Soft Bohemian Style Decor Home of Fashion Designer in Denmark


The Bohemian Style of Decor is gradually becoming a popular alternative to the modern contemporary style of design. The bohemian or boho-chic style takes a more relaxed, carefree and colorful approach to designing. It reflects the messy, vibrant and unpredictable nature of life. Bohemian style decor and design relies heavily on the use of warm colors and unusual room décor to give a look of carefree indulgence. People who tend to lead an unconventional life like artists, writers, and actors inspire the Boho style. It incorporates those ideals by combining objects, colors, and patterns from many walks of the world. Although bohemian style decor and designs tend to have certain similarities, no two rooms are exactly the same. This uniqueness is also its most noteworthy feature. Warm earthy colors layered with metallic and jewel tones are another feature of this style.

Boho also embraces a “more is more” philosophy as opposed to the modern and minimal approach. Hence, colorful display and antique decorations are most popular in this look. Ambient lighting also emphasizes the unusual décor of the room. Embracing nature is central to this style. Hence, the belief that the use of hanging plants and decorative ferns lends vibrancy to the room and improves air quality. This style tends to be eclectic but it can still be chic and glamorous. The post featured here is about the redesign of Fashion designer Michala Wiesneck’s home in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Photography is by Kristian Septimius Krogh. She has redecorated it herself in a soft bohemian style decor with white, warm brown and black shades.

Ethnic Entry Room

entry hall
The entry room is decorated with an inspiring ethnicity. The darker colors of furniture boldly contrast the simple white tones of the walls. A batsman’s chair placed near the window invites a person to relax. The black low table by the window and the black hunting chairs opposite the white sofa are from Day Home. The table lamp is from Bestlite. The design and photo books covering the coffee table are sources of inspiration. The great painting over the couch is an ancient Chinese portrait of a Mandarin and his family purchased from Oliver Antik.

Brightly Lit Dining Room

Bohemian Style Decor Dining Room
The dining room is spacious and full of light. The constant play of sunlight on its floors keeps the room warm and bathed in natural light. A large photograph from the designer’s latest collection stands on the floor. The tailored antique dining table with its simple style and wooden finish certainly give some character to the room. Furthermore, Italian designer Lievore Altherr Molina‘s Arper Catifa 46 chairs add a modern element to the archaic surroundings. The stunning custom-made lamp above the dining table also adds richness to the simple decor.

creative wall decoration
The designer also has a fine collection of paintings by unknown artists purchased at the Clignancourt flea market in Paris. The dining room walls lovingly display these paintings.

Decorative Ceramic Art on Office Desk

sturdy shelf office
One of the apartment’s high-ceilinged living rooms also works as an office for the designer. Its most prominent feature is the black bookcase which displays a myriad collection of trinkets and antiques from French flea markets or from other travels.

antique tray tea set
The beautiful tea set on an antique wooden tray is one such example. Hans J. Wegner designed the unique desk found in a container at the Copenhagen Architecture School in the early 1980’s.

sculpture vases colorful
The two sculptural vases in a delicate pistachio shade are purchased from a porcelain ceramist in the French part of Shanghai.

shelf decoration artistic

black shelf display
The black paint rack is a recent addition to display the varied collection of the designer. The shelf is from House Doctor, while the white and black edge lamp is from Day Home. All the various items on display add a splash of color to the black and white furnishings.

Kitchen with Syver Dining Chair

spacious kitchen old tiles
The kitchen is left in the same design as its original tiles from 1915. This gives a warm and inviting feel to the place. White Arne Jacobsen’s Syver chair nicely complements the small wooden dining table and white décor. A silver hanging lamp above the dining table gives the place a modern touch.

Soft Bohemian Style Bedroom

bedroom ethnic robes
A large antique mahogany mirror is definitely the main attraction of the room. The bed is covered in ethnic bedspread while the pillows are from the bazaars of Marrakech and Istanbul. It also sports beautiful Liberty pillows from Carmen & Fantasio. The white and mahogany furniture further accentuates the colorful bedspread. Similarly, the paintings on the walls give the room an artistic look. Also, the reading lamp placed behind the bed is ideal for a comfortable night time read. The beautiful Moroccan hand-embroidered robes hanging on the door are a reminder of past travels.

Fashion Designer Michala Wiesneck

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