30 Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Connect with Nature

Best Backyard Landscaping Idea

Not everyone is lucky to have a backyard in their house. People living in American and European continents are fortunate to own a backyard. The West always makes sure to allow their citizens to have a spacious area in their houses where they can have a swimming pool, garden, kids playhouse, pet house, etc. One can inspire by the below listed best backyard landscaping ideas to turn the whole thing into something better and more functional.

The idea of having a backyard was primarily for the cold weather countries, where they could use it for vegetable gardening during summers. Backyards are always open, and citizens can take advantage of the sunlight, grow vegetables and fruit, and enjoy their organic greens. Also, the other reason is that it increases the land value. Backyards are an essential part of the Western world. It has different names as back gardens in the UK and other names in other countries.

Years over the years the architecture and interior designing community haven’t failed to impress their fabulous designs for the backyards. They are always wanted and are in high demand in these Western and European countries. Backyards can be turned into anything a person wants as long as it is legally accepted. If you are one of them who wants the best backyard designs, this blog is just for you.

We have listed the top 30 best backyard landscaping ideas worth eye-catching!

{ 1 } Small Backyard Zen Garden Idea (Via Mary Barensfeld Architecture | Photo By Joe Fletcher)

Small Backyard Zen Garden Idea
Small backyard, and love gardening? Well, if you love gardening and want a beautiful garden work, where you can enjoy an exquisite cup of tea while you read your magazine, then go for this beautiful design.
zen garden ideas for small spacesMa Residence, Modern Zen Garden Via Studio H Landscape Architecture
You can have two types of flooring with a simple water flow in the middle while having your garden plants installed on a modern looking large pot. These look like steps from far and create a good background from your kitchen. You can enjoy your mornings by being in your garden with the abundant fresh air. It can be the Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas for your backyard.

{ 2 } Plants Decoration Backyard landscaping (Via Better Homes and Gardens)

Plants Decoration Backyard landscaping
Are you running ideas to decorate your huge backyard into something wonderful? Do you want something from the movies with plants and green meadows, and flowers everywhere? Oh! WOW. You can even throw a tea party and enjoy the party with nature. Try going for this Best Backyard Landscaping Idea, where you have a beautiful green meadow of grass surrounded by a variety of flowers. In the middle, you can a brick themes stairs, and have a garden lamp on the other side. This is simple, yet very beautiful design.

{ 3 } Garden with Outdoor Kitchen (Via House Beautiful | Photo By David Tsay)

Garden with Outdoor Kitchen
If you are a type of person who loves nature and loves having a drink, try getting this outdoor kitchen designing in your backyard. You can turn your backyard into a garden while leaving a small portion to Build Your Dream Kitchen. Add an antique looking lantern on the ceilings, and also a nameplate that describes your kitchen. Also, you can further decorate your garden with mint, cilantro, and more. Add your collection of wine and fruits to the kitchen. Drink anytime and have the peace of the fresh air.

{ 4 } Natural and Green Landscape Design Idea (Via James R. Salomon)

Natural and Green Landscape Design Idea
If you like to be a part of the green landscape, try having this particular design in your backyard. This is one of the best backyard landscape ideas if you are a fan of nature. And yes, it can be just like the movies. You can enjoy a long walk and relax in nature, and fresh air. You can spend some quality time with nature, and take care of these beautiful landscapes.

{ 5 } Simple Outdoor Fireplace Designs (Via Ketron Custom Builders)

Simple Outdoor Fireplace Designs
Do you love fireplace? A Fireplace can be antique to modern with all sorts of designs. You can have this design in the backyard, and enjoy your nights in the presence of a natural fireplace, add wood to it, and have a small fire. Have drinks with your friends, and have a long deep conversation. Just add some classic design on the meadow.

{ 6 } Japanese Garden Design Plants

Japanese Garden Design Plants
If you love the nature and want to relax in warm water in a bathtub, then try this Japanese garden design. It is one of the best backyard landscaping ideas with a touch of Japanese style. You can design a cabin with glass all over. And add a white marble bathtub in it. You can have bundles of Japanese style plat pots surrounded by water. This is an excellent idea if you want a class Japanese look.

{ 7 } Backyard Waterfalls and Ponds (Via Great Oaks Landscape)

Backyard Waterfalls and Ponds
Love waterfalls? Ever dreamt of having it in your house? Well, try this amazing landscaping idea for your backyard. You can have a small forest of your own in the backyard accompanies by large, stepping down as the water flows into a beautiful pond. You can add flowers to them, to add some colors. If you have an abundant supply of waters, do go for this design.

{ 8 } Garden With Full of Colorful Flowers (Via Clay and Limestone)

Garden With Full of Colorful Flowers
Would you like to add a feminine touch to your backyard? Oh! Yes, you can. You can a beautiful set of garden table and chairs. You can add a simple lamp, and cover the entire area with different varieties of plants and flowers. This is a great landscaping idea for nature and garden lovers. Do not forget to have a brick themed centerpiece where your garden table and chair set the rest on it.

