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50s Hairstyles – 20 Vintage Hairstyles of 1950

Over the last century, Hairstyles have continued to evolve. Also every decade it seems to have its own look. The 1950s produced a broad assortment of original and unique styles, impersonated with a traditional new age twist. Just as the look now is straight and sleek, the look back in the 1950s was more youthful. The 1950s was a time of innovative and flamboyant hairstyles, some of which even today continue to inspire hair artists. 1950’s vintage fashion summons up images of Grease, Marilyn, Grace Kelly’s iconic lace wedding dress, girls in petticoats sipping milkshakes and housewife chic in shiny diners. These are the trends that come through the years, with vintage fashion from the era.

Popular stars who have inspired most women were Audrey Hepburn, Leslie Caron, Sophia Loren, Doris Day and Brigitte Bardot. Either you like the soft curls falling freely on your shoulders or the long wavy hair bouncing with the breeze, the predominant style was feminine and romantic back in the 1940s. In the 1950s the look became more glamorous. In the beginning years of the 1950s, the most popular hairstyle was the ponytail. During this time every woman aimed to look fashionable and well groomed. The order of the day was refined hair rituals and hairstyles.

These hairstyles have made a glorious come back. Here some great 50s hairstyles that is worth styling:

{ 1 } The Clipped Bob Look

50s Hairstyles

This is one very classic hairstyle look that brings the 50’s bob cut look pretty well. Women whose hair is short can get this look. It imparts a very neat and classy look. You can pair up a good hair clip as it will add up to the style quotient. Getting this look is extremely easy. You just require a clip and a comb and you are all set to look good.

{ 2 } Fringe And Bun

50s Hairstyles
The 50’s era was a time when women embraced hairstyle that was slightly dramatic and had volume. This Fringe and bun combo was quite popular in the early times. This hairstyle incorporates a bun on the crown area of the head, and the front has fringes so to cover the broad forehead. Also, this hairstyle makes for an ideal party hairdo.

{ 3 } The Monroe Curls

50s Hairstyles
This hairstyle was highly popular and an inspired one from Merlin Monroe, the famous movie actress of that era. It is usually on a woman with short hair length that can go for this look. This look can bring just the diva in you and gives a sheer glamorous look. The front curls which are more like waves can give you a flamboyant and stylish look.

{ 4 } The One Side Curl Highlight Look

50s Hairstyles
This look is all about fashion, being bold and sporting the clean look. In this hairdo, the primary focus of the hairstyle is not carrying much volume yet carrying a legacy. This look can be the talk of the even. This look can be carried on both by official purpose and unofficial events.

{ 5 } The Buffet Bob Hair Cut

50s Hairstyles
Something which is very classy and brings out the mystery of the era is this haircut called the buffet bob haircut. This will look appropriate for women who have short hair and the best part it adds a lot of volume to the crown area. Also, this hairstyle is very easy to do one. You can insert a buffet bun inside and then come your natural hair on top of it. The height adds to the elegance of the hairdo.

{ 6 } Croissant Fringe

50s Hairstyles
Have you done something flamboyant and bold off late? If you are among them who wants to be extremely fashionable and can pull an out of the box look gracefully, then you have tuned up in the right place. This hairstyle adds all the edge and glamour that it can, and on top of that it also adds the edge to the look. The fringe takes a massive portion of air and is placed in intricate croissant like patter and is curled up. This look will require curlers and hair setting spray.

{ 7 } The Side Irish Look

50s Hairstyles
This look has its own grace and feminine charm to it. The appeal of this 50’s era hairstyle is its prettiness and potential of accessorizing with ornaments. This hairstyle has wavy side locks that can be clipped, or ornate hair broaches can be put on it for that glam look. This hairstyle suits best on women with short hair.

{ 8 } The Classic 50s Hairstyles

50s Hairstyles
This hairstyle can be spotted on a lot of movies of that era. The style was neat, pretty flaunting the curls on the bob end bottoms. This hairstyle too suits best on women with short or medium length hair. To create the look neatly comb your hair and make a side partition the front has a curve and the bottoms have rolled.

{ 9 } The Teen Buffet Look

50s Hairstyles
This look is all about creating a very refreshing and young look from the 1950’s era. This hairstyle suits best in girls having long hair. The hair needs to be sectioned in a top buffet hairstyle, and the front section is cut out in fringes. The rest half is left to hang lose. The crown area adds to the height factor as well due to the volume there. This hairstyle has a very cheerful effect to it and can be a good one for college fest or such other events.

{ 10 } The Bow Tie Look

50s Hairstyles
This hairstyle is the quintessential 50’s era look that is all about the exorbitant cuteness along with the touch of domesticity. This hairstyle can really add to your persona. You can take this look for a busy outdoor day enjoying with friends and family. You gather up your hair and tie it in and wrap with a broad ribbon or cloth making a bow. A satin or a georgette cloth will do! So it is easy and inexpensive and is plain stylish.

