The 25+ Black House Exterior Design of Pure Darkness

The Perfect Black House

As the saying goes “home is where our heart is”. There is no other place like home. Spending time and effort in crafting an artistic exterior gives long-lasting value to your home. While there are various concepts that are available in the market, imagining your home exterior in a dark gothic fashion is unique. Black House Exterior Design is fast becoming a fashionable element that gives meaning to the dark color. Dark themed home is also functional keeping the heat away from home and producing a natural cooling effect. The colors are also extremely durable and protect your home well into the next century.

{ 1 } Black Exterior and Brick Pillar (Via Jean Longpre)

Black Exterior and Brick Pillar
This Scandinavian design has brick and wood concept that makes for an amazing combination. This design is surrounded by lush greenery; you don’t need colors to raise the awe. Get rid of the boring outlook with this black exterior and brick pillar design. The daylight shining on top of the home makes it way more beautiful. The brick pillar gives it a rustic element that is the perfect opposite of the black exterior design. Black House Exterior Design can convert the dullest forest into something majestic. Living in this home makes life a worthwhile affair.

{ 2 } Small House Black Sheds (Via Johannes Norlander | Photo By Rasmus Norlander)

Small House Black Sheds
When you are living in the woods, having a small house would suffice. But having a boring view does not. This black shed design is designed to turn a normal home into an interesting one. This black beauty is surrounded by hilly area. This home exterior blends perfectly with the outside scenario. It does not pretend to be great and that is the attractive point of this design. This sort of black exterior is sought after by many. It excels in highlighting the home’s elements even from a far-off distance.

{ 3 } Modern Board and Batten Siding (Via Alchemy Design Studio)

Modern Board and Batten Siding
This design gives the home exterior a royal touch. It has a modern board and batten siding design that gives an awesome look. The combination of a bright yellow interior with the dark exterior is the creative genius of the architect. The nights in this home are perfect with illuminated interiors and the dazzling woodwork elevates the mood at any time. This Black House Exterior Design is a great way to show off the artistic flair you have always had in your heart. It is time to let open the love with this exterior.

{ 4 } All Black With Bold Pink Door (Via Roger + Chris)

All Black With Bold Pink Door
This exterior design excels in bringing out the coolness of this home. This design is modern, minimalist with amazing woodwork. Adding to the black exterior is the bold pink door that adds unconventionality to this design. This is a deadly combo giving both authenticities with a dash of quirkiness. The wood in the walls adds the royalty effect to this home. This design is stunning to look in all directions and provide a great view. This is a modern Black House Exterior Design with the charm of the grayish place and makes every other home nearby pale in comparison.

{ 5 } Modern Architecture Black Exterior (Via Remy Architects | Photo By Alejandro Peral)

Modern Architecture Black Exterior
Modern architectures don’t follow rules and this one is the pre-runner of it. This home has an unconventional exterior design. The view is augmented multiple times with the black color paint. This is the most amazing thing you can do for your home. This Black House Exterior Design and aesthetics have done wonders for your home. The absolute perfection this home strives for itself is a great reason for giving this idea a try. The ease with which this design impresses the passerby is a testament to the artist’s creative vision.

{ 6 } Metal Trim Facade Black House with Brick Wall (Via Ben Herzog Architect | Photo By Marco Valencia)

Metal Trim Facade Black House with Brick Wall
This design has a metal trim on the exterior that is black in color. This is merged with a brick wall that is arranged perfectly to give a touch of discipline. This design creates a soothing sense in the hearts and the minimalistic design is a symbol of peace. This Black House Exterior Design is a piece of modern art and allows you to add custom designs on top of it. The great efficiency of space and demeanor this design portrays makes it one of the best in the home exterior industry. The choice is yours to take this design to your home and make it wholly yours.

{ 7 } Black House Exterior Design Bird View (Via Powerhouse Company)

Black House Exterior Design Bird View
This is a modern killer design that has metal trim on the facade. This black house with a brick wall is one of a kind and has a great bespoke elemental design. It shows off the luxury and the coziness of the interiors without even taking a peek into it. This sea facing home is the perfect place to relax and have a nice chat with your family. This can be the best thing you gift your loved ones. Surrounded by lush greenery, it is as romantic as it gets. Give a spin to your home with this black house design with a brick wall.
Modern Black House Exterior Design

{ 8 } Modern Victorian Home (Via Vanilla Wood | Photo By Leela Cyd)

Modern Victorian Home
You go to your office and come back in the evening. You would rather be in a stunning Victorian design such as this. The dark black color takes this home exterior to a different level. It also has a gothic vibe if you are a fan of that style. The walls of this home are painted with the dark black with the doors in bright wooden color. This Black House Exterior Design is of amazing quality and has a classic feel to it. Your leisure time with this home is going to be one of the best. Selecting this design is going to be one of the best decisions of your life.

