3D architectural rendering firm: universal choice for creating the perfect product

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Do you want to create a breathtaking three-dimensional image to sell a new development or design? A 3D rendering company can help you generate beautiful, flexible scenery that matches the vision you would like to convey. 

Why use a 3D rendering company?

There are several reasons why you might choose to use 3D rendering services, depending on your industry and business. eCommerce companies use 3D renders to mock-up products for presale on their websites, movies use 3D rendering as a cost-effective way of creating impactful action scenes or animated films, and architects use 3D rendering to showcase buildings before construction starts. 

Here’s why 3D architectural visualization services are so handy: 

The Lightning

Photography can be tricky because the quality of the shoot is affected by lighting. A 3D architectural rendering firm can set the exact mood that you want, no matter what the weather is. You can enjoy the perfect sunset or bright sunny day. There’s no need to worry about cloud cover ruining your shot. You have control over the season, time of day, weather, angle of the sun, and more. You can also control indoor light, softening or sharpening shadows to make the interior design of the space really pop. 

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When your project is unfinished or still in the planning stages, you can count on a 3D architectural rendering company to bring your vision to life long before construction starts. Architects, property developers, and markets use 3D renders to test their projects or test a variety of decor options before investing in props, paint, and interior design work. You can also modify the designs over time to test out different concepts and perspectives to find the scene that really works for you. It’s also a great way of catching errors and design flaws before committing to a final design. 

Cost-cutting marketing tool

You can maintain marketing and branding consistency over time with minimal effort and cost. Sure, a 3D visualization agency doesn’t come cheap, but modifications and updates certainly are. You don’t need to produce or reproduce anything on-site. You also don’t need to hire photographers, interior decorators, lighting specialists, equipment, or props to style your shoot. Everything can be done in-house, from a computer.


3D rendering provides precision measurements within the rendering, which makes it more realistic and accurate than digital drawings. You’ll be able to add specific measurements and dimensions for width, height, and depth. You can also manipulate the precise distance between pieces of furniture and add the exact specs of items. 


With a 3D render, your client can easily digest and understand what the finished product will look like. If they don’t have the same architectural or product design knowledge as you, they won’t be able to interpret the blueprints or 2D drawings you have created, but they can understand a 3D visualization with ease. That way, they can provide feedback and input before the project even starts. 

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How to pick a rendering studio

The best way to determine whether or not an artist is right for you is to ask for their references and portfolio. Do a little online sleuthing to find out if there are any negative reviews out there and make sure that the images in their online portfolio were created in-house. Some companies outsource rendering – which can drive up the cost. 

You should also be careful when hiring a freelancer. Sometimes an artist will break away on their own and leave a large firm where they had an entire team and expensive hardware and software at their disposal. Make sure that the work they are presenting can be reproduced with the resources currently at their disposal. 

Pricing can vary dramatically from firm to firm. Some freelancers charge as little as $50 for an image; others charge $5000. The price will generally depend on the complexity of your image. The best way to keep your costs low is to share your requirements upfront so that the firm can make recommendations that will produce an image within your budget. 


A 3D rendering company can give your business a real edge. Do your homework and avoid bargain-hunting. You’ll soon find the best fit for the project. 

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