How to Clean Upholstery in 6 Steps?

Woman cleaning couch with vacuum cleaner at home

A sofa or a chair is one of the most common places we use to get some relaxation or make ourselves comfortable while watching TV or chat with guests. And these places are the most common place where you spill water or food or even drink unconsciously. Your kids may also be involved with that. So, cleaning the upholstery can be difficult as you may need to take extra care while clearing. 

Some people may feel afraid to clean the upholstery as cleaning may damage it more. However, you can follow some steps to clean your upholstery smoothly without damaging it. Following are the six steps you may follow.

Step 1: Check the type of the fabric

This is the foremost task before starting the cleaning process as different fabric types need different materials and clean. Usually, upholsteries are leveled with the fabric codes. You will need to understand those codes properly before starting the cleaning process. The codes are-

  • S- this can be cleaned through dry cleaning detergent.
  • WS- A steam cleaner essential to clean this kind of fabric.
  • X- Only a vacuum cleaner can clean this fabric.
  • W- Water or steam is needed while cleaning.

Step 2: Select your necessary tools

Clean Upholstery1

Once you know the fabric types, read carefully the tools needed to clean that specific type of fabric. However, you can also read the user guide or manuals to know the necessary tools you need. Once the tools and essentials are ready, you can try it on a small portion of the upholstery to check if it works. Additionally, if you need help from any professionals, click here to book Cleanzen maid.

Step 3: Act fast during the cleaning

When you start the cleaning with the necessary tools, avoid cleaning in the same place over and over. This can damage the fabric and cost you some bucks to repair. If the sofa or upholstery needs to soak with fluid or water, make sure you soak it properly and dry as soon as possible.

Step 4: Take off the cupboards

Sometimes the seat or upholstery can be raised from the bottom part. So, you can make the upholstery separate from the furniture and do the clean separately instead of cleaning the whole furniture. This may help you clean the small or hidden part of the upholstery and the furniture.

Step 5: Rinse and dry

Clean Upholstery2

Most of the upholstery needs to rinse before you clean it. Moreover, you may also rinse with some recommended fluid which can speed up the cleaning process. So, after you rinse and clean it, drying it, fasters are highly essential. You will have to dry the position as soon as possible. If you leave the water or fluid for a longer period of time, there are possibilities that the upholstery might get damaged. 

Step 6: Check again

After you are completed with the cleaning, check the portion carefully. See if all the stains are gone. If you still find the stains, you may need to clean again. 


These 6 steps would certainly make your upholstery cleaning process easier. However, some special upholstery may require strictly following the product manual, which you should follow and avoid our process.

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