoy their company around the house. These breeds are easygoing, relaxed, and calm despite their sizes. They are easy to train, and they can follow the kids from one room to another. They are also willing to play fetch.


Ragdolls are one of the largest breeds of felines out there, and they are also referred to by many as puppy cats. They have friendly and mild-mannered personalities and will instead seek out human companionship than play around. They love to be around their owners and will sit on their laps, sleep near them, and follow them around the house.

These are the breeds that love to be around children most of the time. They can easily be trained like canines, where they can be good at playing fetch, begging, rolling over, and doing other tricks. They are playful, and they can be attached to a particular member of the family.


These blue-eyed and short haired breeds are one of the most sociable out there. They are highly intelligent, enjoy interaction with dogs, and like children. They are very active, sit on their owners’ lap, love being on their beds, and are attention-seeking. They will also tend to follow their owners wherever they go, and they are more than willing to walk on a leash.

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