13 Best Exercise for Pregnant Women

Exercise for Pregnant Women

There are numerous reasons why pregnant women should workout during their expectancy period. First, it ensures you are in perfect health. Regular workout improves your blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, different parts of your body and the fetus at large will attain nutrients. Workout also helps expectant women get rid of different waste materials wither through sweating or different excretory organs. Today, we are focusing on a couple of exercise routines women should consider for their wellbeing and that of their unborn baby. Let us go through them:

{ 1 } Swimming

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Swimming deserves a spot on this list. It is considered a full body workout. Furthermore, swimming is simple when compared to other exercises. Anyone who gets in the water will feel agile and lighter when compared to out of the water exercise routines. There are numerous swimming styles to choose from. You simply need to identify styles that you are comfortable with. Regular swimming gets rid of sciatic pain, puffy ankles and relieves nausea. Above all; it gets rid of fatigue, mostly experienced during pregnancy. Swimming water also makes it easy for you to stretch your backbone, legs and arms. This cardio exercise also enhances blood circulation throughout the body. As a result, both you and your unborn baby will attain different types of nutrients and oxygen at large.

Avoid diving in swimming pools when pregnant because of your delicate condition. You should also be wary of slippery tiles on the pool. Lastly, don’t engage in harmful swimming activities such as scuba diving, among others.

{ 2 } Indoor Cycling

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Indoor cycling is recommended for women who have been carrying out this workout routine. This routine workout procedure is advised for the first seven months of your pregnancy. We all have different strengths and capabilities. Well; all this is kept in mind in indoor cycling. As a result, there are different cycling levels. Simply set a level you can comfortably carry out. Don’t be in hurry when carry out indoor cycling. Carry out this exercise at your own pace. Ten to fifteen minutes of continuous workout is enough for you and your baby. Don’t put pressure on both either the joints on your knee or your ankle. Additionally, restructure the handles so that you are in upright position. This prevents pilling pressure on your lower back. Working out at least thrice a week is enough to keep you in check during your expectancy period.

{ 3 } Weight Lifting

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Everyone knows that weight lifting can increase muscle tone in your body. You simply need to identify your needs before selecting an exercise which will help you attain your goals. There are different kinds of weights you can lift. Consult your fitness instructor on the maximum weight you can lift. This helps avoid any form of injury. Consider dumbbells if it is your first time lifting weights. Gaining some extra muscles during pregnancy can help you during delivery. Try your best and visit gyms with weight machines. Such machines are simple and easy to use when compared to manually lifting weights.

You should also avoid some weight lifting techniques, mostly isometric routines. Isometric exercise routines require you to hold still for a specific time while lifting your selected weight. Carry out a couple of stretch routines before and after lifting your selected weight. This is one of the ways you will avoid injuries.

{ 4 } Yoga

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Yoga works perfect for mothers and mothers to be. There are numerous health and body benefits linked to yoga. Yoga encourages deep breathing, relaxation, increasing your general focus and your flexibility. All these four elements are required when giving birth. You can either join a yoga class near you or check out online yoga classes. However, physical yoga classes are recommended because your instructor can perfectly guide you. This is in terms of the right body posture and poses. You need to use the right posture in order to attain positive results. Above all; an instructor will give you tips on how to avoid injuries that pose risks to your health and that of your unborn child. Furthermore, you are in a better position to encourage your fellow ladies throughout the entire class program. Avoid hot yoga while pregnant. As the name suggests, this workout routine is linked with increased temperature.

{ 5 } Low Impact Aerobics

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Low impact aerobics deserve a spot on this list. All aerobic workout routines are known to help the heart, lungs and increase your body muscle tone. Low impact aerobics have been customized in that they don’t overwork expectant women. As a result, jumping, leaps, fast running and high kicks have been excluded from these workout routines. All low impact aerobics exercise routines require you to always have one foot on the ground. Low impact aerobic routines are different from high impact aerobics in numerous ways. First, low impact aerobics increase your general body balance. It also strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. This reduces the possibility of urine leakage when expectant. Lastly, these exercise routines alienates tension from your joints. Try your best and choose low impact aerobics with experienced fitness instructors. Such instructors can customize your selected routine to help you attain your desired results.

{ 6 } Pelvic and Squatting Tilts

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Pelvic and squatting tilts go hand in hand. These two exercise routines prepare pregnant mothers for labor. Both squatting and pelvic workout routines have proven effective in helping women safely deliver their babies. Let us start off by checking out squatting tilt exercise. This workout routine helps open your pelvis without any problem. You simply need to stand straight on the ground. Ensure all your feet are flat and should be a distance apart from each other. Consequently, your back should be straight. Start lowering your body downwards. During this period, all your feet should be flat on the ground. Hold still when you reach your maximum before slowly going up.