{ 11 } Crown Rolls

50s Hairstyles
Well here a lot of drama is going on. If there is a retro party, then you just cannot miss out on this hairstyle. As the name suggests, the idea is much about highlighting the front head. The hair sections are taken in equal volumes and rolled in a little larger circles towards the side. The rest have is curled and tied down neatly. This hairstyle was another very famous hairstyle of the 1950s.

{ 12 } The Ringlet Curls

50s Hairstyles
Pretty and patterned look, this hairstyle is just way too pretty. One can even consider this hairstyle for an event as special as one’s wedding. This hairstyle incorporates ring-like patterns on the side of the hair. This hairstyle is pretty versatile. Women with long hair or short or medium hair can incorporate this look. Also, one critical thing is that this hairstyle requires a hair setting spray for it to stay in place. You can ring then taking fine strands of the side hair and then pin it on one side with the help of the clips. You can accessorize as well.

{ 13 } The Bob Wave

50s Hairstyles
Imagine the ball gowns and the hats and the fan and an era with the essence of sepia mode. Well, this look touches the essence of all these. This look is an immaculate one and is a no messy look. This look is for women having boys cut or short hairstyle. It does not require much effort. Apply hair gel and create a wave and set the hair. It is just smooth on the front and looks absolutely gorgeous.

{ 14 } The Poodle Cut Hairstyle

50s Hairstyles
This was another very popular hairstyle from the ’50s. The poodle cut is short cute and very easy to maintain. Great for the summers when you want to shun of bothering about hair loss but can’t let go of fashion.

{ 15 } Soft Bob Hairstyle

50s Hairstyles
This hairstyle indeed had a modest volume that women with less thick hair could style up. Sometimes with rolled curls all over or at times with a middle partition. It was shaped to give a frame to the face of a woman. Volume on the sides, Close to the head, and side rolls it was a very popular and versatile hairstyle that has created an equal buzz in the present fashion world.

{ 16 } One Fall Style

50s Hairstyles
A classic movie date and this hairstyle glides smoothly like a pancake with topped up honey. This hairstyle has that edge, that element of going a bit extra yet not going overboard. This style is something that if carried well can indeed be the center of attraction. It has a hint of mystery to it. Audrey Hepburn from the 50’s era rocked this look like a pro.

{ 17 } Side Parted Combed Hair

50s Hairstyles
The difference between medium hairstyles and short hairstyles were minimal. This short hairstyle is what is described as sleek, and this particular style trend is showing up a lot in the late 21st-century fashion. This hairstyle has imbibed the essence of the vintage and so well with a contemporary trend that this hairstyle is starring on the charts. This hairstyle is very easy on the maintenance and creation department and a definite thumbs up for short hairdo which is quick and smart.

{ 18 } Headbands Hairdo

50s Hairstyles
Bandanas headbands and hair scarves were often matched with ponytails and some bobs. Bangs were draped softly in front with and rolled ends flopping forward. A broad ribbon was placed over the top and tied at the base of the neck. Headbands could be used around short hair too, particularly going into the 1950’s era. Earlier in the late 50s, a thin plastic headband was in trend which was then replaced by the soft ribbon headband. Women can even use their thin scarf to tie hair in a large bow. Large chiffon throws were wrapped around the head for going to the beach or traveling. These hairstyles protected the hair from dust and rough weather without compromising on fashion.

{ 19 } The Side Shaft

50s Hairstyles
This hairstyle too was very famous and could be spotted both in the vintage era as well as the present fashion industry. This look is again for short fashionable hairstyle which fits perfectly in the busy schedules of contemporary lifestyle and fashion. Not much needs to be done for this. The look gives a slightly messy outlook yet exuberates what is known as carefully careless look.

{ 20 } The Side Part

50s Hairstyles
As the 50’s era was a time which was just way too glorious the side partition was much in vogue. This hairstyle was dramatic, fashionable and could be sported on short or bob cut hair lengths. This hairstyle can make anyone look very beautiful.

As the 1950s progressed, hairstyles for women were increased rapidly, women started to experiment more with their hair forming various styles and cuts. There were variety of styles for short, medium as well as long hair. These wanted blow-drying and hairspray to keep their volume. Your hairstyles can do wonders; it can give you a lift to your self-esteem and also you can gain confidence by grooming your personality. With a beautiful and proper hairstyle, a person’s facial appearance is enhanced, and that guy stands out from the crowd.

The first and foremost reason to select a good hairstyle is that they can enhance their look and personality by using the right hairstyles. To choose the proper hairstyle, one should primarily think of their face shape. These old yet in trend hairstyle will surely give you a makeover. For once you can give it a try making sure that you are carrying a trendy hairstyle which suits your face. So, what are you waiting for? At the end of it all, change is the way of life. So once in a while, it is not that bad an idea to experiment with new looks. Try your vintage hairstyle today and bring in the diva in you with the above mentioned lovely hairstyles.

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