{ 9 } Black House with Wooden Brown Door (Via Lochwood-Lozier | Photo By Belathee)

Black House with Wooden Brown Door
Massive front yards are a dream for many and this design fulfills it perfectly. This black house is contrasted with a brown wooden door that is an ultimate combination. It has taken a judicious approach to enlivening your home. This Black House Exterior Design is sure to take your breath away and the dark black color adds a layer of calmness to the home. It is well designed and maintained with a small garden in the front. It is more like a Scandinavian design with amazing woodwork. All these elements mix together and give this design a look that is par excellence.

{ 10 } Black House Garden on Slope (Via Laurynas Zakevicius | Photo By Leonas Garbacauskas)

Black House Garden on Slope
This amazing house looks like a warehouse with large walls painted in black color. This has a sloping garden that makes this design a heartthrob for many. It also has a wooden side wall that stands tall. They give a massive euphoria while looking. This design elicits a great feeling with the duality of wood and brick. It is a perfect combination of great design with function.

{ 11 } Contemporary Black Exterior with Glass Window (Via Stephen Phillips Architects | Photo By Tim Griffith)

Contemporary Black Exterior with Glass Window
This is a contemporary black exterior that gives your unexplainable levels of happiness and joy. The amazing quality of this design magnifies the effect it has on the onlooker. It is a clear combination of purpose and beauty making it an artistic marvel. This design is out of the world and idiosyncratic. If you want a home that is to become the talk of the town, then this design is the one for you.

{ 12 } Exterior Combination Black and White

Exterior Combination Black and White
While black itself is amazing, the combination of black and white is too good to ignore. This is like a stack of marbles kept in melancholic order. This combination gives a normal home palace like exterior greatly increasing the royal sense. This home stands out from others and is sure to elate everyone who sees it. It is a proof of how artistic design using primary colors can deliver its promise.

{ 13 } Black Farmhouse Exterior (Via Studio Mcgee | Photo By Neustadt Blog)

Black Farmhouse Exterior
This farmhouse has an intelligent combination of black and white. It is one of the major attraction having black outlines on the windows. The white wall personifies calmness and the black design shows off the strength of character. This design is the culmination of modern art and construction engineering interplaying together to give a magnificent view. It has a garden in front that is an added advantage.

{ 14 } Black Exterior with Angled Roof (Via Schouten Architects | Photo By Nate Grant)

Black Exterior with Angled Roof
This black exterior design has a scientific inclination with its angled roof. It has a transparent view in front that gives access to natural light. It makes the atmosphere cheerful and joyful. The rustic dark black roof amazes everyone and widens the creativity of what can constitute a great home. If you want joy in your home, then this design is the one for you. This home exterior fulfills every need of yours.

{ 15 } Concrete and Black Wall Contemporary Exterior (Via Quiniscoe Home & Site Lines Architecture)

Concrete and Black Wall Contemporary Exterior
The mix of concrete, brick and the black wall makes this design exceptional and stand on its own might. This is a unique design with a grand entrance and massive structures. The brick inspired walls are the main attraction in this exterior. If you want to have grandeur, then this black exterior design is the right choice. It is an engineer’s marvel with elements of inventive streaks in it.

{ 16 } Awesome Red House Design with Black Trim (Via Janis Gosbee Design & JDL Homes | PHoto By Alfred Meikleham)

Awesome Red House Design with Black Trim
This bungalow is a dream comes true. With its serene view and plush exteriors, it has all the right elements of an exquisite home. It has an innovative color palette with red painted brick design compounded by dark black trim. The black color highlights the imaginative aesthetics of this design. This original design is an excellent example of mixing different colors to the traditional construction.

