Home Project: Full of Mix Color Bohemian Style Apartment in Paris

Colorful Bohemian Style Apartment in Paris

The city of love; Paris, is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. The music is soft, yet heart touching. The streets are flowing with French architecture. And young teens are dreaming of moving out once they hit their 18th birthday. We all had the dream of moving out of the house once we turn 18 and we dreamt of the day when we decorate our apartment all by our self and our ideas. So, if you are French or moved to France, and are looking for ideas to decorate your apartment, why not try our bohemian style apartment. This is unique and popular interior styles for anyone out there. It has a classic touch to it. It is exquisite with the best collection of furniture.

Cécile Figuette‘s apartment certainly doesn’t miss out on beauty! Full of mix color and bohemian style apartment in Paris.

The creator & designer of this apartment Maison Bien Fait had chosen to mix several decorative styles to give a stunning beauty to this apartment. Hence, graphic wallpapers, Berber carpets, kilims, mocked and contemporary furniture tastefully match each other.

Photos © Julie Ansiau For EllE France

Colorful Living Room

Creative Loft Space in Colorful Livingroom
Ah! The living room is the best place to hang out with friends and enjoy the talk time with a wine glass of white wine. If your apartment has an excellent supply of sunlight, then this style decor idea is just for you. Starting with the walls, go white! Keep some potted plants at any corner of the room that is close to the window glass. You can decorate the place with different kinds of furniture with different colors. Get the best dark toned 3 seated sofa, and place it right in front of the window. Add a bean bag, different style chairs. And don’t forget to add a unique style carpet.

Bohemian Style Apartment

Bohemian Style Small Apartment Living Room
If you are a fan of bohemian theme and wanted to apply it in your living room, then this Beautiful Bohemian Living Room Design can be a perfect reference for you. If you love to have something that reminds you of the 1970’s, opt for this style. You decorate your apartment with a medium sized table with drawers, and cabinets. Add a simple mirror to it, to see you being awesome every day. You can a potted indoor plant if you like. Add some unique style chairs here and there. And voila! Your apartment is ready. Get a simply designed rug for your bohemian style apartment.

Wall Decor & Living Sofa

Bohemian Interior Living Sofa
Sometimes, all you need to do is add the best and fancy wallpapers, and voila! You have updated the apartment. So, if you want to decorate this apartment of yours, start with the best 2 seated sofa. Place it next to the wall. You can add some indoor potted plants, and make sure to place them in front of the window. If you have a large window glass, you should definitely take advantage of this style. Get a simple tripod stool. Get the best wallpaper for your apartment. If you want something fancy yet eye-catching, go for a black and white look.

Mirror Decoration

Mirror Decoration Ideas
If you love to have a mirror table around, try this bohemian style. Just get a simple and ordinary looking mirror table. It needs to have different colors that make’s it fancy. Add some indoor potted plants such as the cactus for example. Keep it simple as possible. Add some seating arrangements on either side. Get a beautiful white carpet with black design, and place it in the middle of the room. Make sure that it is placed in front of the mirror table.

Thorn Pot – Indoor Plant Decoration

Thorn Pot
If you love gardening, but your apartment is too small to make your dreams come true. Why not do a simple decoration of your apartment with some potted plants. Almost everyone has a potted cactus with them. Taking care of is easy. You get different kinds of cactus, and you buy them and decorate your bohemian style apartment with it. You can also, add the pecan tree to the plant family at your place.

Bohemian Living Rug

Bohemian Living Room Rug
Simple yet elegant design for a living room! This is what others will say when they will see your living room like this. Paint the walls white, hang a wind chime to enjoy the soft music of it, hang an oval mirror on the wall and your favorite picture. The white table below the mirror blends well with the wall paint and add a more sophisticated look to the room. White means peace, decor your living room like this to enjoy the peace.

Wooden Staircase

Wooden Floor Colorful Rug Stair
Well, first of all, make your walls white. Let it have a simple look. And if you have a staircase somewhere with some space nearby, try this bohemian style. If you love classical music or the hipster music, get the 1970’s radio or the music player, or the music box. Add a CD and play it. You can enjoy your music taste any time of the day. Add some potted plants, and upgrade it look.

Bookshelf Stand

Small Open Floor Bookshelves
Do you have a collection of books? Well, what are you waiting for then? Get an open bookshelf without doors. Install it at your apartment at any corner of the apartment. Place your books in different order to create a fancy look. You can add a medium-sized seashell on a book. You can add any paper holders, table decorators, and anything you like. Make sure to place the books in a different order, as you can place them diagonal, horizontal, and vertical ways. Always keep the heavy book at the bottom. Again, love potted plant? Place a large potted plant on the top shelf.

Kitchen: White Cabinets, Wood Countertop, Black Drawer

Small Kitchen White Cabinets Wood Countertop Black Drawer
Get this simple kitchen look for your bohemian style apartment. Just get wooden styled kitchen slabs. You can use a simple table on it, to place fruit basket, cookie jar, etc. You can even place a ceiling lamp. Get the best aluminum cabinets with a place to install your microwave to it. Make sure to organize your kitchen items in the right way and direction. Being a clean freak will not hurt anyone!

Footwear Organizer

Shoes Storage Ideas With Triangle Design Colorful Wallpaper
If you are the kind of person to own more than 3 pairs of footwear or have different kinds of footwear, try this idea for organizing your footwear. First of all, get the fancy looking wallpaper. It needs to be very colorful and handsome. You can then install a white colored shell to it. Just get a unique style. Add your shoes, heels, office shoes, sneakers, and etc. This is perfect for your bohemian style apartment.

Kid’s Room Sketch Wallpaper

Kids Room Sketch Wallpaper
Just like a white wall, try getting a bed, the bed sheets white. Place your bed next to the wall. You can add a simple, small size wall curtain. Wall curtains have always been popular, and this bohemian style apartment, try getting a unique piece.

Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom White Decoration
Most of the peoples love to choose the one particular theme for the home decor, But if you are a kind of person who always loves to try the different theme for each room. Then why not give a try to this Colorful Bohemian Bedroom Design. It will give a stunning and charming look to your bedroom and if you have a kid or kids and want to decorate their room in the simplest manner ever, this is the style suitable for your taste. Just add a simple rug in the middle of a room. You can add a study table in front of a window with a small globe on it. You can add some simple artworks on the wall. If your kid loves dogs, add a dog wall frame. And lastly, place a table next to his or her bed with a lamp next to it. Add kids chair here and there.

Cécile Figuette

Colorful Bohemian Style Apartment of Cecile Figuette
If you are a fan of taking pictures and selfies. Well, try getting this style with the best background. First of all, get the wall white. Add a charcoal, black sketch theme artwork with any animal, and large leaves and flowers. You can place a bright blue accent chair, with some round shaped bean bags placed on a unique rug. Well, if there is a great lightning, go for it! This is the best part of you bohemian style apartment.

Well, these are the top simplest and the best ideas for decorating for your bohemian style apartment. In France, people like simplicity. It isn’t like in the UK where everything needs to have a luxury look. French are very simple yet elegant in their style. So, if you are a French or moved to France, get this style in your apartment, and enjoy the life of Paris.

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