{ 9 } Wheelchair Accessible Backyard Landscaping (Via Landscaping Network)

Wheelchair Accessible Backyard Landscaping
If you love the brick themed flooring and garden theme for your backyard, try this Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas. This design is far most the gorgeous design ever. All you need is to give the floor the brick theme, have an excellent sofa, and accent chairs. You add the garden all around the place. You can add a unique looking fountain somewhere. And the best part, you can enjoy your nights with garden lanterns.

{ 10 } Hammock Hanging Ideas in Backyard (Via Smith & Vansant Architects | Photo By Rob Karosis)

Hammock Hanging Ideas in Backyard
Hammocks are one of the best ideas where you can just relax and enjoy the sunbathing. You can usually see them in the movies, but it is about time, you get one of these in your backyard. Create a beautiful backyard landscape design by getting a beautiful garden in it. Enjoy your weekends in your garden relaxing in a hammock. It is the Best Backyard Landscaping Idea to enjoy the summer.

{ 11 } Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas (Via AMS Landscape Design Studios)

Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas
If you are looking for something big and magnificent in your backyard, try this best backyard landscaping design. Ask your interior designer to get you the best-designed pools. You can install this as the in-ground pool, and add a fountain somewhere in the corner. To the other side of the pool, get a garden. Swim and enjoy the mornings, evening, night while being in nature.
Landscaping Ideas For Pool AreasCraftsman Lodge Nicasio Via Kerr Construction & Polsky Perlstein Architects | Photo By Jeff Zaruba

{ 12 } Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden (Via Hanselman Landscape and Gardens)

Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden
Take a beautiful walk in your backyard on the black stones perfectly arranged for a good walk. Add a simple bamboo water fountain. You can add some large garden stones on either side to make it look more natural. And you can add the Japanese blood grass in the pathway, while the plants and small trees stay on either side of the pathway.

{ 13 } Eco-Friendly Organic Backyard landscape

Eco-Friendly Organic Backyard landscape
Do you have a great big backyard? Want to know decorate it with the best backyard landscaping ideas? Well, this one is perfect for you. You can turn this into a beautiful garden with roses all around. You can even add some other flowers that can brighten up the garden. And yes, you can walk on the stone theme pathway. Enjoy your mornings and you can perform yoga in this beautiful backyard.
Raised Bed Vegetable GardenRaised Bed Vegetable Garden Via Casa Smith Designs | Photo By Mark Pinkerton

{ 14 } Vertical Garden Wall (Via Proap & Vertical Garden Design)

Vertical Garden Wall
Have you heard of a vertical garden? Well, instead of having the garden on the ground, you can have them on the wall is designed to hold the plants perfectly. This may increase your space. Well, this is a unique backyard landscaping idea. You can add a wooden table with a bench. Do not forget to buy some unique looking vases for your garden.
Vertical Gardening IdeasRittenhouse Courtyard Via Green Eco Walls

{ 15 } Bold Color to your Patio Patio Umbrella (Via A Blade of Grass)

Bold Color to your Patio Patio Umbrella
Do you love Patio Umbrellas? Well, if you love them so much, you can have them with a seating set in your backyard. Add some trees, and plants in your backyard. You can install some of the most beautiful garden plants with different colors. You can enjoy spending time with your friends and family in the shades while enjoying the beautiful view of flowers.

{ 16 } Dining in Backyard Landscape (Via Randle Siddeley)

Dining in Backyard Landscape
If you want to turn your backyard into something beautiful and gorgeous where you can dine with your friends and family, this is the best backyard landscaping idea just for you. All you need to is add some great bushes sliding down the house and keep a beautiful, elegant and classic set of dining set in front of the house. People can eat and enjoy the house back while appreciating your exterior house decoration. You can even add a simple looking fireplace, while accent chairs on either side.
Outdoor Dining IdeasSouth Hampton Via Foley and Cox

{ 17 } Pathway Ideas for Backyard (Via Landscape Images Ltd)

Pathway Ideas for Backyard
If you love bamboo trees, why not add them to your backyard? Buy some great quality bamboo trees and install them in your backyard. This is a simple Asian style backyard landscaping idea. And for the pathway, you can add some great large pieces of rectangular stones where you can walk on. You can add some plants here and there with garden lamps, and enjoy your beautiful backyard.

{ 18 } Gravel Path with Stepping Stones (Via C.O.S Design | Photo By Steve Taylor)

Gravel Path with Stepping Stones
If you found of stones, their sizes, and colors for gardening, why not get this backyard landscaping idea for your backyard design? Get some circularly shaped stepping stones, and install them on the pathway. You can add small sized stones in the middle to even out the pathway. Add some small, thin trees on the sideways, and Add Some Good Lighting to brighten up the backyard garden.