{ 17 } Spanish Style Black Door and Window Exterior (Via Estee Stanley | Photo By Christopher Patey)

Spanish Style Black Door and Window Exterior
This home exterior has Spanish style black doors and windows. The large doors symbolize the grandness of the homeowner with little pretense. It is on the side of the swimming pool giving a graceful look. This design has been elegantly executed to the perfection. Having a black trim on the doors and windows are excellent in their own way. It extends its influence on the onlooker subtly.

{ 18 } Black Modern Beach House in Sweden (Via Studio2 Architects | Photo By Simon Wilson)

Black Modern Beach House in Sweden
This is a Modern Beach House That Beats Beauty. It has a large open area with a transparent view of the interiors. The black palette on the walls gives an emotional appeal to the homeowners. Its simplistic yet creative approach to the color is something to look for in every design. You can make your home graceful with this design idea. This beach facing house can be considered the crown jewel of Sweden.

{ 19 } White House with Black Traditional Thatched Roof (Via Dinesen)

White House with Black Traditional Thatched Roof
Who would have thought of giving a traditional thatched roof? It is possible with this design. It turns conventionality on its head giving an indisputable difference compared to any other design. If you want to surprise your neighbors, this is the perfect one. You’ll get the best value for your buck. This is a highly original design with inventiveness written all over it.

{ 20 } Barn Scandinavian Black Exterior (Via oooox Architects)

Barn Scandinavian Black Exterior
Having a Scandinavian style barn in the woods is very easy. What if you want to make it attractive? Black is always there for you. You keep it simple in the building and let the surroundings amplify the effect. The view of a black towering barn in the midst of mountains is something no one has ever thought of. You want to try something new, take advantage of this readymade design.

{ 21 } Dark Exterior Includes Grey, Black Stone and Wood (Via Strand Design | Photo By Chad Holder)

Dark Exterior Includes Grey, Black Stone and Wood
This design has a mixture of elements having Blackstone, grey color, and wooden items. It has been created with a compartmentalized design with one portion having Blackstone and another having wood. That makes this design highly appealing. This style is expressive and gives you a wide range of emotions from euphoria to happiness

{ 22 } Black Brick Villa with Scandinavian Charm (Via K2A | Photo By Nicolas Schimp)

Black Brick Villa with Scandinavian Charm
Want to add charm to your home? You need to have this design. It works perfectly on this villa made of black brick. It exudes a charm none like other. Believe me, black is the hottest color and this design is the perfect example of it. This is an inspirational design created to play songs to your heart. Coupled with its location in the middle of the mountains, this black brick villa is too good to be true.

{ 23 } The Perfect Black House (Via Laurel Bern)

The Perfect Black House
Is there anyone who has not seen the beautiful building of a white house. It’s a beautiful building fully painted with white paint. But have you ever imagine how this building looks in the black color? well, Laurel Bern did some awesome photoshop work to give a black color to the white house and it’s really looking very beautiful in the black color as well. High creativity and enthusiasm have gone into the design of this palace. Being one of the memorable places of your life is sure. Don’t miss a design that can enrich your life.

{ 24 } Beautiful Dark Exterior with Big Window (Via Kanler Construction Company)

Beautiful Dark Exterior with Big Window
This contemporary design is sleek with geometric shapes. It is beautiful with its well-maintained lawn. The big window is an added attraction to this design. It is one of the highly admired designs in the region with visitors giving rave reviews about its looks and beauty. It is a seductive design and is quite an eyeful.

{ 25 } Ultra Modern Family Home Black Two-story Exterior (Via Peter A. Sellar)

Ultra Modern Family Home Black Two-story Exterior
Do you want to have a family home that is plush with authenticity? Try out this exterior design. This two storied building is something that has increased all expectations that an exterior can offer. The lights with illumination make this design a classy retreat.

{ 26 } Mid-sized Urban Black Industrial Exterior (Via Tommy Hein Architects)

Mid-sized Urban Black Industrial Exterior
Urban areas are always congested, but your creativity is not. You can convert a regular home into an impressive masterpiece with this exterior design. This building is massive at towering heights, and black makes it even more captivating. This is a great design to choose for your home.

To give a meaning to your home, you don’t need colors; black can do it for you. The creativity unleashed by these Black House Exterior Designs is unmatched. You would definitely enjoy living in this home with your loved ones. It is well worth to give a try to remodel your home in this way. We have done the hard work and listed you the top 26 dark home exterior ideas. Now it is your time to visit your nearest home designers to get the best they have to offer.

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