10 Easy Makeup Tricks for Those with Oily Skin


If you have oily skin, you know the troubles that come with it. You start the day with a nicely made-up face but by lunchtime, all the makeup starts sliding off and you end up looking like a complete mess. If you’ve had such mirror scares, read on!

Dealing with oily skin is a daunting task, especially complicated by makeup. However, some of the following simple tricks can turn around your game completely.

1. Follow a skincare routine to prep your face for makeup

Cleansing and toning your face before you get started are essential. It’s like wiping the slate clean to give yourself a fresh start. You don’t want oil and grime to pile makeup on!

Use a mild but effective cleanser to get rid of all the impurities that have accumulated on the skin. Also, tone your face with a rose water toner or anything that suits your skin to calm it down and reduce pores. Toner will also reduce inflammation and reduce the chances of breakouts.

Washing your face is the most basic and essential step of your daily routine. Our skin comes in contact with environmental pollutants, dirt, and other factors each day that should be gently removed. Wash twice a day, morning and night, to avoid clogged pores, dullness, and acne. Since facial skin is very delicate, choose soaps with natural ingredients. Give priority to soaps without artificial colours or fragrances. For example, aloe soap, soap made with natural rose petals, jojoba, and avocado oil as well as goat milk soap provide intense nourishment, moisture, and hydration for your sensitive skin.

Together, cleansing and toning will give your skin an even texture and let your makeup stick on for longer. They also reduce pore size to give your makeup a smoother finish.

2. Use light moisturizers with sunscreen

Before jumping the gun and getting started with the makeup, there’s yet another step left to complete in your skincare routine for oily skin. After cleansing and toning, hydrate your skin with a light, non-greasy moisturizer. 

Many people skip moisturizing because it seems counter-intuitive for oily skin. But moisturizing helps with oil control! Washing off the natural oil from the skin during cleansing only triggers it to produce more oil to protect the moisture barrier. Moisturizing provides that protection and prevents the skin from over-producing oil.

Also, look for a moisturizer with a SPF or sun protection factor. UV radiation can do a lot of damage by triggering the skin and causing inflammation. This is crucial for those who spend time outdoors.


3. Always start your makeup with a primer

Priming your face before you get on with the foundation and concealer is an absolute must, especially for oily skin. One, it helps to further smooth out the skin and give it an even texture. Secondly, it helps with controlling oil production. Most importantly, it works like glue to hold your makeup and prevent it from sliding off. Do you want long-lasting makeup? Prime, prime, prime.

4. Work in thin layers

Use a blending sponge to apply as little product as you can. With makeup, less is more! If you think you need more concealing, layer on. But instead of slathering on a thick mass of foundation and concealer, work in thin layers. This will ensure you get a more natural finish and prevent your makeup from becoming patchy after some time.

5. Use a translucent setting powder

A setting powder will give your skin a matte finish – you’ll agree that’s highly desirable for oily skin! Use a damp sponge to pat the powder all over your face. Finish off with a powder brush and a light hand to blend it in further.

Don’t overdo it though! A thin layer should be enough to cut the shine. Too much will make your makeup look patchy. 

6. Use non-comedogenic skin products

This is extremely crucial for oily skinners. It sounds like a mouthful but ‘non-comedogenic’ simply means non-pore-clogging. Use makeup that is oil-free and doesn’t settle in the pores to clog them.

Oily skin is cursed with acne of all kinds – blackheads, whiteheads and pimples too! This is because the excess oil mixes with dead skin and dirt to accumulate in the pores and block them. Sometimes, they can get infected too to form pimples and painful lesions. Non-comedogenic products reduce this risk and keep your skin healthy and acne-free!


7. Use ‘long-wear’ products

Oil and sweat tend to break down your makeup which is what makes your 2 pm face look like a nightmare. Look for products specifically designed as water-proof and smudge-proof for a long-lasting finish. Long-wear products are formulated differently, with different ingredients to stay on for a longer time than traditional makeup.

8. Keep blotting paper always handy

Always carry blotting paper with you – it’ll serve as your best friend, especially mid-day when your face may start developing that dreadful oily shine. Pat the blotting paper on the skin to allow it to absorb all the excess oil. Don’t wipe, simply press it on the areas of the skin that are oily.

9. Don’t forget to take off your makeup and cleanse your skin before bed

This trick doesn’t sound exactly like a makeup trick but be sure it is! Leaving makeup on overnight clogs up the pores and leads to skin breakouts. If your skin has a bumpy texture or is riddled with scars caused by acne, there’s only so much makeup can conceal!

Taking care of your skin is essential if you want your makeup to give you the best look. Cleansing and toning before going to bed also helps with oil control. They also allow your skin to repair and rejuvenate through the night which cannot happen if it’s still covered with layers of makeup. Add a night cream to your night routine to encourage healing and keep those wrinkles and fine lines at bay.


10. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week

The problem with oily skin is the excess oil that messes up with makeup so oil-control will help you go a long way! Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator to deep-cleanse the pores and slough off the dead skin layer. This reduces the chances of acne and gives your skin an even texture. This, in turn, means a better makeup finish.

Clay masks are a good choice for oily skin. You can also explore konjac sponges which work as blackhead extractors. They have the right abrasion that makes them effective without wounding the skin. Several homemade fruit and botanical oil masks are also worth a try to achieve that much-needed oil control.

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