Let us cross over and look at pelvic tilts routine. It is handled by going down on both your knees and hands. Slowly start tilting your hips forward. Commence and pull your abdomen inwards. Hold still for a few seconds before starting all over again.

{ 7 } Stretching

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Pregnant women experience of body changes throughout their pregnancy period. Low back pain is one of these changes. People who have experienced low back pain can testify it brings a lot of discomfort. Well; there are a couple of stretching exercises that reduces back pain. Above all; they target thigh muscles, hip and the pelvic. There are two main stretching routines you should try when pregnant. They are very simple to the point you can handle them on your own. Let us check out tailor sit routine. You need to start off by sitting on your knees. Carry on and cross your ankles. Your knees should be bent. Proceed and lean forward while keeping your back straight. Hold still before getting back to the starting position. Repeat this procedure for a few minutes.

Tailor press is another workout routine worth trying out. You should sit with your knees bent. Consequently, both your right and left hands should be placed beneath your knees. Press your knees against your hands and vice-versa. Hold still before releasing.

{ 8 } Stair climbers and Ellipticals

Exercise for Pregnant Women
These are one of the few exercises that expectant women can carry out from the comfort of their homes. People with enough house space should consider purchasing their own elliptical machine. If not, they can subscribe to any nearest gym. Elliptical machine offers a wide range of settings. Therefore, you can adjust the speed and the intensity of your workout. Adjust settings to make you as comfortable as possible. Please note that you might find it difficult to work out as your approach giving birth.

Alternatively, you can use stair cases to work out your body. You simply need to climb up and down your selected stair case for roughly ten minutes or less. Be careful when climbing up and down. This exercise routine has helped numerous expectant mothers safely deliver their loved ones.

{ 9 } Pilates

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Pilates has been ranked among one of the best workout routines for pregnant ladies. You will need the help of an instructor to safely execute this exercise routine. Pilates is being used daily by women across the globe to ease their back aches, strengthen their core, improve their general body posture; improve their muscle and flexibility, among others. Flexibility helps during delivery. Results can only be attained if you correctly carry out this routine. Additionally, performing this workout routine the right way reduces the possibility of aggravating injuries. Your instructor will give you tips on how to avoid overstretching your muscles. Pilates exercise should be carried out up to the first seven months of pregnancy. However, some ladies are able to perform this routine up to the last minute.

{ 10 } Tai Chi

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Tai Chi is a martial art workout routine that originates from the Asian continent. It has been used for centuries to ensure expectant women are healthy and doing okay throughout their pregnancy period. This martial art workout routine improves the general blood circulation in the body. Proper blood circulation ensures both the mother and child receive different nutrients. Consequently, it helps get rid of different waste materials in the body. Generally, tai chi improves our mental concentration. This brings harmony in both your inner and outer self. That’s not all; Tai chi workout helps expectant women learn deep breathing techniques.

Anyone can try out this workout routine because it doesn’t use energy. In fact, it is designed to help you relax your entire body. You don’t need any experience to carry out this exercise. Your instructor will guide through the entire process. In addition to these, this tai chi also relieves back pain and high blood pressure.

{ 11 } Barre

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Barre is a combination of three powerful exercise routines. It includes a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates. A combination of different moves makes it suitable for pregnant women. Barre has been customized to strengthen your lower back without using a lot of energy. Above all; pregnant women don’t need to jump up and down. All workout routines have been customized to be safe. That’s not all; Barre also helps stabilize your body even if your child is bumping up and down. Barre classes also vary in terms of intensity. Therefore, notify your instructor about your pregnancy before commencing the class. He/she will customize your exercise, making it easy for you. Additionally, it ensures you don’t strain your abdomen. You will attain positive results by only working out twice or thrice per week.

{ 12 } Brisk Walking

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Do you feel lazy or tired to work out? If yes, you should consider walking round your neighborhood. It is common to feel fatigued and regularly exhausted. However, don’t stay indoors for a long period. Regularly take strolls around your neighborhood for the general wellbeing of both you and that of your unborn baby. Regular walk improves blood flow in your body. It also strengthens your muscles without using a lot of energy. Try your best and walk in smooth and flat surfaces. Avoid potholes and rocks as they can easily injure you.

{ 13 } Jogging

Exercise for Pregnant Women
Jogging is some sort of running. However, this workout routine is recommended for runners with experience. Don’t overdo this workout routine or you risk injuring both your joints and ligaments. Twenty to twenty five minutes of jogging each week is enough to make it easy for you during pregnancy.

There are instances, where you feel depressed and ready to give up working out. This is normal. Therefore, find ways of staying motivated. Secondly, fully understand your body. This makes it easy for you to identify if something is wrong with your body. Don’t work out if you notice pain or swelling on your body. Thirdly, consult your doctor on the workout routines to engage yourself in and the ones to avoid. As earlier stated, some exercise routines pose numerous risks on both you and the unborn baby. Lastly, carry out some warm up before commencing any routine.

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