{ 19 } Walkway Shapes Curved (Via Liquid scapes)

Walkway Shapes Curved
Looking for a simple backyard idea with just a simple pathway? Well, try this design. All you need to do is create a curved brick themed pathway. You can green grass all over the place, and install some finest trees all over the sides of the house. You can have a simple large planting area designed like a small wall. This is simple and beautiful indeed.
Curved Walkway Backyard LandscapingGenista Pl Fallbrook Via Zillow

{ 20 } Garden Steps With Sleepers Path Design (Via Scott Brinitzer Design | Photo By Roger Foley)

Garden Steps With Sleepers Path Design
Love steps and stairs in your garden? Well, it is time; you tried our idea for your backyard. Turn your backyard into a beautiful garden with great varieties of plants, and trees. And as you enter the garden from outside, you can design some steps with grasses in the middle of each step. This is a very simple backyard gardening ideas, and it is really amazing.

{ 21 } Brick Walkway Patterns Design

Brick Walkway Patterns Design
Well, in the previous backyard landscaping ideas, I did mention about the brick themed pathway. Why not try this one too? This is quite unique due to its color. It is red and a little maroon. The red bricks are placed in a zigzag manner. You can add some great green grass on the sideways. You can add some trees with a darker shade of grass.

{ 22 } Water Crossing Path (Via Thuilot Associates)

Water Crossing Path
Looking for something fancy for your backyard decoration? Well, why not have a water crossing pathway? Well, you can have a small water pond with few stones installed over it. Or you can have an in-ground water fountain with a crossing path over it. You can place them anywhere in the garden.
Water Crossing Path Backyard Landscaping IdeasCollege Crescent, Swiss Cottage Via John Davies Landscape

{ 23 } Sand and Gravel Garden Path (Via Via GRADY-O-GRADY Construction & Development)

Sand and Gravel Garden Path
Sometimes having something unique will not hurt anyone. You can create your backyard with a sand, gravel garden theme. Just get a simple curvy sand themes pathway in the middle of the garden. You can add grass and some plants to them. You can even flowers to add some colors to your garden. Add a simple tall umbrella where you can sit under it and read a book, and enjoy your time with nature.

{ 24 } Wooden Walkways for Garden (Via Zones Landscaping Specialists)

Wooden Walkways for Garden
Design your backyard garden with simple ideas. You can add a wooden themed platform and add stairs to them, and a pathway connecting to it. You can add a simple in-ground water fountain underneath the pathway you can add the black soil on the side and install plants and some stones.

{ 25 } Living Room Extension with Stone on Grass Pathway (Via Windsor Designer & Contractors | Photo By Paul Crosby)

Living Room Extension with Stone on Grass Pathway
Looking for something classy from your living room? Well, this is the best idea for you. You can add a simple platform, with few flower pots on them. As you step down, you can install grasses all around, with a tree in the middle. You can have a pathway with stones and grass theme. These are basically small grasses in the middle of each stone.

You can enjoy your walk to your living room. You can surround some plants around the tree to give it a little upgrade. It is an amazing Backyard Landscaping Idea.

{ 26 } Backyard Lighting Ideas for a Party

Backyard Lighting Ideas for a Party
It is better sometimes to hold a party with friends or family outside the house, where you can enjoy the lightning, and dinner at the same time. If you’d like to do so, follow this idea. You can install some garden lamps on both sides as you walk through. Install a big garden shade with four pillars. Add lightning from the inside, and have a four seated dinner table under the shade.
Backyard Lighting IdeasStone, Steel & Sculpture Via Aguafina

{ 27 } Decorate Outdoor Trees with Lights (Via McKay Landscape Lighting)

Decorate Outdoor Trees with Lights
Lights! The best way to highlight the beauty of nature or anything around you. If you’d like to upgrade your backyard, try this simple backyard landscaping idea. All you need to do it add some great lighting to highlight the trees. This will definitely look gorgeous at the night time when you are taking your long walk. You can read a book, and enjoy the nature.
Outdoor Lights Trees

{ 28 } Large Outdoor Lanterns for Candles

Large Outdoor Lanterns for Candles
Looking for something to spice up your garden? Well, if you are, you can add a simple looking tree in the middle of the garden, and add some lanterns to it. You can go for antique looking lanterns, and add them to its branches. This will look fabulous on the night.

{ 29 } String Lights Decorating Outdoor (Via Ruffled Blog | Photo By Hello Miss Lovely)

String Lights Decorating Outdoor
We have seen how a couple of string lights will brighten up the carnival festivals. They are also used to decorate the neighborhood when any festivals come by. But if you’d like to decorate your garden, try this idea. Yes! Buy a string light, and decorate your backyard garden with it. You can again, enjoy your night at your garden.

{ 30 } Landscape Lighting Ideas Walkways

Landscape Lighting Ideas Walkways
Having beautiful and a lovely backyard, but you don’t know how to upgrade it a little? Well, try this simple idea to give it a new look. All you need is to add some lightning to the pathway. It is simple, yet an excellent idea. It is something you can try to give it a little boost.

These are the top 30 best backyard landscaping ideas. You can try them in your backyard, and upgrade it looks. You can relax in the garden while performing yoga, reading the book, enjoying alone time with books, having your friends and family over, etc. Sometimes, you need to relax in the presence of nature. Try these fantastic ideas for your backyard.

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