6 Easy Everyday Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners


Jonny was a jovial four-legged-friend. He was playful and friendly. Hardly would five minutes pass before he lands on my shoulder. 

But there was a core problem; he could poop a lot, drug his body on the sofas, thereby leaving fur on them. When I allowed him to go out after a rainy day, he could walk in and leave mud-filled steps behind him. I was drained. How do I maintain my house clean with this dude? It wasn’t until I learned a few cleaning tips from Glimmr Manchester that I got my house in order again. 

Clean the Litter Box

Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

Regardless of how many times a day you wash your dog or brush him, if you do not scoop the litter box and clean it, your home will always have an odor. Depending on the eating habit of your dog, you might have to scoop poop once or twice a day.

Over time, the litter box will get damp. Hence, empty it once a week and clean it thoroughly. Also, invest in a new litter box after a couple of months.

Regularly Brush Your Dog(s)

Dog fur, especially with breeds such as Saint Bernard, Siberian Husky, and the German Shepherd, can be a real hustle. You have to deal with fur in your home so often. The trick is to regularly brush your dog. 

Nonetheless, use the right fur brushing tools to eliminate chances of brushing away too much fur, which could eventually have negative impacts. If uncertain of the right tools, consult your vet. Brushing him bi-weekly would be ideal. 

Bath Him Regularly

Besides brushing your dog, give him regular showers. A clean dog coat equals an odorless dog. Also, regularly cleaned dogs don’t shed fur regularly. You can bathe him once a week depending on where you live or where he spends his day. Even so, only use the recommended dog cleaning products, preferably the natural ones. 

Thoroughly Clean All toys and Pet Collars

Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners1

If the material of the dog collar and toys allow soaking in hot water, soak for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Add enough shampoo to deep clean and remove all odors. Next, remove the items and rinse with clean cold water. Eventually, allow them enough time to dry. Alternatively, use a dishwasher to clean them.  

Clean Dog bedding with Baking Soda

When dealing with odors in your home, always use baking soda as it neutralizes them. Washing all dog beddings with baking soda is a sure bet, too. It kills insects and bacteria. One thing though, only buys dog beds whose covers can be wiped or removed for washing. Otherwise, you’ll be in for trouble with odor and insects such as bedbugs!

Place Mats at The Door

After having a walk with your dog around your home, he’ll likely get dusty or muddy depending on the weather conditions. Allowing him in the house before wiping his paws means your house will get messy too. 

How about you have clean water by the door so that your dog walks on it before stepping on the outside door mat? Water loosens the dirt or mad while the rug wipes them all away. The inside mat will help dry his paws completely.

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