What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick?

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Are you confused about which siding color would be perfect for your red brick home exterior? Finding the right siding color can be challenging for a variety of reasons, as there are multiple variations of red brick and siding colors. For example, red brick looks good with almost all siding colors like black, white, red, gray, green, etc. 

Both structural design elements are considered to be complementary to each other. Using the right siding color with a red brick exterior will help hide structural flaws in your home. This will make the design of your house look more attractive. 

Depending on your color choice, there are plenty of exciting new colors to use for your exterior siding. For your convenience, we will explain here what color siding can go with red brick.

Red Brick And Siding Color Combinations

The exterior of your home should reflect your personality. And you can do this by choosing the right siding color, especially when you have a red brick exterior. There are many ways to make red brick and siding combinations paint when creating brick exterior designs. Here we have presented some ideas of red brick and siding color combinations.


White is known as a clear, classic, and ultimate natural color. It provides a crisp and sharp contrast with almost any color scheme, including red brick color. Using white siding, you can bring light to the exterior of your red brick home. Also, the bright white siding will add a uniform texture. This helps draw attention to the contrasting siding color and the red brick.


If you want a classic modern look outside your home, black will be a good siding color. Black color siding gives excellent contrast to red brick. The combination of dark black color with red brick in your home creates an eye-catching siding color as an accent. Usually, the black color allows the brightness of the surrounding color to create a mysterious vibration.


Red is a warm primary color that can be a great combination with your red brick exterior. The combination of red with brick red can create the effect of a mixture through continuous use of the same color. Although dark red has a rich brown undertone, combining it with red brick will bring out the aesthetic beauty of your home. 


Green siding can be an excellent option for combining with your red brick. The matching green with red brick creates a beautiful and soft shade outside your home. There are many options to choose from in green siding. For example, a moss shade of green is an exotic accent to a red brick house. 


Consider using a brown shade if you wish a dark warm complementary color to your house’s red brick. Brown is a deep, versatile, and warm shade that makes a bright orange-red shade with red bricks. You can give your siding a light or dark brown color to give your home a traditional look. This look is very attractive when houses are standing on the street.


Brown is a deep, versatile, and warm shade that makes a bright orange-red shade with red bricks. This helps in contrasting the warm tone of red brick. Also, gray can be used as an accent color to bring balance and stability to a modern or traditional home. When you combine this color with red brick, it can make your exterior warmer and more attractive.


Blue is a cool and traditional color that can be an excellent alternative to the exterior color. When pairing blue siding with red brick, it will offer a vibrant and bold contrast. This combination will provide a sharp line to finish this bold and elegant exterior of your home.

Best Way To Match Siding To Brick?

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Brick exterior helps to give your home a classic look. The exterior will look more beautiful with the right siding color. Below we have explained how you can match different siding colors with brick.

Exact Match

Choose a siding color that closely pairs with your brick to make your home’s exterior look cohesive. Following the above discussion, you might have understood the different color combinations. Using the desired siding color, you can give your home’s exterior a unified look. 

Architectural Type

The design of your home strongly impacts the color of its siding. For this, you should know which siding colors complement your home. For example, if your home is Victorian-style architecture, you can use deep siding paint or somber. To give your house a minimalist look, you should use neutral colors.

Bold Contrast

Picking out a siding shade that distinguishes your brick would be a good option to make your home stronger than a neutral color. Strong contrast will help catch the attraction to brick. For example, a pair of red bricks with saga green or navy siding will create a strong combination that will be appealing more. 


If you want to keep your exterior’s look simple and clean, picking the natural siding color is the best option. In that case, you can use white siding color whether your brick is red, brown, or gray. This will give your home a classic appearance. In addition, the mortar will be a good option if you are doubtful about what shade to choose. It is usually a neutral shade combination of white, brown, cream, or red that helps to match your exterior’s complete look together.

What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick

Almost any siding color will look good with red brick, whether you choose white, black, red, brown, or blue. All of these siding colors will coordinate with red brick. You can use black or blue siding colors to get a deeper siding color with your red brick. On the other hand, use red or white to get warm siding with the red bricks. Both of these colors will make your home appear more beautiful. Consider using vinyl if you want a more durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance siding than stone or wood. With this, you can paint any color and don’t require any maintenance.

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What Things Should You Consider When Choosing A Siding Color?

While picking a siding color for the red brick exterior, there are many things to keep in mind. These things will assist you in exploring the perfect siding color that matches with red brick.

  • Roof Color: Your roof may already have a color. When choosing a siding color, you should pick one that perfectly matches your roof color and the brick.
  • Mail Box: The color of your mailbox should be considered as it strongly impacts your home exterior. You should choose a siding color that won’t conceal the mailbox.
  • Gutters: Gutters are another thing you need to consider. Usually, gutters are colored white and sometimes come in a variety of colors.
  • Driveway: The color and material of your driveway will impact your house exterior. Asphalt or concrete goes with almost every color. But if you have a paved driveway, you should consider its color.
  • Retaining Walls: Retaining walls is also a good factor you need to consider, especially when it comes to curb appeal. 
  • Railings and Columns: If your house railings and columns are painted, you have to consider those colors when choosing your siding. If all columns and railings are white, you don’t have to be concerned.


Using the right siding color with red brick helps create an excellent exterior. This will satisfy not only you but also people who see it. The good thing is there are quite a lot of options to choose as we have already shared and explained above. 

You can pair any siding color with red brick based on your preference. Your personal preference for exterior colors is all that matters. However, the things described above should be considered while choosing a siding color. This will support you in discovering the ideal color for your red brick home.

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